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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (08/05/2021)


August 5, 2021, IMPACT Zone, Nashville, TN

Commentary: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown

The show starts off with “Switchblade” Jay White entering the IMPACT Zone and he’s soon joined by Chris Bey for singles action.

Chris Bey (with Jay White) vs. Juice Robinson (with David Finlay)

Bey immediately takes it to Juice, but Juice fires back with some head punches. Bey pokes Juice in the eye to regain control. Robinson rolls to the outside. Bck in the ring, Bey connects with a top rope shotgun dropkick. Two count. Bey chest kicks Juice, but on the fourth attempt, Juice grabs his leg. A stalling suplex attempt gets turned into a reverse sleeper by Bey. Juice jostles free by crashing Chris into the corner. He goes for a cannonball attempt, but Bey rolls out of the way. Bey hits a Fame Asser for a near fall.

Bey goes for a standing moonsault, but Juice gets his knees up. Spinebuster, but Juice can’t cover. He flings Bey into opposite corners before nailing his cannonball. “Juice” chants He “Road Doggs” Chris as Finlay and White brawl on stage. This allows Bey to hit the Art of Finesse for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Chris Bey

Post-match, Jay White offers Bey a Bullet Club shirt. He’s officially in.

Backstage Gia Miller is with The Elite. Don Callis says you can take any three wrestlers in the world and the same result will go down. Kenny asks Gia what she thinks is going to happen? Give them anybody you want. IMPACT is looking for anyone to be their white knight to save the day. Enter Violent By Design. They’re reenacting they’re rematch clause at Emergence.

Back from break, Fire N Flava talk about their rematch against Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering. Kiera Hogan says after Tasha Steelz took the L with Fallah Bahh in the IMPACT Homecoming tournament she now knows what a good partner is. Tasha snidely agrees.

The lights go out and when they come back on “The Drama King” Matthew Rehwoldt. Tonight he shares his spotlight as The Homecoming King with his queen, The Virtuosa, Deonna Purrazzo. Out comes the champ.

“No one likes you” chants begin to echo the IMPACT Zone. Deonna waits for the jeers to settle (as it is her coronation after all). She’s been racking up accolade after accolade since she came to IMPACT. She goes over those accolades. “No one cares” chants. Everybody knew that she was the uncrowned queen of the Knockouts Division, but Homecoming made that official. Mickie James comes out. Deonna once again is not pleased. Mickie knew she’d feel that way, but her Empowerrr match has not been made official. She has a contract for her to sign. Deonna says before she even signs this, she needs to to see who her opponent is. Out comes NWA’s Melina. Deonna immediately signs it. So does Melina. Deonna formally introduces herself and says it’s an honor, but at Empowerrr it will be an honor to defeat her. Melina says it was impressive that she one the Knockouts Title on her first attempt. That’s impressive. Melina plans to do the same.

Where was Taylor Wilde for two months. She was taking a walk on the Wilde side. She’s a proud Canadian and she had to cross the border. She ran into some problems. Taylor suspects Tenille. Why? Because the person who called in was “Kelvin with a K.” She took Kaleb out, now she wants “Tenille With A T.”

Kimber Lee and her new creepy look is with Su Yung. She calls her “mother” and asks if she may show what she’s made of. Su Yung says when it’s time.

Number 1 Contender Match For X-Division Championship

Jake Something vs. Daivari vs. Rohit Raju vs. Trey Miguel

Something immediately dumps out Daivaria with a lariat and goes with him. Trey and Rohit go at it and Raju inadvertently dives onto the two outside. Miguel flips on top of them. The brawl goes to the apron as Jake Something cross bodies the three as they sit on the apron. We go to break.

Back from it, Something is dominate until the other competitors gang up on the big man. He throws Rohit at Daivari who turns it into a DDT. Matrix kick and Pele kick from Trey to Jake. Rohit and Trey trade shots. Trey attempts a Muta Lock but Daivari tries to interfere. Flatliner and he turns it into a bridge on Rohit. Something hits a sit-out bomb on Miguel, but Rohit stops it. Something finally secures the W when he hits the Blackhole Slam on Daivari for the 1-2-3.

WINNER and NEW Number One Contender: Jake Something

Rohit is irate backstage after the match, but so is Matt Cardona who doesn’t appreciate Rohit’s actions at Homecoming when he almost took out Chelsea Green. Rohit frustratingly says “my bad” and walks off.

Josh Alexander is excited about facing Jake Something at Emergence. Daivari comes in and takes exception to that. Alexander offers him a match next week. If Daivari wins, he’ll get a future title shot. Shawn plans to make that happen.

