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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (05/25/2023)

Mike Bailey vs. Chris Sabin

Lock up to start leads to Bailey getting backed to the corner. Bailey then reverses spots before they shake hands. Sabin twists the left wrist but then Bailey tries a roll up. Sabin catches Bailey’s foot for a moment and then they run around the ring countering each other until Sabin kicks him while on the apron. Outside, they trade chops and then Sabin works the leg in the ropes. Back in the center, Sabin ties up Bailey’s arms. Bailey slips out and starts throwing punches.

Bailey runs the ropes and fires back with a single leg dropkick. Bailey delivers several more kicks and then lands a standing shooting star press, cover. Sabin dropkicks Bailey’s left arm when he tried a springboard. Sabin lands a missile dropkick. Bailey manages to roll Sabin up and then kicks and drops the double knees on him with a flip. Sabin counters tornado kick with his own dropkick. Sabin knees Bailey in the head several tries before dropping him with a powerbomb.

Bailey lands a big moonsault out of the ring. Back inside, Sabin catches a foot but then gets kicked by the other. Sabin escapes from Ultimo Weapon and connects with a powerbomb off the apron and onto the floor. Bailey tries chasing Sabin up top, but Sabin punches him off. Bailey pops back up and tries again, but Sabin escapes and then runs back to hit a massive suplex. Sabin hits the Clothesline from Hell and tries Cradle Shock, but Bailey countered with a roll up. They meet again with a flip as Bailey tries for another nearfall. Bailey kicks Sabin a couple times before connecting with Tornado Kick. Sabin dodges Ultimo Weapon and then hoists him up for Muscle Buster. Sabin hits Cradle Shock for the win.

Winner: Chris Sabin

We see a vignette for Trinity as she prepares for Gisele Shaw at Under Siege, and then a vignette for Maclin vs. PCO. Maclin says he’s going to name his new challenger for PCO.

Decay vs. Sheldon Jean & Kenny King

Nick Aldis joins commentary for the next bout. Steve and Jean start the bout as Steve does a snapmare and twists his neck with his feet. King tags in to meet Taurus but ends up getting met with a shoulder block. King ducks to a corner. After the break, King fires away with punches and then tags Jean. Taurus gets hit with a single leg dropkick as King cheers Jean on. Jean backs Taurus into King’s corner and they double team with stomps. King mocks Taurus and charges the corner.

King hits a powerslam for a cover. Jean returns and manages to hit a twisting neckbreaker. Taurus comes back with a back elbow and reverse sling blade. Taurus headbutts Jean and they both tag out. Steve strikes King and whips him across for a corner clothesline. Steve cannonballs into the corner, Jean breaks the cover. Decay double teams King with a suplex spot before Taurus flips out onto Jean. Steve bites King’s head and then he gets planted with Royal Flush. King covers for the win.

Winners: Kenny King & Sheldon Jean

King gets on a mic and is happy that Aldis had a front row seat to see that match. He threatens to send his boot where the sun don’t shine on Friday. Aldis stands up and says King can’t keep his name out of his mouth. Aldis says King has to work his way up to facing him, not the other way around. Aldis threatens to get in the ring now. He slips his suit jacket off and then Jean ambushes him, but Aldis sends him into the ring post. Aldis steps in the ring as King slips out and says he’ll see him tomorrow.

Taylor Wilde vs. Jessicka

Wilde ambushes Jessicka and then hits a DDT after King distracted from the apron. Wilde hit Witch’s Wrath neckbreaker for the quick win.

Winner: Taylor Wilde

Post-match, The Coven ganged up on Jessicka until we cut to backstage. The hour glass ran out and we see footage of Courtney Rush walking out to the ring. Rush takes down King with a head-scissors and then locks Wilds in a Sharpshooter. King pulls Wilde out and they run to the back. Rush and Jessicka embrace with a hug before celebrating.

Backstage, Jessicka is so relieved and also confused. Rush says she technically is Rosemary. Rosemary has been wearing her body for seven years and she doesn’t know why she’s here now. This must mean it’s time for an adventure. They’re both thrilled about Rush now being a Death Doll.

