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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (06/22/2023)

The show opens with a recap of last week’s massive 10-person main event before we send it to the ring for a six-man tag. Brian Myers cuts a promo on his way down.

OVE vs. Brian Myers & The Good Hands

Jake Crist and Johny Skyler start the bout with back and forth. Sami comes in and helps Crist double-team Skyler for a beat before Fulton assists. Skyler lands a crossbody on Crist, which allows Hotch to take over. Skyler returns for a pinfall attempt. Skyler continues picking Crist apart for a couple minutes. Crist is able to break through with a forearm off the turnbuckle. Sami and Hotch run in off the hot tags as Sami hits Hotch and Myers with a DDT/flatliner combo. Fulton holds up Hotch as Crist heads up top. Moose runs down and sends Crist falling. Myers runs in and hits Crist with the Roster Cut for the win.

Winners: Brian Myers & The Good Hands

Sami and Fulton attempt to run after Moose as Myers & Good Hands celebrate.

Backstage, Eddie Edwards and Frankie Kazarian argue over whether Frankie can trust Eddie.

Callihan is furious backstage when he runs into Rich Swann. Swann says he knows what Moose and Myers are like, so he’s got his back going forward.

Dirty Dango vs. Bhupinder Gujjar

Dango grabs a mic and simply says he hates pro wrestling while fans chant “Divas reject.”

Dango takes Gujjar down to start their match. He rubs himself, allowing Gujjar time to get up and charge him. Gujjar rolls out of the corner and kicks Dango, following it up with a dropkick. Dango rolls out to regroup, so Gujjar launches onto him. Gujjar goes up top and goes for the Gargoyle Spear, but Dango evades. Dango nails the inverted DDT for the win.

Winner: Dirty Dango

Dango takes Gujjar’s phone out of his jacket and starts recording himself talking in the ring. Santino Marella marches down. Dango retreats only for Gujjar to toss him back in the ring. Santino pulls out of the Cobra and strikes Dango.

We see footage of Jody Threat beating Nevaeh on BTI earlier tonight. They shake hands backstage after before Nevaeh runs into Jessicka and Courtney. Nevaeh thinks Jessicka is Havok, but they have to clarify who they are. Nevaeh is adamant that they are still Rosemary and Havok, so the Death Dollz try to talk privately. Nevaeh tells them they have to back to the beginning. The Death Dollz run off.

Zicky Dice passes a verbal test to “officially” become a referee. He pulls out his own ref shirt as Johnny Swinger celebrates the fact that he now has a crooked ref in his pocket.

The Design vs. Mike Bailey & Jonathan Gresham

Bailey and Angels start the bout. Gresham helps Bailey briefly before they shake hands. They got plowed over by Kon. Angels takes down Gresham, while Kon runs over Bailey on the outside. After the break, Bailey chops Kon down so he can fire away with kicks. Bailey lands a missile dropkick and running shooting star. Kon stands up with Bailey in his arms and powerslams him. Gresham hits Angels with a pop up cutter. Bailey locks up Angels as Gresham puts Kon in a sleeper on the outside.

Bailey flips onto Kon, allowing Angels to dropkick Bailey into Gresham. Angels accidentally runs into Deaner at ringside before Bailey lands a huge kick to the jaw. Back inside, Bailey tries for tornado kick. Angels follows him up top and hits a big Spanish Fly. Deaner yells at Anges on the apron. Angels misses a frog splash. Bailey lands tornado kick followed by Ultimo Weapon for the win.

Winners: Mike Bailey & Jonathan Gresham

The flashback moment of the week takes us back to when Nick Aldis won the TNA World title in 2013.

We see a replay of Jai Vidal attacking Trinity during last week’s main event. Gia Miller speaks to Trinity about Gisele Shaw getting a title shot in Australia. Trinity says she’s not worried because Deonna will handle business. But if Gisele does somehow win, Trinity will beat her. She shifts her focus to Jai and Savannah. Trinity challenges Jai to a match next week if Gisele will let him.

Jimmy Jacobs reads a statement from Nick Aldis, who is absent due to the threats stemming from last week’s events. Shelley interrupts and says he’s not buying it. Jacobs says Nick will explain himself next week. Jacobs makes a comment after Shelley leaves, but Shelley returns to punch him.

