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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (09/15/2022)

X-Division Championship: Mike Bailey (c) vs. Mascara Dorada

They go tit for tat in the early minutes with neither man able to get the advantage. Bailey grounds Dorada with a leg lock, but he reaches the ropes. Bailey hits a twisting shooting star for a two-count. Bailey does a moonsault off the ropes and out of the ring onto Dorada. Dorado launches Bailey to the center of the ring with a hurricanrana. Bailey counters a moonsault before delivering a series of kicks. Speedball lands Ultimo Weapon for the win.

Winner: Speedball Mike Bailey (c)

Kenny King attacks Speedball after the match and hits the champ with Royal Flush. Dorado gets in the ring and King retreats.

EY and Deaner confront the group of hooded men outside. EY asks one of them, “What’s my name?” The guy says, “Eric Young?” before Deaner attacks him. EY asks another man, who responds, “The Designer.” That was the correct answer. He asks others what their names are. “I am violence” chants break out.

Scott D’Amore confronts Speedball backstage. Scott praises him before bringing up his next challenger at Victory Road. Scott announced Delirious wants a shot at the X-Division title. D’Amore announces the return of the Triple Threat Revolver at Victory Road as Trey Miguel, Laredo Kid, Kenny King, Black Taurus, Alex Zayne, Yuya Uemera, Mia Yim, and AEW’s Frankie Kazarian are also gunning for the title.

Decay vs. Moose & Steve Maclin

Steve wastes no time in biting Maclin’s face. Taurus comes in and continues to dominate Maclin. Moose tags in and stomps on Taurus. Maclin comes back in and is quickly pinned. Moose and Maclin go right back to arguing.

Winners: Decay

Sami Callihan appears in the rafters and shows video proof that Moose and Maclin had a working agreement together, however Moose had intentions of turning on Maclin ASAP. Maclin and Moose start brawling until Callihan clears the ring with a barbed wire bat.

At the bar, Rosemary and Jessicka argue about how Taya lost to Chelsea last week. Taya calls out Rosemary for having an issue with Jessicka. Rosemary says Jessicka still needs to prove herself. Taya has an idea.

Alisha Edwards vs. Killer Kelly

Tasha Steelz is on commentary, per the request of Kelly. Lock up starts the bout. Kelly applies a sleeper in the ropes while staring at Tasha. Kelly hits a suplex followed by chest blows in the corner. Alisha counters a boot but gets wrapped up in another sleeper briefly. Kelly applies the Killer Clutch on the mat for the win.

Winner: Killer Kelly

Tasha throws a chair in the ring, but Kelly snatches it. They meet face to face for several seconds before Tasha retreats. A match at Victory Road is seemingly made.

An odd vignette airs for Joe Hendry, who has officially signed with IMPACT.

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship: Matt Taven & Mike Bennett (c) vs. Josh Alexander & Rich Swann

Josh and Mike start with a lock up. Swann and Taven have their turn. OGK double team Josh and eliminate Swann from the apron. Taven hits a running knee, but Swann breaks the pin. Heath attempts to stop Eddie at ringside with a kendo stick, but it does not go in their favor as Heath strikes his rivals.

Winners by DQ: Taven & Bennett (c)

Jordynne Grace is in her locker room when Swinger and Dice come in with a giant box of pizza. Dice found an envelope and hands it to Jordynne. Inside is a photo of Max The Impaler. Jordynne’s Victory Road match is set. Dice makes a comment about how Masha will kill her at BFG. Jordynne slaps Dice with a slice of pizza and challenges him to a match next week.

Backstage, D’Amore walks up on Heath talking to Alexander and Swann. Naturally, D’Amore books Josh, Swann, and Heath against Edwards, Bennett, and Taven at Victory Road.

Mickie James vs. Hyan

Hyan gets in a quick cover to start. Hyan ties up Mickie’s wrist, but she tumbles out of the hold and boots Hyan. Hyan drops Mickie and lands a leg drop, cover. They trade blows in the middle of the ring before Mickie hits a flap jack. MickDT hits for the finish.

Winner: Mickie James

Brian Myers cuts a promo on Bhupinder Gujjar while climbing a ladder. They will compete in a ladder match for the Digital Media title next week. Also set for next week is Aussie Open vs. the winners of tonight’s main event.

Good Brothers vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Shelly and Anderson kick things off. Post-commercial, the two are back in action as Shelly takes Karl down with a dragon screw. MCMG try to double team, but Anderson does his best to counter. Gallows comes in with a big splash into Sabin in the corner. GB drop Sabin for a cover. MCMG double team Anderson with Skull and Bones, allowing Sabin to score the pinfall victory.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

After, the teams share a Too Sweet and hug it out to send us home.


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