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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (09/08/2020)

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne welcome fans to Impact Wrestling! The new Impact World Champion Eric Young kicks off the show with something important to say.

Eric Young Kicks Off IMPACT

Standing in the center of the ring, Young begins his monologue by saying that Impact fans are now looking at a world-class champion. He wants Rich Swann to know that he was the one who "got the ball rolling" towards his destructive path of winning the title off of Eddie Edwards. Alisha Edwards music hits, and she makes her way down to the ring. She tells him that Eddie is a fighter, and once he comes back he will, "whoop his ass and reclaim the title again." He says because of the damage he caused on Eddie, he is having a hard time taking care of their daughter. Young replies back with, "I don't care." Alisha slaps him across the face. He grabs her, and Tommy Dreamer runs down to the ring - kendo stick in hand. Dreamer smacks Young across the back with it. Young rolls out of the ring. Dreamer defends Alisha and Eddie. He says that things were going fine before he made his return at Slammiversary. Dreamer challenges EY to a match of his choosing tonight!

Mathews and Rayne are shocked by what they just saw. They collect themselves to run through what's to come on tonight's episode. They say that Moose is now trying to get some answers as to why EC3 is tormenting him. We see him heading to an airport and getting on a plane.

Backstage: Taya Valkyrie, John E Bravo and Rosemary are having a conversation. Rosemary wants to make sure that Valkyrie is ok that Bravo asked to marry her. Valkyrie is all for it! In fact, she believes their ceremony will be the wedding of the century. She has everything under control when it comes to all the wedding planning.

We head back to the ring for an X-Division match!

Chris Bey vs. TJP

The match gets going right before the bell rings. TJP comes flying in with a punch. Next, he tries to twist Chris Bey up in a pretzel, but Bey breaks it up. The X-Division Champion Rohit Raju comes out to watch the match. TJP counters with a reverse scissors takedown after being thrown to the other side of the ring. Bey rocks TJP with a discus lariat.

Back from the break, Bey is stomping away on TJP in the corner. He drags him out of the corner and goes for a pin. TJP kicks out at 2. TJP rolls Bey up and stacks him on the mat. Bey gets his shoulders up on the pinfall. Bey kicks TJP in the back of the head and goes for another pin. TJP kicks out again. Bey puts TJP in an abdominal stretch. TJP reverses out of the lockup with a Manhattan Drop. Bey has TJP up on his shoulders for the torture rack. TJP catches Bey off of his guard, rolls Bey up, and gains the pinfall victory!


And now, we get to see Rayne and Johnny Swinger's fun segment "Locker Room Talk." Their guests this week are Kylie Rae and Susie! Rayne wants to know if Rae went to Wrestle House to dodge - she takes it back and says spoil - Deonna Purrazzo's Black Tie Affair moment. Rae says absolutely not. Next, Rayne asks Rae if she has ever met Susie's alter ego named Su. After she asks that, Purrazzo and Kimber Lee crash the party. They both challenge Rae and Susie to a tag team match next week!

After the break, we'll hear from Brian Myers!

Backstage: Bravo is making some phone calls. Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan drop by and ask if they'll be invited to his wedding. He tells them that Valkyrie is in charge of who gets invited. Hogan and Steelz say that he needs to learn how to be his own man and stand up to Valkyrie.

We head back to the ring to hear what Myers has to say!

Myers begins his speech by saying that he believes he and Willie Mack got off on the wrong foot. He is giving Mack an opportunity to make things right between the two of them, with a handshake. Mack's music hits, and he heads down to the ring. Mack informs Myers that he is not down there for a handshake. He says that Impact Management granted him another match against Myers. He wants to have the match right now.

Willie Mack vs. Brian Myers

Willie Mack lands a big back elbow to Brian Myers. Myers rolls out of the ring. Mack follows him out there with an ambush. Mack connects a big shot towards Myer's jaw. Myers gets a defensive shot in after driving Mack into the apron. Back in the ring, Myers floats over with a strong suplex then a pinfall. Mack kicks out right away at 2. Myers put a tight vice grip around Mack's face. Mack counters with a jab. He sends Myers to the corner with a powerful Irish Whip. Mack continues to build his momentum with a leg drop. He goes for a cover on Myers, he kicks out at 2. He follows it up with a standing moonsault. That doesn't cut it for another attempted pinfall. Mack throws Myers towards the canvas. Myers hits Mack with a low blow, which helps him steal the win for tonight.

Winner: Brian Myers

Backstage: Gia Miller interviews Jordynne Grace. Grace is furious that Tenille Dashwood just waltzed back into the Impact Zone unannounced. She wants some answers. Grace knocks on Dashwoods' door. The door opens, but it isn't Dashwood on the other end - it's Kaleb Konley. He informs Grace that Dashwood is not there and that she's busy modeling, but she will be back next week.

Backstage: Steelz and Hogan are still talking about Bravo when Valkyrie overhears them and confronts them. Valkyrie tells them to mind their business, and do not come to Bravo/Rosemary's wedding. Steelz get's in Valkyrie's face. Valkyrie says if they want to settle it, she'll meet her in the ring tonight.

Up next, the Impact World Tag Team Championships are on the line!

Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. Rascalz (Wentz & Dez)

Wentz and Dez don't let the MCMG even get into the ring before the push the off the apron with a double dropkick. Ales Shelley connects a quick dragon whip on Wentz. Shelley sends Wentz on his way to the other side with an Irish Whip. Wentz stops halfway. It looks like he buckled his knee and is having a hard time moving on it. The referee checks in on Wentz. While he does, Shelley tags in Chris Sabin. Sabin continues targeting Wentz's damaged knee. Shelley is back in. He comes storming in with a hurricanrana.

He keeps twisting Wentz's knee. Sabin grabs Dez up in an octopus lock. Dez breaks it up with a shooting star press! Shelley and Wentz tag in their partners.Dez rolls Sabin through with a snapmare then a low dropkick to Sabin's back. Dez goes for a pin. Sabin kicks out at 2. Wentz rolls back into the ring. Dez catches Sabin with another dropkick. Wentz comes off the second rope with a double stomp. Dez rolls Sabin up for another pinfall. Sabin gets his shoulders up at 2.5. Sabin rolls out of harm's way before Wentz was able to connect a splash on him. MCMG send Wentz off his feet with an ASCS Rush. MCMG retain their championships!

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

Post-Match: The North, along with Madman Fulton and Ace Austin run down to the ring and attack the champions. The Good Brothers head on down to come to MCMG's aide. The send The North, Fulton and Austin out of the ring. Dez and Wentz fly over to take out the other teams on the outside.

Backstage: Katie Forbes and Rob Van Dam announce that next week their new talk show "The Whole F'N Show" will premiere on Impact!

At The ICU Compound: Sami Callihan cannot believe after his big win against RVD, he got his ass kicked. He says that it's all about the numbers. Next week, he promises he will make his presence known on Van Dam's new talk show.

Back at the Impact Zone, we get geared up for a Knockouts match!

Tasha Steelz (w/Kiera Hogan) vs. Taya Valkyrie (w/ John E Bravo & Mr. Mundo)

Both women trade shots before Taya Valkyrie knocks Tasha Steelz down with a shoulder tackle. Valkyrie keeps her offense going with a snapmare/low basement dropkick. Valkyrie goes for a pin, Steelz kicks out at 2. Steelz climbs on top of Valkyrie and throws down a few shots. Bravo is busy on the outside taking a few phone calls. Steelz rolls Valkyrie up for a pin. Valkyrie gets her shoulders up at 2. Valkyrie connects a powerful sit down powerbomb. Steelz lands a thunderous back elbow. Valkyrie counters with a spear. Valkyrie catches Steelz with the Road to Valhalla, and wins the match.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie

Post-Match: Kiera Hogan steps into the ring and squares off with Valkyrie. Valkyrie sends her packing.

We head back to Moose's story. He meets up with his former football coach. He asks his coach if he happened to see EC3 around. His coach tells him no. He also tells him to remember what he said, "Control Your Narrative." Moose has a puzzled look on his face. Why would his coach say something similar to EC3's saying?

After that awkward encounter, we see the Impact Plus Moment of the Week. It's Eddie Edwards & EC3 Vs. Moose & Mike Bennett from 2016.

We come back from the break, Eric Young and Tommy Dreamer will collide in our main event!

Before the main event match, Rhino meets Heath outside to talk to him about his contract status. Heath says that he isn't sure where he stands with Impact, but fans seem to be backing him up through is ads, but he needs some money. Rhino has an idea on how to get it...

Mathews and Rayne announce what's to come on next week's episode. It'll be:

- Deonna Purrazo & Kimber Lee vs. Kylie & Susie

- Brian Myers and Willie Mack's rivalry will continue with a third match amongst themselves

-XXL will renew their Wrestle House feud with The Deaners in a tag match

-Kiera Hogan will take on Taya Valkyrie

-RVD's new talk show debuts

-And, we'll see an eight-man tag team match between The North, Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs MCMG & the Rascalz

Eric Young vs. Tommy Dreamer (Non-Title Match)

The bell rings Tommy Dreamer charges in with a kendo stick shot towards Eric Young's midsection. Dreamer grabs a chain and wraps it across Young's face. Young smashes his fist into the back of Dreamer's neck. Young sends Dreamer face-first into the steel ring post. Young moves the protective mats out of the way to expose the concrete floor. He sets Dreamer up for his piledriver on the exposed floor. Dreamer counters out of it. Young stomps on top of Dreamer's face then hangs him up under the rope. Young can't grab a pinfall from Dreamer just yet. Young grabs a chair and hits Dreamer in the back with it. Dreamer gets his boot up in time before Young drives another chair shot.

Both men exchange back and forth shots. Dreamer drives a shot towards Young's chest. He goes for a cover, Young kicks out at 2. Young charges towards the back of Dreamer's knee then locks his damaged leg up. Dreamer grabs his kendo stick and whacks him with it to break out of the hold. Dreamer sends Young right towards a setup trash can in the corner. Dreamer then locks in a DDT, but he wasn't able to grab the pinfall. Dreamer brings a table into the ring. Young low blows Dreamer. Young smacks Dreamer in the head with his hockey mask and ends the match with his deadly piledriver. Young wins the match.

Winner: Eric Young

Post-Match: Young wraps a steel chair around Dreamer's damaged leg. He grabs a kendo stick and beats down on Dreamer's injury. Rich Swann surprises everyone when he heads down to the ring, and sends Young out of the ring.

That concludes tonight's show. Thanks for watching!

Also, don't forget to check out "IMPACT! After Shock." Join Don Callis and Jimmy Jacobs, as they recap this week's episode.

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