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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (05/11/2023)

Masha Slamovich vs. Killer Kelly

Kelly crawls on the mat before Masha goes for a kick. Kelly catches her with a roll up. Masha comes back with a spinning heel kick to the face, cover. Masha does a couple snapmares and a kick to the spine. Kelly gets in a PK as Masha rolls out. Kelly gets in another kick to the chest from the apron. Kelly rolls Masha back in and delivers forearms in the corner, cover. Kelly delivers a few clotheslines and then hits a stalling fisherman’s suplex. Masha rolls out again.

Masha catches Kelly’s legs and then slams her face-first on the apron. Back inside, Masha stomps on Kelly to change the pace. Masha hits a running boot into the corner, cover. Masha rakes the nose as Kelly tries reaching for the bottom rope. Masha bites her forehead before relenting. Kelly throws forearms and Masha counters with her own. Kelly eats a kick to the head, cover. Masha tries a sleeper, but Kelly backs her into the turnbuckle.

Kelly delivers headbutts in the center of the ring and then hits a double underhook into the corner. Hesitation dropkick connects. German suplex into a bridge, Masha kicks out. Masha counters Kelly and drops her with a package driver, but Kelly manages to kick out. Kelly hits a Death Valley Driver, nearfall. Kelly ties up Masha’s left arm for the Killer Clutch. Masha relents and backs out of the corner to stack on top of Kelly for the three-count.

Winner: Masha Slamovich

Despite the pin, Kelly holds onto the clutch to make Masha pass out. Kelly walks out on her own two feet as the winner is down.

Kenny King confronts Sheldon Jean in the locker room.

Gia Miller interviews Trinity when Jai Vidal interrupts and snaps a selfie. She asks Gia who that was.

Kenny King joins commentary for the next bout.

Nick Aldis vs. Sheldon Jean

Jean goes for a boot out of the gate. Aldis does shoulder tackles and then a headlock takedown in between cover attempts. Jean rolls out to regroup. Aldis follows and Jean rakes the eyes before slamming him into the ring post. Back inside, Jean takes Aldis down for a cover. Aldis comes back with several right hands and then clotheslines. Aldis catches Jean with a michinoku driver into a cover. They go up top where Aldis pushes Jean down before delivering an elbow drop. Aldis locks in thee clover leaf for the win.

Winner: Nick Aldis

Backstage, Dirty Dango is talking to Joe Hendry when Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice come in for questioning. Hendry questions why Swinger got his first win, had it reversed by Santino, and then Santino ended up attacked. Dango challenges Swinger to a match tonight. Dango calls Santino and the match is booked.

Gia Miller sits down with Frankie Kazarian for Part 3 of their interview. We see footage of Kazarian winning the X-Division title and exercising Option C. Gia asks if the world title is still his goal. Frankie said that was his only chance at that time, and he came up short against Josh Alexander. To answer the question, the world title is still a goal of his. Gia names all the people Kazarian has helped this year alone. He says the title is always on his mind. He wants to be the guy that lifts others up. He’s been a professional and wants to help bring the company to heights that he knows it can go. That’s his legacy.

Decay vs. The Good Hands

John Skyler cuts a promo on their way out and trashes Chicago and Decay. When the match starts, Skyler and Crazzy Steve start with a test of strength. Steve quickly takes Skyler down and twists his head using his feet. Taurus tags in and dropkicks Skyler’s tailbone, cover. Taurus hits a power slam and goes for another cover. Steve returns with forearm shots. Hotch rakes Steve’s face in the other corner, allowing a clothesline from behind as Hotch becomes legal.

Good Hands double team Steve with elbow drops. Steve counters by biting their hands. Steve hits Skyler with a flatliner before Brian Myers walks out to watch. Hotch and Taurus meet in the ring as Taurus hits a slingblade. Taurus slams Hotch onto Skyler and then lands pop up Samoan drop on Hotch. Skyler breaks the cover. Steve wipes out Skyler at ringside. Skyler and Hotch double team Taurus after Myers gets involved. Skyler pins Taurus for the win.

Winners: The Good Hands

Singh and Shera plead with Steve Maclin backstage before he yells at them for failing him. Maclin says their business relationship is over. Singh says he has an idea. We cut to Singh and Shera attacking Heath elsewhere as security tries intervening. Rhino is irate as his match is up next.

