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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (06/24/2021)

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling, friends may turn enemies as Deonna Purrazzo suddenly takes on Susan in singles action. Plus Satoshi Kojima tags with Eddie Edwards to battle Joe Doering and Deaner of Violent By Design with the IMPACT Titles on the line.


June 24, 2021, Nashville, TN

Commentary: Josh Mathews & D’Lo Brown

IMPACT starts off with Don Callis and Kenny entering through the “jobber” door as an agent says Don isn’t allowed in due to being on the talent list. Don is irate as he goes over some false accolades. Him and Kenny barge off.

Rosemary vs. Kiera Hogan

Rosemary quickly goes on the attack and Kiera quickly goes for a powder. Hogan continues to evade, but Rosemary catches her with a spinning sidewalk slam. Mounted punches. Exploder suplex by Rosemary. Back elbow in the corner and she cinches in the Upside Down in the corner. Tasha trips Rosemary up on the apron and sends her back in the ring. Kiera stomps on her and chokes her Nash style over the second rope. Tasha continues to meddle and taunt Rosemary. Out comes Havok and the odds are even.

Kiera corners Rosemary but she fires back with standing flapjack. Soon the two duke it out in the middle of the ring and Rosemary catches her with a SOS Slam. Slingblade. Kiera fights back. Reverse DDT by Rosemary, but it’s only good for two. Big roundhouse kick by Hogan gets a near fall. Rosemary gets the win after her package sit-out driver.

WINNER: Rosemary

Chris Bey is backstage with Gia Miller. His business is becoming a two-time X-Division Champion. Enter Trey Miguel and Petey Williams. Miguel notes that their are alliances forming. Williams knows the deal. Bey better choose a side before the side choose him.

Back from break, Tommy Dreamer said he needed to do what had to be done when he fired Don Callis last week. Scott D’Amore comes in and after some contention, he does admit that Tommy did the right thing. Tommy thanks him and also notes that Anthem sees it fit to be a consultant and “overseer” of sorts. D’Amore is unpleasantly shocked.

Susan (with Kimber Lee) vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Josh Mathews and D’Lo notes that Purrazzo is done with Susan and Kimber Lee. Susan and Deonna go back and forth with pie faces and trash talking. Collar elbow leads to side headlock by Deonna and she slams Susan. Deonna ties Susan up with several submissions as Lee watches in. Purrazzo seems to be enjoying it, almost toying with Susan. Stomps in the corner by Deonna. Susan is down and out on the floor. Deonna yells at Lee to get her back in the ring. Kimber is quite concerned. Susan reluctantly gets back in the ring and has a straightjacket submission. Susan fights to her feet and Deonna hits a backstabber. 1-2-Deonna pulls her up. Susan does fight back and hits a superplex, but Deonna rolls over to lock in her armbar for the submission win.

WINNER: Deonna Purrazzo

Post-match, Deonna continues to lock on her armbar and Kimber Lee interferes to break it up. Deonna yells at them both that she’s done with them.

Willie Mack and Rich Swann come into Swinger’s Palace. Blackjack is on hand as Willie calls Swinger a knock-off Magnum TA. Fallah asks Swann and Mack what they’re doing here – are they a tag team again? Swann doesn’t confirm but then kinda does after noting Bahh and TJP are standing in their way. Next week, it’s TJP & Bahh vs. Swann & Mack.

Don Callis walks up to Tommy Dreamer and shakes his hand. No hard feelings. He thinks a consultant will be a great spot for him (with some cutting remarks). Callis then pitches a six-man tag with Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers against Tommy Dreamer and two partners of his choosing. Tommy accepts and Don continues to dig at him.

Petey Williams & Trey Miguel vs. Rohit Raju & Shera

The two teams are evenly matched as they go to break, but Shera does display his power. Trey gets a flurry of offense until Rohit nails his leaping flatliner. Out comes Madman Fulton and Ace Austin. Rohit nails Petey with his running knee and it’s a 1-2-3.

WINNERS: Rohit Raju and Shera

Post-match, the foursome attack Williams and Trey. Josh Alexander come out for the save. The numbers game does come into play and out comes Chris Bey. He stands on the stage and takes a selfie video as the heels attack the good guys.

Tommy Dreamer is backstage with Sami Callihan and convinces him to be a part of his time. Moose walks by and says he’s in. They talk about one more partner too.

