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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (05/12/2022)

This week on IMPACT Wrestling, it’s all “fall out” from Under Siege as the Briscoe Brothers are your new IMPACT Tag Team Champions. Tonight, it’s a Gauntlet For The Gold Challenge as the winner gets a World Title shot at Slammiversary.


May 12, 2022

Commentary: Tom Hannifan & Matthew Rehwoldt

Kenny King vs. Chris Bey

The bout starts out pretty even. Bey goes for the Art of Finesse but King scouts it. Maria Kanellis is on commentary and questions if Bey is a BC “hanger-on-er.” Bey gets the better of an exchange on the outside, but King regains an advantage by tripping Bey up in the corner. King feeds him double knees. Kick out at one by Bey and Bey tries rolling Kenny up for two. Big powerslam by King gets a two count. King wrenches the neck

Back on his feet, Bey hits a charging elbow in the corner and follows that up with diving forearm. Bey has a reverse TKO executed and Bey covers: 1-2-kick out. King gets to his feet and catches Bey with a back elbow. Chin checker by King followed by a Tiger Driver: 1-2-kick out.

A spot occurs when Bey get the ropes disrupted during a Finesse attempt and King leverages Bey with an arm over the ropes. The ref takes notice and the fight continues. Bey nails an Osaka Cutter and ascends, but Maria meddles and it allows Kenny to hit an uppercut. He flips and hits a leaping enziguri. King hits a Royal Flush and claims his spot in the Ultimate X match at Slammiversary.

WINNER: Kenny King

IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championship

Gisele Shaw & Alisha vs. The Influence

A distraction takes place on Alisha and The Influence retain against the new duo.

WINNERS and STILL Knockouts Champions: The Influence

VBD cut a promo.

A Queen Of The Mountain match was announced for Slammiversary with the following competitors. There was also a rendezvous in the ring that had Grace, Valkyrie and Mia Yim standing tall:

Josh Alexander & Ishii vs. Fantasma & Jay White

Alexander and Ishii win after a brainbuster.

WINNERS: Josh Alexander & Ishii

Gauntlet For The Gold

Sabin, Vincent, Steve Maclin, Shelley, Edwards, and Shark Boy

Some highlights of this match include. Johnny Swinger doing his best Bushwhacker in a Royal Rumble impression by entering the ring in a makeshift WrestleMania golf cart and promptly getting eliminated by Eric Young. Matt Rehwoldt was able to eliminate Rich Swann by making him think that Matt Cardona was coming out and getting up off of commentary and eliminating him from behind. Moose would eventually come in and clean house, before Sami Callihan would interrupt and eliminate him.

Steve Maclin was able to shine as he had the opportunity to eliminate two monsters in PCO and W. Morrissey, showing shades of Shawn Michaels eliminating Yokozuna and Vader in the 1996 Royal Rumble.

The final three were Steve Maclin, Eric Young, and Chris Sabin, With Sabin going the distance. Chris Sabin was able to get the quick elimination on Steve Maclin turning the match into a one-fall bout between himself and fellow TNA original, Eric Young. Despite the best efforts of Chris Sabin, Eric Young was able to gouge the eyes of Sabin and hit a piledriver for the victory.

WINNER Eric Young

The rest of Violent by Design came out to celebrate with Young to send the show off the air.


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