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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (04/13/2023)

Hardcore War Advantage: Kenny King vs. Frankie Kazarian

Kaz attempts to control the pace out the start with a number of offensive maneuvers. King gets out of a foot hold and sends Kaz through the ropes. Kaz comes back in but gets dropped onto the ropes. King attempts a pinfall. Kazarian gets tripped to the mat but he reaches the ropes before King can apply a hold. Kaz is put in the ropes as Bully yells in his face. King gets Kaz trapped in a camel clutch. Kaz works his way out and tries a roll up.

King takes Kaz back down with a high knee. Kaz gets to his feet and lands a dropkick, followed by a leg drop off the ropes. King backs Kaz into the corner to escape a potential chicken wing. King rolls him up out of the corner. King lands a Tiger Driver for another nearfall. Kaz flies back in the ring with a slingshot cutter, nearfall. Action breaks down outside with the other team members. King tries a roll up but then gets trapped in a chicken wing. Brian Myers distracts the ref and then Moose spears Kaz. King covers for the three.

Winner: Kenny King (Team Bully Ray)

Everyone brawls in the ring, Myers uses a chain against Dreamer. Team Bully (plus Myers and Moose) stand tall over the babyfaces.

We see footage from earlier as Steve Maclin interrupted the Canadian anthem. Maclin cuts a promo and Kushida eventually interrupts. They brawl in the ring and Maclin tries to use a chair but security holds him back briefly. Kushida kicks Maclin off the apron before Maclin retreats.

Black Taurus vs. Lince Dorado vs. Rich Swann vs. Laredo Kid

Taurus wipes everyone out in the ring to start. He tosses all three out and then twists through the ropes to topple through them again. Taurus runs the corners splashing onto each man until Dorado super kicks him. All three then superkick Taurus at the same time. Outside, Taurus catches Kid and Swann flips onto him. Dorado then flies off the top rope to take everyone down. After the break, Taurus slams Dorado and Kid with a tower of doom before Swann hits a splash on Taurus.

Swann hits Dorado with a neckbreaker. Kid rolls back in and forearm shots Swann in the corner, Dorado breaks the cover. Dorado with a backbreaker on Kid. He then hits the golden rewind stunner on Swann and Kid at the same time. Taurus grabs Dorado but Kid breaks it. Taurus slams Kid and Swann against each other and then Samoan Drops Dorado. Kid gets slammed onto Swann effortlessly. Dorado gets dropped with a back breaker. Taurus throws Dorado onto Swann outside. Kid counters and crucifix bombs Taurus, cover. Taurus side steps and then goes up top with Kid. Kid hits the Spanish Fly off the top for the win.

Winner: Laredo Kid

We see a vignette for Bullet Club vs. Motor City Machine Guns in an Ultimate X match at Rebellion.

Backstage, Rosemary won’t let Jessicka into the undead realm. Rosemary opens a casket and there’s no portal. She says someone is blocking their access to the undead realm. Jessicka blames The Coven, but Rosemary emphasizes this is a big deal.

Jessicka vs. Taylor Wilde

We take it to the ring for Jessicka vs. Taylor Wilde. Wilde tricks Jessicka with a Tarot card to start. Wilde takes it to her with strikes. Jessicka headbutts and twists the left arm for more headbutts. Wilde wraps Jessicka up in the ropes. Jessicka launches her back into the ring but Wilde hits a backstabber. Wilde kicks her and then steps on her while she’s choked in the ropes.

Jessicka fires back with punches and an elbow. Jessicka flips Wilde over for a big splash, cover. Jessicka goes for the Sick Driver when King gets on the apron. Rosemary tries to spear but King knees her. Jessicka takes King down but turns around to get hit with Wilde’s finisher. Wilde gets the three.

Winner: Taylor Wilde

Jordynne Grace cuts a promo and vows to become a three-time Knockouts Champion as she has been waiting since January for a rematch.