Taylor Wilde vs. Killer Kelly

They lock up to start and Kelly switches to a brief headlock. They both pose off for a beat before Kelly delivers a few kicks, cover. Kelly goes to run the ropes, but KiLynn King pulls one down so that Killer falls out. Kelly gets back in and Wilde takes control, attempting a cover and striking her spine. Wilde locks in a big surfboard into a brief cover. Wilde takes Kelly to the second rope to choke her, cover again. Kelly cuts Wilde off with headbutts and then a suplex into the corner.

Kelly hits a running dropkick and covers. They trade roll ups before Wilde stops her with a knee to the gut. Kelly drops Wilde into Killer Clutch, but Wilde rolls back and out. Kelly traps Wilde in a roll up for the win.

Winner: Killer Kelly

The Coven attack Kelly after the bout, which brings out Masha Slamovich with a chain in hand. Kelly smiles before Masha attacks Wilde, while Kelly takes out King. The Coven retreats as Masha and Kelly stand tall.

We see a replay of Maclin and Bully brawling with D’Amore and PCO last week. Gia Miller asks D’Amore about his leave of absence from being President. He takes off his suit jacket and headset. Scott says he wasn’t ever as good as Maclin and Bully have been, but he’s ready to get down and dirty at Slammiversary. Scott says it’s going to rain holy hell in Windsor and that one of them will not be walking out of the bout.

Digital Media Championship: Joe Hendry (c) vs. Yuya Uemura

Hendry cuts a promo prior to Yuya Uemura coming out to answer the challenge. The bell rings, but Kennt King and Sheldon Jean walk out right away. King joins commentary.

Hendry and Yuya lock up for the first time ever. Yuya tries a couple headlocks and then hits armdrags. Yuya goes to bow, but Hendry suplexes him and then follows it with a clothesline. After the break, Hendry elbows Yuya and hits a neckbreaker, cover. Hendry keeps Yuya grounded for a minute before Yuya punches his way out and hits a bulldog.

They trade blows and strikes in the middle of the ring until Yuya explodes with a running clothesline. Yuya bodyslams Hendry and goes up top. Hendry chases him, cuts him off, but then gets a fist to the face. Yuya hits a crossbody but Joe rolls through and catches him. Hendry hits the Standing Ovation slam for the win.

Winner: Joe Hendry (c)

King takes the Digital Media title and hands it to Hendry with force. King claps and stares him down.

Set for Down Under tour:

Hendry (c) vs. Edwards

Sabin (c) vs. Kazarian

ABC (c) vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Set for next week:

Sabin (c) vs. Miguel

Trinity vs. Jai Vidal

Nick Aldis addressess his actions

Steve Maclin & Bully Ray vs. Eddie Edwards & Frankie Kazarian

Eddie and Maclin start by running around initially. Eddie throws Maclin over his head and then tags out. Kaz takes Maclin to the corner with punches. After the break, Bully throws Kazarian around in the heel corner. Maclin comes back in and grounds Kaz with a chin lock on the mat. Eddie and Kaz stay on the same page by double suplexing Bully. Eddie flies out of the ring onto Bully while Kaz hits Maclin with a hurricanrana.

Bully chases Alisha around while Maclin strikes Eddie from behind. Eddie is tossed out of the ring as Bully grabs a chair. Kaz gets them to retreat before Maclin rolls back inside. Alisha tries checking on Eddie, but Bully chases her off. Maclin puts a chinlock in on Eddie inside. Bully comes back in and stomps on Eddie’s left leg. Maclin returns and punches Kaz off the apron. Eddie and Maclin then clash with double crossbodies.

Kazarian body slams both Maclin and Bully before trying a pin on Maclin. Maclin backs Kaz into the corner. Kaz lifts Maclin over his shoulders for a package driver. Bully breaks the cover and then rakes Eddie’s eyes. Eddie gets shoved into Kaz by Bully. Kaz applies a Chicken Wing on Maclin. Eddie superkicks Kaz accidentally, while allows Maclin to plant Kaz for the win.

Winner: Steve Maclin & Bully Ray


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