Rachael Ellering is standing in the ring, wanting to open up to Jordynne Grace. She invites Grace out and Jordynne obliges. Ellering says winning the Knockouts Tag Titles were one of the proudest moments in her professional life. She is very emotional. A year ago she was at the lowest point of her entire life. It was hard to get by day by day. Friends and family kept saying “things will get better” and getting pushed into that pool of positivity. Rachael sees that she was doing that to Jordynne. She is sorry for that. She brings up Tenille and Fire N Flava and that fires Jordynne up. She says she isn’t phased by any of that. SHe’s screaming at Rachael, saying she can do things herself. Rachael knows that she can. SHe mentions Tenille again and Jordynne is pissed. She says if she mentions Tenille one more time she’ll drop Rachael on her head.

Out comes Jazz. She loves the both of them and this is why she brought those two together. She knew combining those two, they could do great things. This is just a hurdle. She says that she knows Grace and Ellering get over it. Jordynne is letting her ego get in her way. She just needs to shake it off. Rachael says this is on the both of us. She says she knows it bothers that they are the shortest reigning Knockouts Tag Champs of all time. Ellering wants to continue, but does Jordynne? Jazz asks her that. She doesn’t know and she needs some time. Jordynne exits.

Out comes Tenille. She says she’s the solution to all of Rachael’s problem. She talks up their potential partnership and Ellering gives her a “hard no” on that before challenging her to a singles match. Tenille pretends to think on that, but then goes for a cheap shot. Ellering gets the better and takes Tenille out. Kaleb with a K chairs the KO’ed Tenille out.

Sam Beale (with Brian Myers) vs. Jake Something

Jake Something is dominant. Beale leaps off the top with a crossbody, but Something catches him and slams him hard which looks like an apparent win, but Beale kicks out. Something soon hits the Blackhole Slam for the W.

WINNER: Jake Something

Post-match, Brian tells Beale to take notes. Whatever Jake Something does, do the opposite.

Eddie Edwards and Kojima are getting ready backstage and they’re approached by Mack and Swann for some well wishes.

IMPACT Tag Team Championships

Eddie Edwards & Satoshi Kojima vs. Violent By Design (Joe Doering & Deaner) (c)

Eddie and Doering start it off as Joe shows his strength. Kojima gets the tag and so does Deaner. We go to break.

Back from it, Eddie and Kojima are showing some cohesiveness. Not long before Doering dominates Kojima with some power and then a brutal elbow. Back elbows to the neck of Kojima. Deaner and Doering corner Satoshi. Doering has a headlock and then a neckwrench on Kojima. Kojima is down as Doering grinds his forearm into the neck of his fallen foe. Doering goes for a suplex, but can’t do it. Kojima hits him with one. Tag to Eddie and so is Deaner. Deaner boots him, but Eddie hits a blue thunder bomb. Two count. Eddie aims for a tiger driver, but Doering saves Deaner. THe bad guys go to the outside and Kojima and Eddie dive onto them. Commercial break.

Back from it, Eddie and Kojima maintain control. Deaner does hit a powerbomb for a near fall out of the corner. Deaner bites the hand of Eddie as he tags in Doering. Big bodyslam followed by a fallaway elbow on Doering.

Deaner gets the tag soon enough and Eddie continues to be isolated. Textbook tag wrestling is going down by VBD. Doering knocks Kojima off the apron, but Eddie does fight back. Belly to back on Deaner and he crawls to his corner to tag in Kojima. Shoulder tackle to Deaner and he knocks Joe off the apron. Kojima takes it to Deaner. Machine gun chops in the corner, but Doering comes in. That may have been a bad choice as we get dueling chops from Eddie and Kojima. Top rope hurricanrana and Kojima hits a top rope elbow, but a big-time kickout occurs via Deaner.

Deaner goes for a diving headbutt but misses. Tag to Eddie from Kojima. Eddie goes for a backpack stunner but is shoved off. Doering goes to lariat Eddie, but he ducks only to be set up for a headbutt by Deaner. Kick out. Doering plants Eddie with a standing DVD. Eddie rolls Deoring up and gets a near win, but a double lariat is a major statement from Doering. He goes for his Revolution Bomb, but he gets some punches instead. Koji Cutter. Eddie sizes Doering up for a Boston Knee Party, but Joe Doering nails him with a Revolution Bomb for the win and the title retain.

WINNER and STILL IMPACT Tag Team Champions: VBD


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