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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (06/10/2021)

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling Scott D’Amore and Don Callis welcome Tony Khan for an IMPACT Wrestling and AEW Summit of sorts. Plus, W. Morrissey will face off against Willie Mack.


June 10, 2021, Nashville, TN

Commentary: Josh Mathews & D’Lo Brown

Scott D’Amore kicks off the show with the aforementioned IMPACT Wrestling & AEW Summit. He introduces Tony Khan who comes out to the Dynamite theme. Don Callis comes out to interrupt and points out a couple of facts about any notion of involving Sami Callihan in the IMPACT World Title match between Moose and Kenny Omega. Callihan is blacklisted all over, but Scott does create an argument for him due to his DQ win against Moose.

After a monologue, D’Amore says he made some tremendous points and that’s why this Saturday at Against All Odds, it will be Kenny Omega one-on-one against Moose.

Tony gets on the mic and says that Don really does care about Kenny and this IMPACT World Championship. To Tony, you need a big venue for a match like this. He notes Daily’s Place and says that’s the best place to do it. He assures him that Sami Callihan will not be there. Don is ready to leave but D’Amore pulls a Columbo with one last thing – whoever walks out as Champion, July 17 the winner will face Sami Callihan at Slammiversary.

THe Good Brothers, Kenny Omega and Don Callis are backstage. D’Amore runs into them once more and tells the GBs that they’ll be facing Sami Callihan in the IMPACT Zone for Against All Odds. He’ll have a partner of his choosing and it will be a street fight.

Brian Myers wants his protege Sam Beale to cut a promo on Matt Cardona, but struggles in Myers’ eyes.

Sami Callihan walks up to Scott D’Amore and says partner or not, he’ll take out the Good Brothers at Against All Odds. Enter Tommy Dreamer. He says he hates Don Callis, Sami hates Don Callis, so he will be Sami’s partner. Sami accepts. After he walks off, D’Amore says Tommy can’t consider Don an enemy due to his status in IMPACT. Tommy agrees, but does tell Scott that Callis is indeed his enemy.

Rosemary vs. Havok

If Havok wins this match, she’ll be added to the Knockouts Title match at Against All Odds. Rosemary nails two spears on Havok. She kicks out at two. Rosemary ground and pounds. An inverted chinlock has Havok screaming in pain. Havok does turn the tide and has Rosemary cornered for a hip bump as we head to break.

Havok is in control through the break and gets Rosemary in a full nelson. Rosemary is fading and Havok twists her into a unique backbreaker clothesline. Kick out at two.

Rosemary battles back and ends up getting the win after another spear. Havok will not be in the Knockouts Title match.

WINNER: Rosemary

Post-match Deonna Purrazzo, Susan and Kimber Lee come out to attack everyone. Susan gets on the mic and demands the match between Kimber and Tasha Steelz to start now. We head to break.

Kimber Lee (with Deonna Purrazzo) vs. Tasha Steelz (with Kiera Hogan)

Kimber starts off the match in control. Soon enough, the two are trading shots and Kimber gets a near fall on Steelz. Tasha tumbles to the outside as Kiera tries to cool her off. Tasha gets back in and Kimber takes it to her by slamming her face in the corners of the ring. Sidewalk slam for a two count. Kimber Lee has a stalling suplex on Tasha. Lee leaps off top with a swanton but Steelz gets her knees up. Steelz nails a modified falcon arrow out of nowhere for the win.

WINNER: Tasha Steelz

Post-bout Deonna and Susan brawls it out with FnF. Rosemary and Havok come out to even the odds. Havok chokeslam Kimber Lee. Rosemary hits Deonna with her finisher as Kiera Hogan is left alone. She gets a double chokeslam from Havok and Rosemary.

We see anothe video of Steve Maclin. He refers to his time in the military. Once again, his back is against the wall. It is do or die. Either he’s gonna meet “Mr. Mayhem” or you will.

Gia Miller asks Josh Alexander how he’s doing after his Iron Man match. He’s black eyed and bruised, but he feels great. He mentions how he wanted D’Amore to line the challengers up. That’s why he’s excited for the five-way number one contender match at Against All Odds. Enter Ace Austin. The only man he should be concerned about is him. Josh notes he beat him several times. Austin notes he makes his own luck.

Petey Williams & Trey Miguel vs. Rohit Raju & Chris Bey

Rohit has Williams on the defensive with some headlocks and shoulder blocks. Williams does down Raju for a dropkick to the back. Williams goes for his destroyer, but instead locks in a sharpshooter. Rohit makes it to the ropes.