Backstage, Alisha is with Eddie Edwards. Alisha addresses the camera and reflects on giving him a second chance after Eddie wrapped up with Honor No More. She says PCO was holding him back, so she intervened. Eddie says he keeps coming back, and that is why he will bury him on Sunday.

Dirty Dango & Joe Hendry vs. Callihan & Angels

Joe Hendry cut a promo before in order to get Dango to say “we believe.”

Callihan and Angels ambush right at the bell as Sami tries to cover Hendry. Angels comes in and hits a neckbreaker, cover. Dango and Sami collide in the middle. Dango hits a side Russian legsweep and then swivels his hips. Dango hits a leg drop but Angels comes in behind to distract. Sami hits a valley driver and Angels unloads with punches, several covers attempts. Hendry comes in with clotheslines on angels. He boots Sami and then fallaway slams Angels. Kon trips up Hendry, allowing Angels to hit sliced bread.

Angels lands a big frog splash but Dango breaks the cover. Angels holds Hendry for a chop. Deaner and Sami have a confrontation outside the ring as Hendry choke slams Angels in the ring for the win.

Winners: Joe Hendry & Dirty Dango

The Design attack post-match until Santino Marella comes down. He puts on the cobra and strikes Angels.

We see vignette for the crowning of a new World Champion at Rebellion. We then see a vignette for PCO vs. Eddie Edwards in a Last Rites match.

Backstage, Bully Ray cuts a promo with his team and says that we thought we knew who was on his team. Moose and Myers are officially replacing The Good Hands on his team.

Gisele Shaw vs. Tasha Steelz

Shaw rolls out of the ring after the bell. Shaw eventually returns and has a face off with Steelz, who shoves. Shaw slaps her across the face. Steelz delivers a big slap of her own. Steelz ducks a clothesline and then hits an uppercut. Shaw rolls out again to regroup. After the break, Shaw has control with a couple slaps to keep Steelz down. Steelz gets up with another uppercut, followed by chops in the corner. Shaw counters with a big chop of her own.

Steelz gets beat up and then rolls out only for Evans to choke slam her on the apron. Shaw holds Steelz in the ropes. Steelz gets thrown into the corner face first, cover. Steelz fires back with strikes but gets hit with a snap suplex. Shaw gets a camel clutch applied in the middle of the ring. Steelz works her way out with elbows and strikes. Shaw throws elbows in the corner and then plants Steelz back into the mat.

After another break, Shaw hits running uppercuts in the corner, followed by a corkscrew uppercut for a cover. Shaw hits a spinning suplex, cover. Steelz is wrapped up in a chinlock. She gets to her feet again with elbows. Steelz throws more punches before planting Shaw on her tailbone. Corner uppercut and kick from Steelz, basement dropkick sets up a cover. Steelz gets hit in the back of the head with a lariat, cover.

Shaw slides out and Steelz follows. They duke it out as the ref counts. Steelz gets tossed into the steps. Shaw goes for a running knee but Steelz moves and Shaw hits the steps with her knee exposed. Back inside, Steelz dropkicks the injured knee and stacks her up for the win.

Winner: Tasha Steelz

Santino Marella approaches Mickie backstage. She says she just got off the phone. Santino says the ring is all hers.

Mickie James announcement

Santino Marella approaches Mickie backstage. She says she just got off the phone. Santino says the ring is all hers. Fans exit the building and the announcers are also now backstage as they run down the Rebellion card for this Sunday.

We see a video package on how Mickie James completed The Last Rodeo, which culminated in her beating Jordynne Grace for the world title in Hard to Kill.

Mickie is alone in the ring to address her future. Jordynne and Deonna are watching together backstage. James says she can’t handle time. She’s getting older and gets treated differently because of it. She feels like she can take on the world in the ring, but when she returns to the back, that’s when she feels the pain. Mickie says she has to do what’s right. She thanks everyone for The Last Rodeo.

She’s forever grateful but she is not cleared to compete at Rebellion. James says it’s Deonna or Jordynne’s time now. Mickie leaves the title and her hat in the ring before exiting.


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