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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (08/12/2021)


August 12, 2021, IMPACT Zone, Nashville, TN

Commentary: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown

Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb With A K) vs. Taylor Wilde

The two start it off with a series of arm wrenches into arm drags before they reset. Headlock takedown by Tenille, but Wilde rolls it into a headlock takedown of her own. Taylor nails a head scissor takedown. Tenille looks to utilize a fanny pack, but Wilde lays her out with a body slam. Kaleb meddles and Wilde gives chase. He holds her leg and Tenille nails a neckbreaker off the ropes for two.

Tenille punches the head of Taylor and floors her for a two count. Tenille keeps control after a bit, but some forearms free Taylor up until Dashwood has an underhook suplex in the corner before her patented corner splash.

The ref gets showered with hair spray by Kaleb (inadvertently) when suddenly, Madison Rayne came out to attack Wilde. This opened up for Tenille to hit her spotlight kick for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Tenille Dashwood

Post-match, Dashwood and Rayne embrace in a clear alliance tonight.

Daivari vs. Josh Alexander

Josh corners Daivari before the two trade arm wrenches. Josh soon goes for an ankle lock, but Daivari makes it to the ropes. Jake Something saunters on stage as we head to break.

Back from it, the two veterans go back and forth. Alexander gets another ankle lock in and Daivari puts his feet on the ropes for a pin attempt. The two men find themselves back on their feet and Alexander nails three big-time German suplex. C4 Spike. 1-2-3.

WINNER: Josh Alexander

Post-match, Jake Something grabs hold of the X-Division Title before shoving it into the chest of Josh.

A video package plays promoting the IMPACT World Title match between Christian Cage and Kenny Omega on Rampage.

The Good Brothers are running amuck in IMPACT Wrestling as the Tag Team Champs. They’re putting their belts on the line at Emergence against VBD and Rich Swann & Willie Mack. EY and VBD enter stating that IMPACT belongs to them. Joe Doering and Doc Gallows stare one another down. Gallows talks trash and challenges him to a match next week.

Kiera Hogan walks out. She says Fire N Flava was all supposed to be better than that. She thought Tasha was a real woman, but apparently what she thought was she needed someone to do her dirty work. She tells Tasha to bring herself and her big goofy ass friend to lay it down. Instead, out comes Su Yung.

Kimber Lee and Su put on their bloody gloves. Su looks to be controlling Kimber Lee’s body as she locks in a mandible claw. They then drag Kiera Hogan out of the IMPACT Zone by the hair.

Don Callis and Kenny Omega take exception to the jokes played on them like the battle royal tonight and Christian Cage challenging the champ for the title on Rampage. Callis says AEW and IMPACT are bringing a knife to a gunfight. They’re gonna have this IMPACT World Title for the rest of their lives. Kenny calls out Tony Khan. He can use his daddy’s money all he wants, and he’ll defend his belt against Christian tomorrow on Rampage. Kenny is just made from different stuff.

Chris Bey & Jay White vs. FinJuice

Finlay and Jay start it off. They quickly go to the outside which allows White to get the advantage. He stomps David in his own corner before tagging in Bey. Finlay hits a back elbow. Juice bounces off Bey with a big senton. Bey soon hangs Juice over the rope via the apron and comes off with an elbow. Fight once more spills to the outside as Jay slams Juice repeatedly against the apron.

Juice continues to be isolated as Jay and Bey trade tags to enforce their offense. Juice finds a window of opportunity against Bey and tags in his partner for the hot tag. Jay and Finlay go back and forth! Finlay charges at Jay in the corner, but Jay avoids. Finlay catches Bey from up top and gets a near fall. Another fall attempt happens after FinJuice hits a running boot Russian legs sweep. It's not long after when FJ hits a Doomsday Device and cover for the near win, but White wields a chair and gets the DQ loss.

WINNERS via DQ: FinJuice

Jay smacks David with a chair before making clear he’s not done. He drops the chair on the canvas before dropping David with a Bladerunner on the steel.

Gia Miller is with Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans. Steelz had to make some changes and those changes were Evans. Earlier tonight, Hogan wanted to have a chat with Tasha, but it looks like that won’t be happening anymore. In comes Fallah Bahh. He’s had a situation with Decay and he needs her help. That’s coincidental, because they have Tasha’s Knockout Tag Titles.

Melina has a few comments for Gia Miller before she’s interrupted by Deonna Purrazzo and they cut to a video package of her doing MMA training. After the video, Deonna gloats and Melina admits she is impressed. Now Melina can show her her stuff as she has a match next week.

Alex Marvez is with Christian Cage. He asks him about Rampage. Christian says he and Kenny are going to get to know each other real well over the course of the next few months. He’s gonna collect Kenny’s own belts and it’s going to start with the IMPACT World Championship. IMPACT saw something in Christian years back, so he feels it’s his duty to take that Title off of Kenny’s hands. While Kenny thinks about that, he wants the winner of tonight’s battle royal to think about this: they’re going to be staring down the barrel that is Christian Cage.

Matt Cardona vs. John Skyler

Cardona controls a good deal of the match for starters. He accentuates that with a lariat over the top and a boot on the outside. Skyler gets some offense as Cardona tries to get back in the ring, but Cardona once more takes him on the outside with a tope dropkick. Skyler outsmarts Cardona getting out of the ring again and soon catches him with a hearty shoulder tackle back into the ring. Mounted punches by Skyler. Cardona regains offense and goes for his boot wash as Shera and Rohit come to the ring. Cardona nails the boot, but Skyler makes the most of the Rohit distraction by rolling Matt up for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: John Skyler

#1 Contender Battle Royal

Suicide is the first eliminated by W. Morrissey. Swinger is next by W. Morrissey dumps out Hernandez too. Soon everyone gangs up on the big man, but he powers everyone off. Moose leads the charge to gang up on him again. Everyone dumps Morrissey out as we head to break.

Back from break, Steve Maclin interferes to eliminate Petey Williams from the apron. Deaner and Swaan slug it out on the apron. Swann eliminates Deaner with a thrust kick. VBD takes out Swaan and then Mack takes out Rhino. Willie gets dumped by Ace and Madman. Fulton then soon takes out No Way. Bahh however, eliminates Fulton. Moose then eliminates Bahh. There’s about eight men left at this point. Myers saves Sam Beale from elimination against Trey Miguel. Myers ultimately shoves Beale into Trey to eliminate him mid-springboard. Moose dumps out Eddie Edwards next. Myers just tosses out Same Beale then in an act of treachery. Sami spike piledrives Myers. Ace Austin and Callihan find themselves on the apron. Ace gets eliminated by Sami with a kick and Moose then eliminates Sami. Now Sabin and Moose duke it out. Uranage to Sabin via Moose. Sabin catches Moose in a sleeper and the big man fades. Myers sneaks up behind both and tosses the duo out. We have a new number one contender.

WINNER: Brian Myers


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