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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (10/06/2020)

IMPACT Wrestling, October 6, 2020

We receive a brief recap of Saturday’s Victory Road, specifically the main event in which Eric Young retained his World Title against Eddie Edwards via submission after focusing on the injured knee of the former champ. The erratic Young aimed to exact more punishment on Edwards post-win, but Rich Swann came in for the save and seeks some retribution of his own heading into Bound For Glory.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Myers

We get a rematch of these two New Yorkers and it doesn’t take long for the fight to go outside of the ring. Myers really finds his window of opportunity as he smashes Dreamer’s arm off the ring post donned with AXS TV logos. He then vertical suplexes Dreamer on the entryway. Myers seeks a win via count-out but Dreamer rolls to his feet and answers the call. Myers pummels away at the original extremist before the official admonishes him. Back suplex for just one count.

Sleeper by Myers as Brian talks trash. Dreamer reaches his feet, but Myers trips up Tommy at the ropes before gloating on the outside. Hard thrust in the corner followed by a pop-up slam onto the canvas. He begins to wrench Dreamer’s arm, but Tommy tumbles free and sunset flips for two. A back elbow halts the momentum.

Repeated elbow drops on Dreamer. Chin lock. Dreamer soon drives Myers down hard with a running power slam akin to Davey Boy Smith. Both men reach their feet at the count of four. Dreamer gives Myers some hard shots before hitting a cutter. Two count.

Myers soon gains control and ascends the turnbuckle. He leaps off with an elbow, but Dreamer rolls free. DDT attempt by Dreamer, reversed, Myers goes for his DDT, reversed, and Dreamer nails his patented one. A kick out.

Dreamer jumps off the second turnbuckle with an elbow of his own, but Brian rolls free to hit his DDT and he only gets a two count. Frustrated, Myers rolls out of the ring, but instead of contemplating, Myers grabs a kendo stick. He gets back in but Tommy turns the tide and hits him with a White Russian Leg Sweep. Two count. Dreamer still wields the kendo as Brian begs him off as he tries to tell him to think of his daughters. This hesitates Dreamer, and Brian slaps him, grabs the kendo, and begins assaulting him.

WINNER by DQ: Tommy Dreamer

Myers continues his attack and it prompts security and Scott D’Amore to deescalate the situation. Officials attend to Dreamer.

Moose wearing floral shorts continues his search for the TNA Title but ends up empty.

Backstage John E. Bravo is backstage with his wedding party and confesses that he needs a little financial assistance for the ceremony. Best man Fallah Bahh offers to find a way to help pay.

The Deaners get into it with Johnny Swinger and Crazzy Steve.

Rohit Raju retained his X-Division Title against Willie Mack via count-out at Victory Road and saunters out to say a few words. He comes out with “another opportunity.” He says he is the kindest and most giving member on the IMPACT roster. He hands out these opportunities, but it’s not his problem if nobody can take advantage of them. He went from the last resort to the first-round draft pick. He’s here to give everyone a chance. Who will answer tonight’s “Defeat Rohit Challenge?” Out comes Willie Mack once more. Rohit says that Mack already had his opportunity and now it’s gone. This challenge isn’t for him anymore. Rohit demands a new challenger. Who comes out but Jordynne Grace. No limits indeed with the X-Division belt.

X-Division Championship

Jordynne Grace vs. Rohit Raju (c)

Rohit takes his good old time taking his belt off and it’s to play mind games with Grace. Rohit finally goes to set the belt aside and Willie Mack casually grabs hold of it. Rohit struggles with Mack and gets suplexed by Grace who rolls it over for the bridge and the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Jordynne Grace

Rohit is irate as he explains what happened to the official. David Penzer announces that the X-Division Title was not on the line and still the champion is Rohit. Rohit says his “Defeat Rohit Challenge” was not for the title.

