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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (07/21/2022)

IMPACT Wrestling Results – July 21, 2022

The show opens with a video package looking at Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley in the main event tonight. We move to the ring to kick off with Knockouts action.

VXT (Deonna Purrazzo & Chelsea Green) vs. Mia Yim & Jordynne Grace

Grace and Purrazzo start the bout. Jordynne maintains control until she tags in Mia. Chelsea comes in to put Jordynne in a chin lock. Mia gets the tag to come clean house, but her momentum is halted by Chelsea. VXT try a double suplex, but Grace saves Mia. VXT tossed out of the ring allows the babyfaces to fly through the ropes together. VXT make a comeback and land a double finisher on Yim. Deonna covers for the win.

Winners: VXT

Backstage, Honor No More talk about being robbed of opportunities in Impact. Eddie calls out PCO for being absent during Heath’s attacks.

X-Division Championship Match: Mike Bailey (c) vs. Deaner

Deaner takes control at the opening bell. Speedball finds his footing rather quickly but Deaner is quick with his counters. After the break, Bailey unloads with numerous kicks to take Deaner down for a twisting shooting star press, two. Bailey continues to beat Deaner down enough to hit Ultima Weapon and land the three-count to retain.

Winner: Mike Bailey retains

Backstage, Gail Kim interrupts VXT’s celebration to announce they will get a tag team title match at Emergence.

Madison Rayne vs. Masha Slamovich

Masha rips Rayne’s protective mask off her face before slamming her down. Masha stomps on the mask and throws it at Gisele at ringside. Masha lands Snow Plow for the quick win. After, Masha hands Gisele a photo with her X’d out.

Winner: Masha Slamovich

Gujarr confronts Brian Myers backstage about Myers not wanting to face him. Myers sets up a challenge between Gujarr and Vincent.

A new vignette for Killer Kelly airs as she will return next week.

Matt Taven & Mike Bennett vs. Ace Austin & Chris Bey

Ace and Taven start with a lock up. Taven looks rocked at one point, but manages a Purple Thunder Bomb. Bennett puts Ace in a chin lock. The fresh Bey comes in and out maneuvers both members of OGK. Neck breaker to Mike, cover. Maria tries to interfere, but she accidentally distracts the ref long enough for Heath to attack Taven in the ing. Ace scores the pinfall win over Bennett.

Winners: Ace Austin & Chris Bey

Backstage, Steve Maclin calls Sami Callihan predictable and says he’s ready for war. The lights go out and come back on for Sami to attack Maclin from behind. Moose interferes, allowing for the double team until Sami hits the lights and disappears.

Pink-haired Havok refers to put on her spike goggles. She puts on a fur coat like Taya, much to the dismay of Rosemary.

Elsewhere, Josh Alexander is talking to Scott D’Amore when Rich Swann walks up. Swann says he lost his mojo when he lost the world title. He wants another shot, but D’Amore books him in a big match against Kushida.

Set for next week:

Rich Swann vs. Kushida

Eddie Edwards vs. Ace Austin

#1 Contender’s Match: Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley

Shelley targets the left leg of Sabin throughout the bout. Sabin fights his way back to the point of the crowd chanting “this is awesome.” Shelley drops Sabin on his face with a back suplex. Shelley gets in a lock, but Sabin reaches the ropes. In trading quick moves, Shelley hits Shell Shock and then traps Sabin in a cross face. Sabin taps out.

Winner: Alex Shelley

After, Deaner and Doering attack Shelley and Sabin until Kushida runs out to make the save. Kushida clears the ring and checks on both Sabin and Shelley. The trio stands tall to the end the show.


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