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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (08/04/2020)

TNA Championship Match: Moose (c ) vs. Heath

Heath dumps Moose over the top rope. Heath sends Moose into the barricade. Moose sends Heath into the barricade. Moose and Heath take turns slamming each other into things. Moose surprises Heath with a stun gun. Moose steps on Heath’s throat, redistricting his ability to breathe. Moose continues his assault until Heath fires up. Heath lands a few strikes before hitting the ropes and running right into a dropkick from Moose. Heath surprises Moose with a high knee strike.

Moose bounces off the ropes into a leg lariat by Heath. Heath rolls up Moose for a near fall. Heath accidentally whips Moose into the referee. Heath hits the Wake-Up Call but the referee is down. Heath pins Moose but there is no one to make the count. Heath wakes up the referee. Moose low blows Heath and grabs a handful of tights for the win.

Winner and STILL TNA Champion, Moose!

Motor City Machine Gun Interview

Jimmy Jacobs congratulates Sabin and Shelley on there return to IMPACT. Shelley says they put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this business, and to prove that all of their hard work has paid off they had to come back to IMPACT. Shelley says he is honored to be Sabin’s partner. Sabin says when he was rehabbing his last ACL tear he knew that he needed Shelley by his side. The North interrupts. Alexander complains that they were never given a chance to tell their stories when they were the tag champions.

The MCMG are getting preferential treatment. Page yells that the MCMG only face The North at 30%. Page is livid. Shelley says so what. Of course, being champions is hard. You can’t take the titles to the grave with you. Shelley offers to give them a title shot right now. Page says they still aren’t at 100%. Alexander adds they will take their title back at the next PPV.

Wrestle House

Taya Valkyrie gathers the house members together. During her confessional, she states she realized last week that she is stuck in Wrestle House. Valkyrie tells everyone she wants to do a team-building exercise to get rid of the BO. Valkyrie has Bravo hand out hygiene kits. Alisha Edwards gives Susie some dating tips. Johnny Swinger hits on Alisha, who promptly tells him that she is married. Alisha challenges Swinger to a match. Crazzy Steve tells Swinger that he doesn’t realize that Alisha wants a handicap match, not that there is anything wrong with the handicap. Swinger says he is used to two at a time.

Alisha Edwards and Susie vs. Johnny Swinger

Edwards and Susie double team Swinger. Swinger tries to hotdog but ends up getting double Russian leg swept. Susie and Alisha pin Swinger after a double splash.

Winners- Alisha Edwards and Susie

Back in the house, Kylie Rae tells Bravo that Rosemary said they can’t leave until Bravo “take the hint”. Bravo says he gets it. And walks away. Rae just wants to get back to the IMPACT Zone so she can get her title shot.

IMPACT Championship Match: Eddie Edwards (c ) vs. Sami Callihan

As Callihan makes his entrance, RVD hits him with a chair. RVD rains down punches to Callihan as Katie Forbes twerks behind him. 2020, has been a strange, strange year…

Callihan limps his way to the ring. Callihan tells the referee he is fine and to ring the bell. Edwards tells Callihan that they can wait but before Edwards can finish his statement, Callihan slaps him. Edwards responds with a Tiger Driver. Callihan manages to kick out. Callihan surprises Edwards with a dive. Edwards hits the barricade hard. Callihan sends Edwards back into the ring but Edwards immediately hits the ropes and lands a dive of his own. Edwards tries a Tiger Driver on the apron. Callihan tries to rip out Edwards’ eye.

Callihan crushes Edwards with a piledriver on the apron. Callihan works over Edwards. Edwards fires up and hits another Tiger Driver. Callihan manages to kick out. Callihan slaps Edwards in the face again then hits another piledriver. Edwards gets his foot on the bottom rope to break the pin. Callihan pulls a chair from under the ring. Callihan chooses not to use the chair. Edwards rewards Callihan with the Boston Knee Party. Callihan struggles to get back up to his knees. Edwards lands another Boston Knee Party to the back of Callihan’s head for the win.

Winner and STILL IMPACT Champion, Eddie Edwards!

Wrestle House

Rae watches as Bravo leaves the house. Rae asks Bravo if he is ok Bravo just walks away. Valkyrie and Rosemary are both looking for Bravo. Rae tells them that he left. Rosemary asks if Rae said anything to Bravo. Rosemary gets pissed and yells for Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer pops in the Toasty guy from Mortal Kombat and yells, ‘It’s match time!”

Rosemary vs. Kylie Rae

For some reason, Valkyrie is the referee. Rosemary attacks Rae from behind while Valkyrie is berating her for being in their business. Rae reverses Rosemary’s head-scissor into a body scissor. Rae’s “got Rosemary’s nose” Rosemary wants to know what sorcery this is. Rosemary slams Rae to the mat. Rae surprises Rosemary with a roaring European uppercut. Valkyrie slow counts Rae. Rosemary kicks out. Rosemary spears Rae. Valkyrie tries a fast coin but Rae kicks out. Bravo appears at ringside and starts cheering for Rosemary. Rosemary gets flustered. Rosemary turns around and gets superkicked by Rae. Valkyrie slowly counts to three.

Winner- Kylie Rae

Bravo tells Rosemary that he knows what she wants but Valkyrie has been good to him. Rosemary says Valkyrie doesn’t have to know. Valkyrie drags Bravo away by his ear.

Chris Bey and Rohit Raju vs. TJP and Fallah Bahh

TJP and Bey trade armbars and various other submission holds. Bey takes TJP over with a head-scissors TJP fakes Bey out and lands a dropkick. TJP snaps Bey’s arm backward. Bahh tags in and belly-to-belly suplexes Raju. TJP and Bahh clear the ring. After the break, Bey and Raju are taking turns working over TJP. TJP eventually manages to take in Bahh as Bey tags in Raju. Bahh sends Raju into the corner. Raju surprises Bahh with a high knee. TJP tags back in. TJP drops Bey with a few suplexes before going up top. Raju distracts TJP. TJP misses a top rope senton. After a miscue between Bey and Raju, TJP locks Bey in the cross arm breaker. Bey taps out.

Winners- TJP and Fallah Bahh

In-Ring Segment: Rich Swann

Swann hobbles down to the ring in a walking boot with crutches. Swann says he told us last week that he had an announcement to make. Swann notes that his journey back to the IMPACT Zone took heart and dedication. Swann gave it all he could at the PPV until Eric Young put his leg in a chair and stomped it repeatedly. Swann says the doctor told him that with the injury he has he will not be able to continue to lead a normal life. Swann announces his retirement. Swann thanks everyone for standing with him. Swann puts down the mic. Before Swann can leave, the entire locker room empties. They surround the ring and pound on it to show their support. The Rascalz hold the ropes open for Swann. Swann starts to cry. Swann walks up the ramp. Eric Young attacks Swann from behind. Young breaks the Swann’s crutch over his injured leg.


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