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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (05/27/2021)

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling, a massive Knockouts tag match takes place as Taylor Wilde teams with Tenille Dashwood, Havok, Rosemary and Rachael Ellering to battle Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee, Susan and Fire n Flava!


May 27, 2021 Nashville, TN

Commentary: Josh Mathews & D’Lo Brown

The show fires off with a VBD vignette featuring a new attitude Rhino.

After the intro, we see Sami Callihan come to the ring and demands a chair. He sits in it and says ever since Kenny Omega came into IMPACT, he’s caused trouble. So have his Good Brothers. He says guys like Rich Swann and Moose can be countered, but someone like him can’t and that’s likely why Don Callis has kept Omega away from him. He calls out the champion, but instead, gets Moose.

Moose basically indicates that he’s the #1 Contender and tells Callihan to stay out of his way. Sami says that there’s a reason The Good Brothers attacked him specifically, Callis has been keeping Kenny from The Death Machine. Out come the Good Brothers in preacher mode. They tend to lean on Moose’s side and stay out of “The Wrestling God’s” business. Moose looks to align with Anderson and Gallows but then slugs them both. They bail as Sami and Moose stare down one another. Backstage, The GBs are pissed and Callis takes the liberty to book them in a match against Moose and Sami.

After break, Callis confirms that he’s an IMPACT EVP and that he was able to book that match tonight. Scott D’Amore enters noting he was unaware of Callis’ proactive attitude.

TJP & Fallah Bahh vs. Petey Williams & Josh Alexander

Bahh and Alexander strat the bout off. Fallah grounds Josh with a front chancery. The two trade shots before Alexander pump fakes a dropkick then goes low on the big man. He shoulder tackles Petey and Josh down.Him and TJP hit a double back elbow and then double elbow dropping him down. TJP hits a springboard senton on Petey for a two count. Alexander takes TJP out on the apron with a back crossbody. Petey goes to Russian leg sweep Bahh but needs a top rope assist from Alexander to do it. We go to break.

Back from it, Petey and Alexander are working on Bahh. Petey knees Bahh down to set him up for The Walking Weapon. He punches away at Bahh, but the big man fires himself back up and eventually sits down on top of Josh. He tags in TJP and Josh tags in Petey. Springboard leg lariat by TJP before boot washing Petey in the corner. Petey tags in Alexander and the two men battle it out with strikes before Alexander invert suplex TJP down. Both men knock on another down and Petey gets tagged in to roll TJP up: 1-2-no.

Petey exchanges a tag, hits a codebreaker and sets Alexander up with a German. Momentum totally changes when Bahh comes in with a massive cross body. He nails Alexander with a Samoan Drop. Mamba splash by TJP: 1-2-3.

WINNERS: TJP & Josh Alexander

A contentious W. Morrissey is sitting down with Gia Miller. He says everyone is fake, phoney and nice. To be honest, he’s not happy to be here for the interview. All he cares about is people hear what he has to say. He said people kicked him when he was down. When he had a seizure in Philly. They took out their phones and instead of dialing 911, they recorded him. You know what his colleagues did at his lowest point? Laugh at him. When he came back however, they all reached out. You know why they did that? They want to be his friend now cause he’s doing great. Gia pushes back that she says she does see friends. He said Rich Swann needs validation and said him helping Willie Mack was for himself. He says those two are just like everybody else in this industry. When he cried, they laughed. Morrissey says who’s laughing now. Swann comes in with a superkick and an attack. Security has to break it up.

The five babyface Knockouts are backstage ready for their tag match, but Gia Miller notes that there’s no Taylor Wilde. Tenille and Kaleb suspiciously note they should find a replacement. Rachael offers Jordynne Grace’s efforts. They contemplate when Grace walks in. Initially she feels fifth wheel but after some cajoling she accepts the offer.

Jordynne Grace, Tenille Dashwood, Havok, Rosemary & Rachael Ellering vs. Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee, Susan & Fire n Flava

Havok starts off dominate before Rachael gets the tag and she too is a tough customer. Her and Tasha Steelz square off before she tags in Tenille. Ellering catches Tasha with a back elbow and gets a high-five from Tenille. Grace gets in and has Steelz up in a fireman’s carry and Rachael gets removed from the ring by the official, allowing Grace to lose her grip. We go to break.