WINNER: & Still X-Division Champion Rohit Raju

Backstage, D’Amore applauds Rohit with great patronization (Rohit calls him “Scottie D!”) D’Amore says Rohit gives everyone opportunity so what would be better? More opportunity! So at Bound For Glory he’s in a six-man scramble with TJP, Willie Mack, Jordynne Grace, Trey Miguel, and Chris Bey.

XXXL vs. The Rascalz (Zachary Wentz & Dezmond Xavier)

XXXL knocks Wentz to the outside and stretches the heck out of Dez before going to break. They maintained that control throughout the whole break and it’s all been aimed at Dez. Belly to back suplex by Acey. Two count.

Acey and Larry D isolate Dez in the corner and it’s Larry who forearms Dez after his tag. A slam and stomp lead to a headlock.

Later Larry catches Dez in the middle of the ring, pops him up, and kicks him in the mid-section. Larry soon launches him to the outside and Acey uppercuts him. Wentz comes over to even the odds.

Back in the ring, Larry wrenches the neck of Dez. Larry’s power overwhelms Dez as he continues to fight free and sure enough, gets the tag. Wentz gets caught trying to deliver a codebreaker but changes his gameplan with a flurry of kicks and attacks before he trips him down for a running shooting star press. Two count, but Wentz turns it into a back sleeper. Larry fights to his feet and tries to shake Wentz off. The Rascalz double team with a kicking frenzy. Wentz talks trash to Acey who hoist him up by the throat. Acey comes in to knock Wentz silly, but he avoids and superkicks Acey out. Hot Fire Flame on Larry D for that 1-2-3.

WINNER: The Rascalz

Fallah Bahh is in the locker room shower which Hernandez is basking in. Bahh finds his wad of cash wrapped in the t-shirt and walks off elated.

Jimmy Jacobs is with Dr. Foreman to talk about Rich Swann’s recovery. The doc says Swann is ready for Bound For Glory and is ready today. Rich comes over and says he’s feeling better than ever. In comes Eric Young dressed as an orderly and begins attacking Swann and screaming like a maniac. He obliterates Swann’s knee.

The Machine Guns are backstage with Gina but get interrupted by The Good Brothers. They say they’ve already been there and done that. Shelley sarcastically asks if they have any tips for them. It doesn’t matter because they’re the champs, not Gallows and Anderson. The Brothers say they’re going to be their guardian angels tonight to ensure they face the two at Bound For Glory.

Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie vs. Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan

Mad trash is talked between the two before Taya slams down Kiera Hogan down. Hard chop in the corner to Kiera. Running elbow by Taya in the opposite corner. She does her running butt bump and then a double corner meteora. Pin attempt, but a kick out. Standing headlock leads to a tag and Rosemary trades splashes onto Kiera. An exploder suplex allows Kiera to tag in Steelz. Sidewalk slam onto Tasha Steelz.

Shots in the corner by Rosemary before delivering a Stinger splash. Exploder suplex again. Pin attempt, two count.

Rosemary gets Steelz in an upside-down so Kiera kicks her partner free. Steelz tags in Hogan and the isolation begins. She chokes Rosemary with a boot and then reverses a charge into a drop toe hold that bounces her head into the turnbuckle. Tag to Tasha. An assault in the two’s corner begins. Kiera gets a near fall on Rosemary soon after. The two soon do an assisted Osaka cutter and gets a very near fall on Rosemary. Steelz continues to wear down Rosemary, but Rosemary sits up Taker style and scares her to the outside. Hogan and Tasha take her down on the outside. A back suplex in the ring gives Rosemary her opportunity. Tag to Taya and she unloads on both adversaries. Several boots nd knees to Kiera. A blue thunder bomb is followed up with a near fall. Taya turns it into a modified surfboard submission but Tasha kicks her free. They try to double team Taya but her strength shows through. Kaentai suplex before tagging in Rosemary. Another suplex by Rosemary but Steelz hits a codebreaker. Spear by Rosemary with a double underhook sit-out for the win.

WINNERS: Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary

Backstage Havok and Nevaeh watch on.

