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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (09/23/2021)

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling, Cheslea Green will seek revenge against Rohit Raju, Josh Alexander will kick off the program and Mickie James will be in the IMPACT Zone!


September 23, 2021, IMPACT Zone, Nashville, TN

Commentary: Josh Mathews & D’Lo Brown

Scott D’Amore is standing in the ring and makes clear Josh Alexander chose “Option C,” meaning he is relinquishing his X-Division Title in order to face Christian for the World Title at Bound For Glory on October 23. Out comes The Walking Weapon. D’Amore lays out the stakes for him. “You deserve it” chants for Josh. Josh understands it. This X-Division Championship almost means everything to him. Almost. Six years ago he had regrets. He’s not about that. He thinks he can be the face of IMPACT Wrestling. To be that, he needs that World Championship.

Out comes Christian Cage. As much as Cage respects Alexander and his story, Cage notes that although Josh almost lost his career, Cage did. He’s not going to lay down for him or anybody else. He’s here to stay the champ. If Josh exercises option C, he could walk out empty-handed. He has a spoiler alert for Alexander: he will not be the face of IMPACT Wrestling. He’ll be a face in the crowd. Josh thanks him for making the decision that much easier. Ace Austin’s music hits. Austin claims he came this close to beating Christian at Victory Road. He’s not done with Cage yet. Alexander was obsessed with him in the X-Division and now he’s trying to ride on his coattails. He’s dissappointed. He didn’t think Josh was a quitter. Be a proud champion, like Austin was. He’d never have given that up. Josh makes clear he didn’t have the chance to. They begin brawling and Cage goes for a Killswitch, but Ace Austin pokes him in the eye with his cane.

Gia Miller is backstage with Willie Mack and Rich Swann. Mack makes clear he’s setting aim at the X-Division Title. Rich says he’s going to enter himself in the Call Your Shot gauntlet. Brian Myers enters with his crew to say he’s going to do the same. Swann challenges him and one of his lackeys to tag with him against Mack and Rich tonight. Zicky Dice makes his bid, but Brian walks off to mull it over.

Back from the break, Josh Alexander is sick of Ace Austin and wants a piece of him. D’Amore books the match for tonight.

Hikuleo (with Chris Bey) vs. David Finlay (with Juice Robinson)

The match begins as Striker gives us a history lesson about the two fighter’s fathers once fighting on WCW Saturday Night. Hikuleo hip tosses David Finlay. He continues to power David around. Finlay goes for a cross body but Hikuleo body slams him. Bey pulls the leg of Finlay which gives Leo enough time to crush him with a big boot. We go to break.

Back from it, Hikuleo continues the power game, but Finlay turns the tide with a cross body for a two count. He cinches in a side sleeper, but Hikuleo powers him up and corners him. Finlay doesn’t let go. He throws David off and then turns Fit’s boy inside out with a lariat. Near fall. Hikuleo goes for a chokeslam, but Finlay hits a jawbreaker. Bey tries to interfere once more, but Juice pulls him off the apron. Finlay’s able to roll him up for the finish.

WINNER: David Finlay

Right after the match, the fight continues and Bullet Club gets control briefly, but Fin Juice ultimately clear the ring. They set Bey up fro a Doomsday Device, but out comes El Phantasmo. They take out Fin Juice.

Eric Young makes clear that Rhino is not out of Violent By Design. He wants the War Machine. He has a week to decide.

Chelsea Green and Matt Cardona are backstage with Gia. Matt is a man of his word and is done with Rohit after his win at Victory Road, but Chelsea isn’t. Their match is next.

Brandi Lauren and Kimber Lee laugh manically with their “mother” Su Yung.

Rohit Raju vs. Chelsea Green

Collar and elbow leads to Rohit tossing her down. She soon paintbrushes Rohit in the corner. “Let’s go Chelsea: chants as she soccer kicks Raju. He nails her with a shoulder tackle. Rohit keeps Chelsea grounded and covers her for a two count. He switches to a sleeper, but Chelsea soon hits him with two Thesz presses. She hits a snap German for a two count. Chelsea nearly gets the win with a roll-up, but Rohit later on gets one himself with a rope leverage pin attempt, but Matt stops that. Suddenly Raj Singh comes out and it allows Raju to get the roll up win.

WINNER: Rohit Raju

Eddie Edwards is fired up after W. Morrissey and Moose powerbombed Alisha Edwards at Victory Road. Sami Callihan comes in and wants to make the heels pay. We go to break.

Back from it, the two have Moose cornered and choke him to figure out where Morrissey is. He makes it clear they’re not friends and Eddie and Sami walk off with the camera man in tow.

Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs. Brian Myers & VSK

Brian gets on the mic and says that they may have been expecting a Learning Tree member, but instead he brings out VSK. The latter starts it off with Rich Swann and nails a dropkick. Rich gives him a receipt with one of his own. Flapjack bulldog by Willie Mack and Rich. Tag to Myers. Mack hits a big shoulder tackle on Brian. Zicky Dice gets on the apron and Mack slugs him. VSK hits a sliding powerbomb on Mack. Mack soon finds his swing with an elevated forearm to Brian. Both men tag their partners in. Swann kicks VSK and hits a neckbreaker. Jumping splash for a pin, but Myers breaks it up. Willie Cactus Jack clotheslines Brian out. Elevated DDT from VSK. Near fall.

“Let’s go Rich” chants. Rich nails a superkick on VSK> He fights off The Learning Tree. Rich gets pushed off the top by Sam Beale, but he leaps and pins VSK for the 1-2-3.

WINNERS: Rich Swann & Willie Mack

Johnny Swinger is distraught about risking his Casino by Bound For Glory going to Vegas. One of the Swingerellas suggests that Swinger justs asks Scott D’Amore to have the PPV there. Swinger has John E. Bravo pen a letter. He does and invites D’Amore to Swinger’s Casino next week.

The Good Brothers are still on vacay. Karl says they deserve it. They say they’ve beaten every single team that’s been put in front of them.

Mickie James comes out and says what a huge honor it was to be at Slammiversary. A lot has changed since NWA 73 and Deonna Purrazzo’s actions were disrespectful. She wants to address the elephant in the room. She wants The Virtuosa to come out here. Deonna is insulted. How dare she come out here and insult her. Mickie says she’s a fighter. She’s no longer an executive producer: this is Hardcore Country she’s talking to. She can’t think of a better way to get back in the ring that wrestling Deonna at Bound For Glory for the Knockouts Title.

Deonna says Mickie wants to be relevant in wrestling again. Deonna says she’s untouchable, but this match does nothing for her. Deonna has never idolized Mickie. This match is not going to happen. She doesn’t need it to happen. To be honest, there’s a hierarchy in women’s wrestling. Until she’s earned a Knockout’s Women Chmpionship match, the answer is hell no. Mickie slaps Deonna and the women brawl it out. Security comes out and separates them. D’Amore comes out and says to Mickie wrestlers don’t make matches, but Deonna, they don’t turn them down either. Scott says he’d have to be an idiot to turn down a match like that at Bound For Glory. He makes it official for October 23.

Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan find Morrissey backstage, but before they get to him, security plays interference. D’Amore shows up and makes a match official for next week.

Gia Miller is with Gail Kim to talk Knockouts Knockdown on October 9. There will be a tournament to determine a contender for the Knockouts Title. Enter The Influence. They want a shot at the Knockouts Tag Team Titles. Gail makes it clear they have to earn it. Next week, it will be them against Rachael Ellering & Jordynne Grace.

Also announced is a triple threat tournament for the now vacant X-Division belt.

Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) vs. Josh Alexander

The bout begins and it doesn’t take long for Madman to trip Alexander up. The fight goes to the outside. Ace tries to kick Josh from the apron, but Josh gets the ankle lock on him. Back in the ring, Josh European uppercuts Ace. He stays in control and hits a big stalling suplex on Ace. Cover for a two count.

Madman meddles once more and it opens up Austin to evade Josh and give him a drop toe hold. He gets a pin attempt for two, but we head to break.

Back from break, Ace Austin got Madman further involved on the outside behind Brian Hebner’s back. Austin has a body scissors on Alexander who turns it into an ankle lock. Enziguri by Austin. He strikes Josh in the corner. The two display plenty of athleticism and Josh gets a close fall after a bridging German suplex. He soon hits a running boot on Austin. Josh rolls through on Ace and then hits a knee to the back from up top. Another two count. He goes for the ankle lock, but Ace kicks free. He’s going through his stalling Germans and nails four of them before Ace grabs the ropes. He kicks Josh. He goes for a spinning kick, but Josh slugs him. Josh goes to the apron and Ace stomps the face of Josh onto the canvas. Two count.

Madman helps Ace up. Josh slingshots Ace on the apron and crashes into him as both fall to the outside. alexander boots Madman, but this allwos Ace to hit a spinning heel kick and Josh falls on the back of Fulton. Ace takes control on the outside and slides Josh back in the ring. Ace goes for The Fold, but Josh hits a C4 Spike and gets the well-earned W.

WINNER: Josh Alexander

Post-match, Madman Fulton stomps a mudhole in Josh. Alexander fights both men, but the numbers game comes into play. Christian comes out for the save and both Canadians clear the ring. the two future opponents meet face to face and it allows Ace and Madman to attack them. The two go for a chokeslam double team on Alexander, but suddenly Christopher Daniels comes out! He attacks ACe and goes for The Angels Wings on Madman, but Ace pulls his enforcer free. Christopher Daniels is back on IMPACT Wrestling!


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