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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (09/22/2022)

The show starts with a video package breaking down the three-way feud involving Callihan/Maclin/Moose.

Digital Media Championship Ladder Match: Brian Myers (c) vs. Bhupinder Gujjar

Gujjar controls the first minute with knee strikes. He goes for a spear from the second rope, but Myers cuts him off with a knee to the face. Myers slides a ladder in the ring and starts the climb. Gujjar takes him down with a cutter. Gujjar connects with the Gargoyle Spear, sending Myers into the ladder back-first. Myers sets up another ladder as Gujjar puts one up next to it. They duke it out on the mat as Gujjar’s nose/mouth is bloody. They both climb up and punch each other in the air. Myers falls but Gujjar is worn down. Myers gets up and drops Gujjar with a back suplex. Myers slowly climbs up only to be yanked off. Gujjar throws his face in the ladder and superkicks him out of the ring. Gujjar climbs up but Myers low blows him and then duct tapes his feet to the ladder. Myers climbs over him and retrieves his title.

Winner: Brian Myers (c)

Heath confronts Swann and Alexander backstage. They strategize about their Victory Road six-man tag. Swann says he and Josh will have Heath’s back, but Heath says he will handle tonight’s match by himself.

Jordynne Grace vs. Zicky Dice

As if he had much of a chance, Jordynne Grace squashes Dice and finishes him off with the Grace-Driver for the three-count.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

A video package for Max the Impaler airs.

Black Taurus vs. Trey Miguel vs. Alex Zayne vs. Laredo Kid vs. Mia Yim

Trey and Zayne go back and forth at the start. Mia comes in with a double dropkick from the top. Taurus cuts Mia off and knocks her out with a headbutt. Laredo takes Taurus down with a head scissors. Taurus kicks Laredo in the corner and then misses another and dumps outside. Kid flips out onto him. Trey and Zayne flip out onto Taurus and Kid. Mia follows suit by front flipping off the turnbuckle.

After the break, Trey, Kid, and Zayne wrestle around each other. Trey takes them down with a combo move and tries pinning each man. Trey drop kicks Taurus out and knocks Mia off the apron to keep them out. Trey and Kid go up top, allowing Zayne to hit them with a double huricanrana. Zayne takes Taurus down with the Baja Blast for a cover. They get back in and double superkick Zayne. Yim powerbombs Zayne and hits a driver but Trey and Laredo break the cover. Taurus drops Trey onto his knee but eats a dropkick from Kid. Zayne dodges a corkscrew from Kid. Zayne goes for one of his own but Laredo gets his knees up. Taurus hits Destination Hellhole on Zayne for the win.

Winner: Black Taurus

New vignettes air for Violent By Design and Joe Hendry.

Heath calls out a member of Honor No More for tonight’s street fight. Out comes PCO. Eddie Edwards interrupts and says this match is not going to happen. Heath hypes PCO up enough that it’s going to happen.

Street Fight: Heath vs. PCO

Heath and PCO take it out of the ring rather quickly. Up by the ramp in a production area, PCO unloads a bunch of chairs and launches some at Heath. Heath drags PCO up onto the stage for a DDT. They make their way back to the ring as Honor No More surrounds them. Swann and Josh come out with chairs and fight the heels off. Josh punches Eddie and applies the ankle lock at ringside until HNM drag him away. Vincent hits Heath with a chair shot to the back. Heath gets back up and hits Wake Up Call. PCO tosses chairs into the ring as Heath dodges them. Heath sends PCO onto the pile of chairs with Wake Up Call for the win.

Winner: Heath

#1 Contenders Match: Aussie Open vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Shelley and Fletcher start. Aussie Open are sent to the outside as Shelley takes out Fletcher and Sabin knocks down Davis. Shelley eats an elbow from Davis. Sabin breaks it up. MCMG circle around and get wiped out by Aussie Open anyway. After the break, Davis has Shelley hoisted up to let the blood rush to his head. Fletcher takes the hold and drops him for a cover. Sabin comes in and grounds Fletcher. MCMG double team with their speed. Shelley goes up top for the crossbody, allowing Sabin to pin for the win.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

Tasha Steelz cuts a brief promo on Killer Kelly backstage. Tasha starts to head down a hallway but runs into Kelly, who is sitting in a chair. Tasha says they’ll play tomorrow.

Gisele Shaw cuts a promo on facing Mickie James tomorrow. Gisele is confident Mickie will pass the torch to her.

Just added to Victory Road: Motor City Machine Guns vs. Vincent & PCO.

Contract Signing

Scott D’Amore welcomes Moose, Steve Maclin, and Sami Callihan to the ring for a holds harmless agreement contract signing ahead of their Barbed Wire Massacre match on Friday. Moose brings up Maclin’s military experience. Maclin says guys like him transcend matches like this. Callihan finally arrives and has a pen wrapped in barbed wire. Sami gets stabbed with a pen and the other two take turns beating him up until Moose spears Maclin. Callihan made a come back by taking Moose down with the Cactus Driver 97. Sami signs the contract in blood to end the show.


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