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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (07/06/2023)

Eddie Edwards vs. Frankie Kazarian

Edwards dominates the early minutes of the bout before Alisha pulls on Kaz in the ropes. Eddie chops a few times and attempts a cover. Eddie and Alisha kiss at ringside. Kaz runs Eddie over with a clothesline before the ref almost counts them out. Kaz hits a leg drop in the ropes, nearfall. Kazarian tries for a chicken wing and then plants Eddie for a nearfall. Kaz connects with Unprettier for another two count. Eddie breaks free from another chicken wing and superkicks followed by a backstabber.

Eddie hits a Lariat followed by a Tiger Driver, nearfall. Kaz tries for the chicken wing as Eddie backs Kaz into the corner, knocking the ref down. Kaz puts Eddie up on top as Alisha runs in and strikes Kaz with the kendo stick. Eddie connects with Boston Knee Party for the win.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

We see footage of Aldis and Rush attacking Machine Guns last week and how Sabin challenged Rush to a title match at Slammiversary. Gia Miller speaks to Lio, who says he’s not here to make friends. He’s here for one reason, and that’s to win the X title. Aldis walks up and mentions Lio stuck his nose in his business. Lio reiterates he’s going for the X title. Aldis says the only thing they have in common is winning at Slammiversary. Aldis warns Lio not to let his ego get in the way.

Kazarian says Eddie didn’t win with honor, but he won tonight. He says that’s not the way Kowalski trained them. Now that they’re tied, Kaz issues a challenge for a rubber match at Slammiversary. He says his wife Traci Brooks will be at ringside to counter Alisha.

Sami Callihan & Rich Swann vs. Champagne Singh & Shera

Swann and Singh start things off. Swann gets taken own early, allowing Shera to come in and make a pinfall attempt. Singh gets mouthy with the crowd while Swann works his way to his feet. Sami tags in and takes Singh down. Shera tries to run in but gets clobbered with a clothesline. Swann helps Sami with a dose of double teaming both men. Swann hits Shera with a cutter. Swann and Sami double super kick Singh before hitting a Cactus Driver 97 for the win.

Winners: Sami Callihan & Rich Swann

Backstage, Brian Myers tells Gia that he and Moosse are the most well-oiled tag team. Gia brings up Moose’s recent losses. He says they’ll give Rich and Sami real competition next week in a tag bout.

Footage from BTI shows Santino cussing out Dirty Dango as he will face off in Windsor post-Slammiversary. Heath also hit Dango with a Wake Up Call. We then see another vignette from Dango.

Alan Angels vs. Jonathan Gresham

The hometown competitors start off with a fast pace before Angels and Deaner start arguing at ringside because Deaner wants him to listen. Angels suplexes and covers. After the break, Gresham has control and keeps knocking Angels down to the mat for pin attempts. They stay evenly matched for a moment until Gresham rolls up, then Angels goes for a backslide. They roll each other around with covers until Angels gets a nearfall. Gresham gets up and wraps himself around Angels for the Octopus and tapout.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham

Gresham offers a handshake after, but Deaner tells Angels not to. Angels goes against him and shakes his hand anyway.

A recap of Impact’s trip to Australia airs.

Trinity knocks on Deonna Purrazzo’s locker room. Trinity thanks Deonna for having her back last week but then it escalates to questions of Deonna not helping Trinity fast enough. Deonna says they don’t need each other’s help and brings up how she did the Champ Champ challenge to prove herself. Deonna suggests she’ll do another open challenge next week so that Trinity can see exactly who she’ll be facing.

PCO vs. The Good Hands

Scott D’Amore joins commentary. Skyler cuts a brief promo on their way out. PCO withstands a double clothesline and hits one of his own. PCO goes flying out of the ring to wipe them out. Hotch is laid out for PCO’s flip onto the apron. PCO drops Skyler with a reverse DDT and connects with the PCOsault for the win.

Winner: PCO

Hotch gets in Scott’s face and slaps him. Scott punches him back and hits Sky High. Scott gets Hotch up but then Bully Ray’s music hits. Maclin low-blows PCO from behind and then strikes D’Amore with a chair. Bully delivers chair shots to both of them as well. Maclin handcuffs Scott to the top rope as PCO continues to get hit. Hotch puts a table in the ring so that Bully and Maclin double chokeslam PCO through it.

PCO is tossed down a ramp into the backstage area, so Scott launches a chair at them. Maclin and Bully tease an attack but instead go to PCO. Maclin shuts the door and then we see footage of them lighting PCO on fire.

Gisele Shaw vs. Courtney Rush

Shaw runs the ropes to start but gets cut off with an arm drag into a hold on the mat. Shaw gets up and backs Rush to the ropes to break, but Rush comes back with a shoulder tackle. Shaw rolls out to regroup, so Rush talks to Jessicka. Rush drops Shaw with a reverse DDT. She goes up top, but Vidal distracts on the apron. Shaw manages to boot Shaw and then throws punches on the mat. Shaw stomps on Rush in the corner, cover.

Rush throws Shaw over for an exploder suplex, cover. Shaw slaps Rush and follows it with a German for a two-count. Rush evades a knee strike and lands a Samoan Drop. Evans gets on the apron to distract, but Jessica runs over to pull her down and scrap. Evans sends Jessicka int other steps, so Jai gets up on the apron and eats a boot. Shaw rolls Rush up with her feet on the ropes for the three-count.

Winner: Gisele Shaw

Kenny King is walking in the lobby and runs into a couple of women who poke fun at Hendry’s Stripper Kenny video. Hendry pops up. King and Sheldon talk about how Hendry has no friends and is a joke. Yuya Uemura pops up and then King and Jean walk away.

The announcers confirm Hendry vs. King, plus Kazarian vs. Edwards with Traci Brooks and Alisha at ringside for Slammiversary on July 15.

Motor City Machine Guns vs. Nick Aldis & Lio Rush

Sabin and Aldis start the bout after Rush ducks out. Rush eventually comes in and runs in circles around Sabin, cover. Rush wraps himself around Sabin on the mat. Once free, Sabin knocks ALdis off the apron while Shelley works on Rush. Machine Guns tag in and out while continuing to keep Rush in their corner. Aldis cuts off Shelley at ringside heading into the break.

We come back to Aldis dominating Shelley in the ring. Rush gets in a cheap shot when the ref isn’t looking. Aldis does a pump-handle toss, cover. Rush takes over with a choke hold on the world champ. Sabin gets the tag and manages to kick Aldis from the apron. The Guns double team Rush with a Magic Killer, Sabin covers. Aldis is once again targeted at ringside, but it allows Rush to heel-kick them off. Rush flips out of the ring to wipe both men out.

Back in the ring, Rush gets a nearfall. Rush goes for a frog splash, but Sabin rolls out. The Guns quickly double team Rush and then Aldis with a cutter from Sabin. The Guns connect with a combo move, but Aldis breaks the cover. Aldis locks Shelley in the cloverleaf, but Sabin super kicks. Aldis shoves Shelley into other steps at ringside. Rush low blows Sabin behind the ref’s back. Rush connects with The Final Hour frog splash for the win.

Winner: Lio Rush & Nick Aldis


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