Rich Swann vs. Angels

They keep things fast-paced to start until Angels wipes Swann’s feet out from under him. Angels pulls Swann out of the ring and sends him into the ring post. Callihan walks out to ringside as Angels and Swann return to the ring. Angels hits a half and half suplex. Swann throws punches but then gets slammed back down. Swann evades a senton but then gets hit with a powerslam. Swann boots Angels and hits a neckbreaker to turn it around. Swann goes to the apron and hits a rolling senton.

Swann lands the springboard cutter, nearfall. They trade several strikes until Swann lands a big kick. Swann backflips but lands on Angels’ knees. Angels hits another half and half and then moonsaults out of the ring. Angels goes up top for a frog splash, nearfall. Swann kicks Angels on the turnbuckle and then flips him off the top. Swann nails the 450 splash for the win.

Winner: Rich Swann

The Design immediately attack Swann, so Sami attacks with his baseball bat. The numbers game catches up until Swann tries breaking it up. Deaner hits Swann with the bat and then strikes Sami in the gut. Deaner then strikes Sami in the face as The Design stands tall.

Backstage, Gia interviews Deonna. The champ says she’s fine after Jordynne accidentally hit her in a tag match. Alisha interrupts and says she will see Jordynne’s true colors soon. “Good luck, champ.”

We then see Masha and Kelly brawling backstage. Masha chokes Kelly with an electric cord to knock her out.

Alisha Edwards vs. Jordynne Grace

Alisha strikes Grace’s chest but then she gets lifted up for an airplane spin that ends with Alisha getting dumped on her face. Jordynne hits Grace Driver for the quick win.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

We see a vignette of Dirty Dango talking about how he feels about the industry today and what today’s wrestlers are concerned with. He’s fully heel now.

We also see a video package for the six-way contender’s match at Under Siege.

Chris Bey vs. John Skyler

Lock up to start. Skyler runs the ropes and does a shoulder block. Bey takes Skyler down for a moment and then dropkicks the left leg to keep him down longer. Bey hits a big chop in the corner and then Skyler rolls out. Bey dropkicks him through the ropes. Skyler sneaks up behind and throws Bey into the ring post when Myers distracts. After the break, Skyler goes for a pair of covers and then pivots to a headlock. Bey comes back with a DDT from the apron, nearfall. Skyler gets caught in the ropes but he evades an elbow drop. Skyler spears, two count. They counter each other several times until Bey rolls him up. Bey kicks Myers and then hits Art of Finesse for the win.

Winner: Chris Bey

It is confirmed The Death Dollz will challenge The Coven for the tag titles on the Under Siege pre-show.

Steve Maclin speaks

World Champion Steve Maclin makes his way out. He claims that PCO is injured, so he’s here to name his new opponent for Under Siege. Maclin welcomes out Champagne Singh, accompanied by Shera. Singh tries to address the crowd, but he’s met with lots of heat from Chicago. Shera presents him with a mile-long list of names he wants to thank. Before he can get too far, Scott D’Amore walks out.

Singh says they can’t put pen to paper to make the match official right now. Scott informs them the match isn’t happening. Scott says he has no interest in stacking the deck against Maclin. Scott says he just wants the best wrestler to be world champion. He says Singh is the furthest thing from that and believes Maclin making a mockery out of the title. Scott says he’s fine with Maclin as champ as long as he fights and proves he deserves it night in and night out. Maclin says he proved himself at Rebellion, but then Scott threw the title at him after he won it.

Scott said he apologized and now he wants to bury the hatchet. If Maclin retains at Under Siege, Scott says he will respectfully hand Maclin the title. Maclin declines the offer and says that time is long gone. Maclin demands respect and then says that Scott’s job title means nothing to him. Scott takes off his headset and glasses. He agrees to strap the title around Maclin if he wins on Friday. Scott then declares there is no replacement for PCO. Maclin questions how he’s sure PCO will make it.

The lights go out as PCO pops up in the ring. PCO clears Shera and Singh. Maclin tries bashing him with the title, but then he rips the title out of his hands. Maclin retreats before Singh gets hit with a sit-out slam. Maclin tries retrieving his title, but PCO keeps it and holds it up to close the show.


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