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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (07/21/2020)

The aftermath of Slammiversary. Join us as we cover the live results of IMPACT Wrestling.

X-Division Championship Match: Chris Bey (c ) vs. Willie Mack

As soon as the bell rings Bey hits a running dropkick. Bey tries to pin Mack but Mack kicks out two. Mack and Bey trade strikes. Mack floors Bey with a right hand. Bey begs off. Bey trips Mack into the ropes. Mack falls to the outside. Bey tries a dive but Mack catches him in midair. Mack slams Bey out on the floor. Mack sends Bey back into the ring. 

Mack hits a slingshot senton. Mack misses a clothesline in the corner. Mack gets hung up in the ropes. Hangman’s neckbreaker by Bey. Mack kicks out. Bey works a side headlock. Mack tries to fire up but Bey cuts him off. Bey dances and calls Willie Mack, Willie Wack. Mack rolls out of the way of Bey’s moonsault. Mack hits a standing moonsault of his own. Mack destroys Bey with a popup elbow shot. Mack misses the 6-Star Frog Splash. Bey hits a springboard stunner for the win. 

Winner and STILL X-Division Champion, Chris Bey!

In-Ring Segment: The Good Brothers

Anderson says after months of anticipation they have arrived in IMPACT. Anderson takes credit for Slammiversary trending number one worldwide. They are the best wrestlers in the world. LG says they are here to show anyone in IMPACT how it’s done. Anderson asks for a beer and someone tosses him two. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton interrupt and says hello to the new guys. He is going to give them a pass for what happened on the PPV. Austin is here to give them a chance to apologize. Austin says they should share a beer over the Good Brothers’ apology. LG says they aren’t apology guys. Austin says, well he isn’t a beer guy. Austin knocks the beer out of Anderson’s hand. Austin asks Fulton what the Good Brothers are going to do. Fulton says they ain’t gonna do shit. Anderson and LG attack Fulton and Austin. The Good Brothers clear the ring.

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz vs. Havok and Neveah

Neveah and Steelz argue. Neveah suplexes Steelz. Havok tags in and crushes Steelz with a backbreaker. Neveah hits the ring and knees Steelz in the head. Hogan tags in and says she’s got this. Hogan walks into a big boot from Havok. Hogan lands a dropkick but it has no effect. Havok clotheslines Hogan. Neveah and Havok work over Hogan. After a distraction, Hogan is able to attack Neveah from behind. Hogan and Steelz take turns working over Neveah. Neveah eventually manages to tag in Havok, who clears the ring. Havok reverses a head-scissor into a Tombstone Piledriver position. Before Havok can drop Hogan, Steelz hits her with a chair to cause a DQ.

After the match., Havok Tombestones Hogan.

Hernadez vs. Rhino

At the start of the match, Rhino and Hernandez hand their money to the referee. Hernandez wants to count it. As soon as Hernandez turns around, Rhino hits the Gore for the win.

Winner- Rhino

Backstage, Deonna Purrazzo says after dominating Jordynne Grace there is no one left to fight. Kylie Rae walks in and introduces herself to Purrazzo. Rae is super excited. She informs Purrazzo that she is the new number one contender. Purrazzo offers Rae a handshake. When Rea shakes Purrazzo’s hand, Purrazzo tries to put her in the armbar. Rae blocks it. The two brawl until being pulled apart.

In-Ring Segment: Eddie Edwards

Edwards says holding the title feels right. The journey he was on led him back to the IMPACT Championship. Over the past few years, something has been missing from IMPACT Wrestling. Stability. Edwards’ goal is to be a champion that everyone can be proud of. The last title defense was five months ago. That is all about to change. People have called Edwards crazy in the past. Maybe he is. Edwards says he is going to defend the belt every week. Edwards will fight anyone who wants a shot.

Edwards is going to bring stability and credibility to the IMPACT Championship. Eric Young walks out on the stage. Edwards cuts EY off before he can speak. Edwards says after what EY did to Rich Swann the only thing EY deserves is an ass-kicking. EY says Edwards is pathetic. IMPACT now belongs to EY. EY says Edwards is lucky he isn’t the one sitting in the hospital right now. EY wants what he deserves. Edwards surprises EY with a suicide dive. Edwards rains down rights and lefts. Referees pull Edwards off of EY. EY cheapshots Edwards.

TNA Championship Match: Moose (c ) vs. Fallah Bahh W/TJP

Bahh and Moose trade strikes. Moose catches Bahh with a big boot. Bahh fires up and lands multiple splashes in the corner. Running hip attack by Bahh. Moose escapes Bahh’s Samoan drop attempt. Moose bounces off the ropes and hits the Lights Out Spear for the win.

Winner and STILL TNA Champion, Moose!

EC3 appears behind Moose. EC3 grabs Moose by the ear into a reverse DDT. EC3 tells Moose he has been warned.

We then see The Good Brothers outside the arena when out comes Ace Austin & Madman Fulton trash talking The Good Brothers when they are then sneak attacked by Reno Scum.

Now announced for next week, The Good Brothers vs Reno Scum in Gallows & Anderson's first match on IMPACT.

IMPACT Tag Team Championship Match: The North (c ) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns

Shelley and Page trade submission holds. Page catches Shelley with an elbow before locking in a side headlock. Shelley escapes. Page and Shelley trade strikes. Page tag in Alexander as Shelley tags in Sabin. Alexander locks in an armbar. Sabin reverses it into an armbar of his own. Alexander runs into a couple of quick arm drags on Sabin. Shelly tags in and drops an elbow on Alexander. Alexander pushes Shelley into Sabin, knocking him off the apron. The Machine Guns catch Alexander with double kicks. Sabin and Shelley hop out to the apron and crush Page with duel superkicks. After a distraction from Alexander, Page elbow Shelley in the back of the head. Page whips Alexander into Shelley for a low crossbody that sends Shelley careening out of the ring.

The North take turns working over Shelley. Shelley eventually manages to tag in Sabin. Sabin takes Page over with a ranna. Sabin floors Page with a dropkick. Alexander gets in the ring. Sabin walks up Page and drops Alexander with a tornado DDT. Sabin springboards off the ropes and crushes Page with a tornado DDT. Page kicks out. Sabin and Shelley both kick Page in the corner. Shelley holds open the rope while Sabin dives through them for a suicide dive on Alexander. Shelley hit a standing sliced bread. Page kicks out. Shelley puts Page in a crossface while Sabin has Alexander in a cloverleaf. Page turns the crossface into a pin. Sabin breaks up the pin. The North hits a springboard cutter into a wheelbarrow suplex combo on Sabin. Shelley breaks up the pin. The North set up their finish. Sabin turns it into a small package for the win!

Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions, The Motor City Machine Guns!

Backstage, Heath sneaks back into the arena.


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