• Carlos Astorga

IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (09/30/2021)


September 30, 2021, IMPACT Zone, Nashville, TN

Commentary: Josh Mathews & D’Lo Brown

X-Division Tournament

Laredo Kid vs. Alex Zayne vs. Laredo Kid

A very high flying affair as the action went to the outside. Laredo nails both Zayne and Miguel with a phoenix splash. Zayne soon catches him with a falling powerbomb. Miguel flips over Zayne for a dropkick and we’re back to square one. It’s Miguel who gets the win when he nails a meteroa to get the win.

WINNER: Trey Miguel

After the break, we see Sami Callihan getting carted out of the IMPACT Zone due to injury.

Eddie Edwards makes clear to Morrissey that tonight his feud ends with him once and for all and then he’s coming for Moose next.

Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne vs. Rachael Ellering & Jordynne Grace

Ellering and Tenille start it off. Rachael corners Tenille, but Tenille wrenches the arm. Ellering downs her with an armbar. She maintains wrist control with a timed suplex. The fight soon spills to the outside and we go to break.

Back from it, we see Grace and Ellering in control as they show their tag chemistry. Tenille is their major target. Grace soon gets isolated by Influence. Ellering gets tagged in and gives a suplex. Kaleb plays the distraction to Grace as Ellering is given a double team stroke for the 1-2-3.

WINNERS: The Influence

Christopher Daniels is back. Gia Miller begins to interview him as Josh Alexander and Christian Cage come in to welcome him. Daniels is respectful, but does make it known he’s not here to make friends. He walks off and Christian has a tip for Alexander: keep his emotions in check.

Brian Myers is training the Learning Tree. They’re doing push-ups, but VSK isn’t. Brian says he finished ten minutes ago. Brian goes to get some steaks and Beale follows after giving the Tree some notebooks.

We have a Good Brothers segment. They run over the tag division in IMPACT. They propose a number one contender’s match: Fin Juice vs. Bullet Club with the winner taking on the GBs at Bound For Glory.

Deonna Purrazzo pulls up to Mickie James’ ranch and attacks her in the stables. A brawl ensues. Deonna gets the better of it and swings a hay poker at James. Mickie ducks and begins the attack. Deonna pulls her against a hitching post and chokes Mickie with a hose. The fight continues. Deonna submerges Mickie’s head in a bucket before walking off.

Fin Juice found a +1 to battle against Bullet Club: Chris Sabin. The trio are gonna go grab some beers.

Madman Fulton vs. Christopher Daniels

Daniels starts on offense but it’s not long until Madman picks him up for a stalling suplex. Calf kick by Daniels. Fulton picks him up for a slam but Daniels jabs at him before knocking Fulton out of the ring. Asai Moonsault to Fulton on the outside. Back in the ring, Daniels goes for a ten punch but Fulton powers him down and splashes on him for a two count.

Fulton strangles Daniels in the corner but Daniels fights back. Daniels nails a broken STO on Fulton, but then Daniels does a tilt-a-whirl slam Test style. Ace Austin attacks Daniels on the apron, but Josh Alexander comes out and brawls Ace to the back. CD hits an Angel’s Wings but only gets a one count! He follows that up with a BME and gets the win!

WINNER: Christopher Daniels

Swinger’s Casino. He’s ready for Scott D’Amore. He comes in and Swinger makes his pitch: don’t take IMPACT to BFG. Not much of a deal. D’Amore notes Swinger better have a license for Nevada. Swinger admits he doesn’t even have a Tennessee license. Scott takes note and shuts the whole thing down. Johnny Swinger is flabbergasted.

Ace Austin is backstage to air his grievances to D’Amore and he books Madman and Ace against Josh Alexander and Christian Cage for next week’s IMPACT.

VBD comes out to the ring. Eric Young says they had all the momentum, all the control, but someone made a mistake: Rhino. EY knows that Rhino knows that. Now Rhino has a decision to make. He’s either with them or he walks away (nobody walks away). “Walk away” chants. Rhino comes out. “Gore” chants as Rhino makes his decision. He gets surrounded as the pressure’s on. Suddenly, Heath comes out and he returns. Heath attacks Deaner. He lariats out Joe Doering. The ring is cleared to just him and Rhino. Heath wants a hug. Rhino exits via the barricade.

Street Fight

W. Morrissey vs. Eddie Edwards

The fight begins with hands being thrown. Morrissey levels Eddie own. He goes to the outside. Eddie smacks W. Morrissey with a trash lid, but Morrissey takes control again. He hits Eddie with a wet floor sign back in the ring. He catches Eddie later too with it once more as he attempts to dive onto Morrissey. Eddie, however soon executes a tope on Morrissey and pulls out a table. He leans it against the ring, but Morrissey sends him hard into the steps. Eddie drop toe holds Morrissey onto the steps and we go to the final break of the evening.

Back from break, we see W. chokeslam Eddie onto the steps. He gets beat with the trash lid. Eddie goes for a blue thunder bomb but can’t pick WM up. He hits him with the trash lid and then nails a Blue Thunder on a trash can. Eddie soon pulls out the barbed wire chair. Eddie finds himself prone soon enough as WM nails him with a chair across the back before dropping an elbow onto Edwards.

WM sets Eddie up top and then sets up four chairs to superplex Eddie into. Alisha comes down with her “Kendra” stick and cracks WM with it. He gets tossed through the chairs courtesy of Eddie. He covers for a one count. Eddie takes the kendo to Morrissey. He goes for a Boston Knee Party but Alisha hopes up the barbed wire chair for him. He does the move with the chair and covers for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Eddie Edwards

Moose comes down and attacks Eddie. He spears him through the table. Alisha checks on him and is confronted by Moose and WM. Morrissey holds onto Alisha and makes her watch Moose wedge a chair around Eddie’s neck. He sends him into the ring post before hitting Eddie with another chair. Eddie is laid out. Alisha check on him as Moose and Morrissey leave.