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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (04/14/2022)

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling Steve Maclin goes one-on-one with Alex Shelley and ROH World Champion faces off against New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s Rocky Romero.


April 14, 2022

Commentary: Tom Hannifan & Matthew Rehwoldt

W. Morrissey starts off the show. He says it’s good to be back in this arena, the 2300 Arena. Last time he was here, he was at the lowest point in his life. He was carried out on a stretcher. He had hit rock bottom. He had nowhere to go to and he had no one to go to, but now he’s back here, clean and sober. “Morrissey” chants. He makes it known he’s not alone anymore and he’s ready to make the most of every opportunity. Out comes Brian Myers. He runs down W. as saying he’s pissed away every opportunity due for a good time. Myers gets his heat and walks away, but W. cut him off at the paa. Myers is laid out and Morrissey is about to powerbomb him through a table but Chelsea Green runs down. Morrissey stops himself from inadvertently hitting her and Matt Cardona cracks him with his Digital Media Title after coming through the crowd. The Major Players put W. through the table from the apron.

Champ-Champ Challenge

Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Willow Nightingale

Willow gets in a good amount of offense before we cut to break. Back from it. Deonna is in control with a short-arm clothesline. She soon gets a two count on Nightingale. Willow comes back with a pounce and then a rolling cannonball in the corner for a two count. Deonna turns the tide with a running boot and standing moonsault. Willow rolls through and soon hits the Bae Breaker DVD for the 1-2-noooo.

Willow goes up top but Purrazzo catches her and nails her with a powerbomb. Deonna goes for the Queen’s Gambit, but Willow tosses her. Willow goes for a lariat but Deonna Purrazzo gets her in the Fujiwa Armbar. Willow fights but ultimately has to submit.

WINNER and STILL ROH Women’s World Champion: Deonna Purrazzo

Mickie James is the next to be attacked by the Major Players trio as she cuts a promo backstage on them. Mickie is laid out as we cut to break.

Tasha Steelz is not afraid of the Realm. Rosemary and her have a lot of history going through 2021 and she hasn’t forgotten. My how a year has changed and now Steelz is the Knockouts Women Champion. She’s ready for those mind games. Sure enough, Rosemary appears on the screen behind her.

Jonathan Gresham vs. Rocky Romero

The two go at it and it’s sure technical, but Gresham shows the reason why he’s called the Octopus with some athleticism that includes an impressive arm drag. Back from break, the two fighters have a heck of a battle and find themselves both down on the mat as the crowd counts the men up. Chops and kicks are exchanged as Rocky enziguri kicks JG out. Rocky nails a hurricanrana off the apron, but Gresham finds his momentum back in the ring before hitting a suicide dive. Back in the ring, a unique roll-up leverage pin gets Gresham the W.

WINNER: Jonathan Gresham

Post-match, Rocky is eyeing the ROH Title as Gresham offers a hand. Rocky does and raises Jonathan’s hand as Eddie Edwards was shown watching on a television backstage in hype for Rebellion.

A TV package hyping Josh Alexander’s World Title match airs for Rebellion.

Ace Austin notes that it looks like it’s just him, Speedball Bailey and Trey Miguel in the X-Division Title match at Rebellion. Bailey says he knows exactly what he means.

Steve Maclin vs. Alex Shelley

Maclin starts off dominant, but Shelley elbows Maclin off the apron and it allows Shelley to take control. Maclin shifts the fire back in his favor with a “scud” tope. He gets Shelley back in the ring at four for a big slam down.

Shelley gets some strikes in the corner, but soon finds himself in the tree of woe for Maclin’s turnbuckle spear. 1-2-kickout.

Shelley fights on and hits a forearm and then a dropping lariat to lay Maclin out. Shelley gets Philly fired up. He superkicks Maclin and hits a sliced bread. 1-2-kickout by Maclin. Shelley hits a roundhouse kick and goes for Shell Shock, but instead Shelley nails a flatliner into the turnbuckle. Maclin trips Shelley up on the apron and hits Alex with a knee to the face.

Maclin goes for more attack, but Sabin steps in but only for Maclin to leap onto Shelley with an elbow. Sabin stares down Maclin and it allows Alex to hit a Sliced Bread off a 2300 ring post. Shelley goes for a top rope double stomp, but Steve rolls out of the way for a pin attempt. Maclin is too focused on Sabin and Shelley hits him with a Shell Shock. 1-2-3.

WINNER: Alex Shelley

Madison Rayne is on the phone with Tenille Dashwood as she talks about firing Kaleb on BTI tonight. She’s interrupted by Gisele Shaw. She notes that losing Kaleb is not good for Influence, but Madison reminds her that they retained their Knockouts Tag Titles at Multiverse. They’ll be just fine, she says. Gisele says we’ll see about that.

Big package taking Moose’s side of the story for Rebellion.

Eddie Edwards and Honor No More runs down Philadelphia and its fickle fans. Mike Bennett joins in. So does Matt Taven who says he’s had fans who have followed him away from ROH. Out come Bullet Club. Jay White makes it known that “Bullet Club is best.” Doc Gallows agrees. Maria runs down the Bullet Club with some good promo work and a brawl breaks out in the ring between both factions. Everyone gets laid out as JONAH’s music hits for the main event. PCO awaits as we go to break.


The bell sounds and the two slug it out. It’s not long before the fight goes to the outside. PCO grabs electrical tape and begins to wrap it around his injured neck for some sort of support, but JONAH nails him and we go to another break.

Back from it, JONAH is still in control. “He is human” yells JONAH before setting PCO up for a corner turnbuckle, but PCO charges for a diving lariat. “PCO” chants. JONAH soon looks to finish PCO with a tombstone, but PCO kicks out at one. PCO downs JONAH for a big move that sets him up for a moonsault attempt. JONAH rolls and PCO misses. PCO persists and climbs up top once more. He goes for his senton on the apron but JONAH moves. He crashes PCO into the barricade. PCO is soon found laying in the ring for JONAH’s Psunami Splash: 1-2-3,


Post-pin, PCO sits up. JONAH pummels him, but PCO is still writhing. PCO sits up only to be hit with a chair. This takes several shots to down PCO. After a bit, PCO is still moving. JONAH puts a chair on PCO and hits a Psunami. JONAH “PCO” chants as JONAH finally stands tall.


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