Fire N Flava vs. Rachael Ellering & Jordynne Grace

Jordynne bodyslams FnF. Floatover for a two count. “Jordynne Grace” chants. Rachael gets the tag and gets chants of her own as they display some tag team wrestling. Senton on Tasha for a near fall. Tag to Jordynne. She grabs hold of Steelz for a muscle buster., but Steelz gets tagged out to Kiera. She hits a running dropkick in the the corner to Grace. Grace is isolated. Steelz kicks Grace down for a near fall. Tasha feeds her knees and tags in Kiera for a double suplex, but Grace reverses them. Hot tag to Rachael. She gets a near fall on Hogan. JOdynne hits some knees to Hogan before hitting a Vader Bomb. Rachael hits her spinning leg drop for a near fall.

Kiera nails a kick on Rachael for a close fall on her own. Kiera searches for Tasha who gets taken out on the apron. Grace and Ellering hit an elevated spinning uranage double team for a the win.

WINNERS: Rachael Ellering & Jordynne Grace

Post-match, Tasha is frustrated and Kiera is despondent. Suddenly, Savannah Evans attacks Kiera Hogan as Tasha Steelz watches.

Gia Miller is with Frankie Kazarian. What sparked his return to IMPACT? It has everything to do with Elite. IMPACT Wrestling is the house that he built, but many other talents helped him built it. He runs down a list of familiar names. He’s here for vengeance and he will get it. Frankie will trust Tommy Dreamer’s judgement when it comes to Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards. Tonight is about one thing: “ripping out the heart of The Elite.”

VBD confronts Scott D’Amore backstage. Eric Young lets D’Amore that they’re enacting their rematch clause at Emergence. Scott notes that Rich Swann and Willie Mack beat his boys at Homecoming. Therefore, the IMPACT Tag Title match will be a three way contest at Emergence.

Steve Maclin vs. Jah-C

C makes the mistake at turning his back on Maclin and Maclin makes him pay. He stomps away at Jah and nails him with a shotgun elbow. “Don’t you ever turn your back on me!” Steve shouts. He stomps on Jah once more. Tree of woe. He hits a crosshairs spear on C. Maclin covers, but pulls up before three. He unleashes more pain with some elbows and pulls him up once more. Maclin yells at the ref for trying to admonish him. Maclin hits his finisher for the W.

WINNER: Steve Maclin

Post-match, Jah-C looks to be in sight for more pain as Steve throws in a chair, but Petey Williams comes in for the save with a suplex. Maclin walks off.

“All About Me” begins. The host is Dr. Ross Forman. He sits down and there is silence. Tenille prompts Ross to ask Kaleb about his hurt neck. In comes in Scott D’Amore. Tenille is excited because she thinks he’s gonna fire Taylor Wilde. Scott looks at the camera and says, “Not really.” Scott brings up Taylor’s complications at the Canadian border. In order to avoid complications, Taylor is willing to have a match with Tenille instead. That will happen next week.

Chris Sabin hates Moose more than anybody, but he knows he gets under Moose’s skin too. Sabin says he’s going to win that battle royal and go on to Emergence to challenge Kenny Omega. He’s gonna make sure Moose never wins that title.

The Good Brothers & Kenny Omega (with Don Callis) vs. Frankie Kazarian, Sami Callihan & Eddie Edwards

Frankie and his frenemies go after The Elite from the get-go and it all takes place outside the ring initially until it’s Sami and Kenny in the middle of the ring. Sami nails a vert suplex before tagging in Kaz. He takes out Kenny and then Anderson. Springboard legdrop on Kenny for a two count. Kenny nails Frankie with a facebuster. We go to break.

Kaz is isolated during the break and Doc Gallows is in control. GBs try to double team, but Frankie evades and tags in Eddie for the hot tag. He chops at Karl Anderson. Eddie goes for a top rope rana, but Kenny grabs the foot of Karl. Kenny gets in and delivers a bevvy of attacks on Eddie. “Eddie” chants break out. He now is the one that is isolated as Doc mocks him. Snap suplex by Doc. Two count. Side headlock by Doc. Eddie hits a jawbreaker, but Doc hits a back elbow. Big body slam by Doc. The Elite do their triple man splash onto Eddie for a two count. Kenny calls Karl to finish him off. Anderson charges at Eddie but crotches himself on the middle turnbuckle. He still manages to isolate Eddie. He nails a shotgun dropkick to Doc and then makes the hot tag to Sami. Kenny gets tagged too and Sami stomps away at him in the corner. Doc nails Sami, but Doc takes him out. Everybody gets a move off with Kenny standing atop with a V-Trigger to Kaz.

The Elite triple team Sami and get a near fall on The Death Machine. Magic Killer attempt to Sami gets thwarted by Kaz. He takes out Gallows. Sami tags in Eddie. Karl nails a spinebuster on Eddie, however. “Eddie” chants once more. Eddie fights off Kenny to nail a blue thunder bomb on Karl. Sami package piledrives Kenny on the apron as Eddie nails a Boston Knee Party on Karl for the W.

WINNERS: Kazarian, Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan

Post-match, W. Morrissey attacks Eddie Edwards to close out the show.


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