Back from break, it’s Tasha Steelz coming off from a tag to take the offense to Grace who is still grounded. Corner stomp mud holes by Steelz in the bad guys’ corner. Tag to Kiera who covers for only a one count on Grace. Rosemary gets the hot tag and gets an upside down on the corner on Kiera.

Tag to Kimber Lee who takes control before tagging in Susan. She goes to superplex Rosemary before Kimber Lee joins in Havok powerbombs all of them off. Tag to Rachael and tag to Deonna. Ellering takes it to the champ before Deonna feeds her a boot to the mush.

Susan soon throws a shoe in at Havok. Chaos begins to break out, leaving Deonna alone in the ring. Rosemary hits her finisher and it’s all over.

WINNER: Rosemary

Josh Alexander admits that TJP pinned him 1-2-3. He’s about to say something further before being interrupted by the man himself. TJP really thinks they both want that rematch. Alexander warns him for being too confident. Enter Scott D’Amore. He decides to make a 60-minute Iron Man match next week on BTI.

A video hyping Jake Something vs. Rohit Raju in a tables match. A very different kind of hype for Rohit as he brings the intensity as the two talk their history with one another.

Eric Young and VBD come out. He says when he started this war, he needed the right people. Joe Doering was his first choice. His vision is pure, his mind is clear. Deaner he found when he was sick. When he was at his lowest. No path. No direction. No drive. He is now the most diabolical, the most perfect version of himself. That brings him to Rhino. The War Machine returned with VBD. The killer returned. That was all by design. Rhino didn’t come short-handed. He came with his Call Your Shot trophy, by design. They attacked Fin Juice at their weakest, by design and now they can’t get their rematch clause, which was by design. All wrestling will belong to them. East coast to west coast, Mexico, and Japan too. Suddenly, they’re interrupted by the legendary Kojima. He stares down Joe Doering and says “Against All Odds” to him. Doering nods yes.

It is noted that Matt Cardona is out for 12 weeks with a fractured orbital bone and Brian Myers says no one cares about Cardona. He confronts the newcomer Sam Beale and looks to form an alliance with him.

Eric Young and Joe Doering make clear that Kojima’s challenge is accepted. In walk Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus. Steve exchanges words with Deaner before making their way to the ring.

Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus vs. Johnny Swinger & Hernandez

Swinger and Steve tie up and Steve spin drop toe holds Johnny. Tag to Taurus as they down Johnny. Hernandez gets knocked off the apron and Taurus hits a sitting senton for two. Swinger gets worked by Steve. Hernandez tags in and breaks the back of Steve one-armed over his shoulder. He tags Swinger back in, but Hernandez remains a factor allow Swinger to almost leap from his shoulder. Swinger steps down and splashes Steve. In comes Taurus who takes out both competitors. They go to suplex Swinger but Hernandez interferes again. Taurus knocks him off the apron and Taurus goes to the outside. Steve nails a diving inverted DDT for the 1-2-3.


The roving camera catches a candid Don Callis and Good Brothers. They plan to keep Moose and Sami at odds. Break time before the main event.

Moose & Sami Callihan vs. The Good Brothers

Sami starts off against Anderson but Moose comes in to bodyslam Karl before he bodyslams his partner on top of him. We go to break.

BAck from it, some contentious tags between Callihan and Moose as Gallows and Anderson take control against Sami. Gallows slows it all down against him. Callihan hits a jawbreaker on Doc before nailing him with a flying standing elbow from up top. Both man tag and Moose hits a uranage on Anderson. Moose takes out both man and hits a leaping standing moonsault on Gallows. Moose looks to hit the Lights Out on Anderson, but Sami tags himself in and sets Karl up for a package piledriver. Moose boots Sami and Karl covers, but Callihan kicks out. Sami takes out Moose, allowing the GBs to hit a Magic Killer for the victory.

WINNERS: The Good Brothers

Post-match, Moose takes Sami out with a Lights Out. He tells Sami to stay out of his business.


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