IMPACT World Championship: Steve Maclin (c) vs. Rhino

Lock up to start after a staredown. Maclin targets the left wrist before they split. Lock up again and Maclin kicks and strikes before sending him into the corner. Rhino comes back with chops and a corner clothesline. Rhino hits a big hip toss to ground the champ. Maclin ducks when Rhino teases Gore. Rhino follows out and drops Maclin on the barricade, then chops him off. Back inside, Maclin goes to the apron and pulls Rhino down into the ropes.

Maclin dropkicks the left leg and continues targeting it, cover. They move to the apron where Maclin continues stomping on the left leg, another cover follows. Maclin twists the leg in the center of the ring as Rhino tries punching his way out. Maclin goes for a diving headbutt, but Rhino dodges. Rhino and Maclin trade blows until Rhino hits clotheslines and a corner spear to the midsection. Rhino puts Maclin up top and manages to hit a superplex. Rhino hits a spinebuster, but Maclin kicks out. Maclin manages to hit a Gore on Rhino to retain.

Winner: Steve Maclin (c)

Post-match, Maclin continues to attack Rhino and assaults the left leg with a chair. Maclin takes a shovel and hits the chair/leg repeatedly until security gets involved.

During the break, Scott D’Amore tells Rhino he will see him at the hospital as he’s loaded into an ambulance. Maclin argues with D’Amore before PCO brawls. D’Amore books Maclin vs. PCO at Under Siege to be No DQ.

Joe Hendry cuts a promo about how his nose has deviated to the left. But he wanted to be in Chicago anyway. Dango and Swinger make their ways out for their match.

Dirty Dango vs. Johnny Swinger

Dango throws punches to start, but Swinger comes back when Dice distracts. Swinger chokes Dango in the ropes. Dango hits a Falcon Arrow for the win.

Winner: Dirty Dango

Deaner cuts a promo on Callihan’s betrayal. Sami and Swann are disguised in yellow sweatshirts to attack The Design.

Moose confronts Myers about helping Good Hands. Moose tells Myers to get his priorities straight. Myers says he’ll mold them into the next tag champions.

Added to Under Siege: Nick Aldis vs. Kenny King

Set for next week:

Trey Miguel vs. Laredo Kid

Moose, Edwards & Kazarian vs. Shelley, Gresham & Yuemura

Knockouts World Tag Team Championship: The Coven (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo & Jordynne Grace

Deonna and King start with a lockup. They run around each other until Deonna hits a takedown and locks up King’s left arm on the mat. Grace gets the tag as she hits an uppercut and double teams with Deonna, hitting a hip toss and assisted backflip before a cover. Wilde gets the tag as The Coven double team Grace. Wilde with an elbow drop, cover. King comes back in and gets overpowered by Grace. Jordynne hits a Vader Bomb for a cover.

After the break, Wilde punches away at Deonna on the mat, cover. King delivers chops to Deonna in the corner before tossing her across the ring. Deonna comes back with corner chops but King turns it back around. Wilde and King take turns choking Deonna in the ropes in their corner. Wilde applies a headlock on the mat. The Coven continue tagging in and out to pick the champ apart until Purrazzoo escapes for the hot tag.

Grace takes The Coven on 2-on-1 as she slams Wilde and then spinebuster to King. Grace hits Juggernaut Jackhammer on Wilde for a two. Wilde gets tossed out before Grace comes flying with an attempted dropkick. But The Coven catch her and backdrop Grace on the apron. Wilde running kick to Grace, King then bodyslams Wilde onto her, cover. Wilde tries for offense before getting placed up top. Grace tries a suplex but gets shoved. Grace then grabs her for Muscle Buster, nearfall broken by King.

King pulls Deonna out as they scrap outside. Grace clobbers Wilde but then accidentally bumps Deonna off the apron. Wilde gets a nearfall rollup. King prevents a Grace Driver. Coven double team Grace. Wilde stacks on top for the three count.

Winners: The Coven (c)

The Coven beat down Grace until Trinity runs down to make the save. King pulls Trinity off of Wilde but then gets hit with Rear View. Trinity stands tall and across the ring from Jordynne before they shake hands. Trinity celebrates to end the show.


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