Trey and Bey have their chance. Lost of counters as Trey tags in Williams. Double team pop-up kick to the back by Trey and Williams. Rohit gets in to receive some offense from Petey. Bey gets dropped on the apron by Williams, but then gets pull off the ring and the momentum has shifted. Rohit soon gets a near fall on Petey. Bey administers a floatover suplex for a two count.

Petey and Rohit trade blows. Rohit hits a back suplex for two. Trey soon gets the tag and hits a speedy dropkick on Bey. He has a deathlock on Bey’s knees as he nails Rohit with a Northern lights for a near fall. He Germans Rohit down and it leads to moves being delivered by everyone. Down to Trey and Rohit in the ring. Jumping knee strike connects with Trey.Trey hits a codebreaker on Rohit and then locks him in a unique leg submission for the W.

WINNERS: Petey Williams and Trey Miguel

Post-event, Ace Austin and Madman attack the fighters, but Alexander comes in to balance the scales. All hell has broken loose. Everyone basically attacks Madman Fulton. Williams is then assisted by Bey and Raju to hit a super ultimate Canadian Destroyer on Madman from up top. Ace Austin watches on.

Willie Mack is ready to beat W. Morrissey from pillar to post. Rich Swann walks in and it’s itching to get a piece of Morrissey. Mack makes him promise to not interfere with the match tonight even thought it is no DQ. Swann gives his word.

Tenille Dashwood is with Kaleb for their third episode of “All About Me.” She introduces the “host” Rachael Ellering. She enters with Jordynne Grace. Tenille and Kaleb aren’t keen on that, but Jordynne still joins. They present Rachael with an Influence tee. Tenille reminds Rachael that she’s the host. She asks why she is here? Ellering lays it on the line that Tenille is being disrespectful to them. Rachael challenges her to a match at Tenille Dashwood. Jordynne Grace interrupts and challenges Tenille. As a matter of fact, she’s going to talk to D’Amore right now and she leaves to do so. End of segment.

Deaner lost to Crazzy Steve on BTI, but now he’s going to be tagging with Rhino at IMPACT Slammiversary. He’s with Eric Young who has high expectations for him. He then notes that this world doesn’t belong to Kojima, it belongs to Violent By Design.

Joe Doering (with Violent By Design) vs. Eddie Edwards

Doering shoves Eddie down after a lock-up. Eddie gives Doering some forearm shots. He soon gets knocked down by the massive Joe. He chokes Eddie on the middle rope. Doering wrenches the neck of Eddie and back elbows him for a two count. He maintains control. Soon though, Eddie somehow musters up enough power to suplex Doering. Eddie fights with Rhino on the outside, but it’s a trip-up by Deaner that gets the DQ.

WINNER: Eddie Edwards

VBD gangs up on Eddie after the bell, but Kojima comes in for the save and Doering has to be pulled away from him.

After break, Moose has a video package talking himself up for Against All Odds.

No Disqualification Match

W. Morrissey vs. Willie Mack

Mack gets a feel for Morrissey who takes it to Willie hard. He gets caught with the kitchen sink and is thrown into the far corner. Mack avoids an attack, but gets clotheslined down as we go to break.

Back from it, W. remains dominate on the outside, but Willie Mack catches him with a chop block that sends Morrissey into the steps. Mack pulls out a long chain. He hits Morrissey in the leg and then the kidneys. Willie hits W. in the back with a steel chair. Two more shots from Will. He goes to hit him against the ring post but Morrissey gets out unscathed. THe same can’t be said for the ring as Willie gets him in the corner, but it’s Morrissey who boots him down.

Morrissey attacks Willie with the chair and wraps the chain around Willie Mack’s eyes! He then pulls Willie’s head over the apron with the chain. He places Willie over the top rope for some hammer clubs and then a big chair shot. Willie screams in pain. A second shot sends him tumbling.

Morrissey chokes Willie in the corner with the chair and it prompts commentary to talk about throwing in the towel for Willie.

Not long after Willie goes on a flurry of offense. He hits a massive bodyslam and follows it with a standing moonsault for two. He nails W.’s back with the chair several times. HE slides the chair under W’s body and comes up with a six-star splash, but misses.

This opens up a window for a Morrissey attack and it leads to a pinfall win.

WINNER: W. Morrissey

Post match, Morrissey looks to take Mack out with a well positioned chair in the corner, but out comes Rich Swann for the attack save. Morrissey runs through security to splash Swann in the corner. As security demands him to leave, Swann catches him with a steel chair shot. Morrissey is livid as the show ends.


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