The Deaners vs. Crazzy Steve & Johnny Swinger

The Deaners challenge Steve to a beer chugging contest and Steve obliges with his monkey in the corner. Swinger has enough and tags himself in. The Deaners take control of Swinger, but it’s not long before Swinger corners Cody in his corner. As he begins his corner punches, he prompts Steve to find an object in his fanny pack and he pulls out a bevy of stuff that Swinger doesn’t need. Deaner fights off Swinger, but Swinger headlocks him in the middle to wear him down. Swinger then rifles through his fanny pack but the ref tells him to get rid of it. Swinger does but grabs Steve’s monkey. Steve gets in and struggles to free his friend from Swinger’s clutches, but it provides enough of a window for Deaner to catch Swinger with a snap DDT for the win.

WINNERS: The Deaners

Josh Matthews recaps Deonna Purrazzo breaking the arm of Susie. Gina is backstage with Kylie and she is not pleased with those actions. In come Kimber Lee to taunt Kylie. Susie is who she shouldn’t be worried about, but she should be worried about her arm. Kimber Lee implies that “Su”sie is bad. This sets Kylie off and she attacks Kimber Lee. Rae is astonished by her own actions.

D’Amore is sitting across from Heath. He admits that Heath is the right fit for IMPACT and he is grateful (and thankful) for the opportunity. D’Amore seems to be presenting Heath his contract but it’s Heath who has a proposal for him. It’s a hefty packet with a lot of legalese. A lot of zeros on there. D’Amore says Heath can’t be serious with this. Heath implores Scott to look at it again. D’Amore tells him to come here and earn it. Heath says he was never a Sunday morning jobber. When was the last time Heath jobbed on PPV? Things get heated and D’Amore tosses Heath’s proposal in the air.

Rhino anxiously awaits outside to hear the results. Heath comes at him with a lot of anger and “thanks him” with disdain.

EC3 implores Moose to break his attachment and legacy to the TNA Title. He drops it over a bridge before he says “Free Moose.”

Ken Shamrock is despondent with his actions against Eddie Edwards last week and in comes Sami Callihan to inform him about the strong social media feedback it’s receiving. Ken doesn’t care about that stuff and Sami shoves Shamrock to get him amped. It works and Ken grabs hold of Callihan. A security guard walks into the picture and Ken beats him down mercilessly.

Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs. The Motor City Machine Guns

Ace and Sabin start matters off. It’s a quick reset for the two. Sabin wrenches the arm despite Ace’s efforts to escape. He finally elbows free for a calf kick.

The two run the ropes and Sabin catches Ace with a dropkick. He focuses again on the arm. Alex Shelley blind tags in and MCMG deliver two strong double teams. Shelley pops the arm of Ace with his legs before Sabin hangs it over the ropes. The two then double team the arm as Shelley shifts his weight on top of it. Two top rope axe hammers on that arm by MCMG. Ace is in major trouble. Shelley continues to work that left arm in a major way.

Ace manages to get a sleeper and Fulton gets the tag. Fulton snake eyes Shelley into Ace’s knees before launching Alex down on the mat. He makes Shelley eat a turnbuckle several times.

Madman steps on Shelley’s hand before hoisting Alex up for a suplex. Shelley spins free, but Madman holds him into a sidewalk slam for position, allowing a tagged in Ace to drop the leg in a double team. A near fall, but Sabin makes te save. Ace has his back to the ref while hold Alex in an armbreaker. Ace pulls out a playing card and slices in between the fingers of Alex (yikes!)

A tag to Fulton allows the big man to hang both Alex and Chris out to dry in the corner. Each Machine Gun feel that wrath before the focus goes back to Shelley. Ace looks to slice in between Shelley’s fingers so Alex gouges his way free. Shelley continues to fight Ace off and eventually tags in Sabin who is on fire. Several kicks to Ace before Sabin launches himself off the top with a missile dropkick. Short DDT almost gets the W but it’s Fulton with the save. A short leg enziguri frees Ace up briefly. Both men are able to get the tag. Fulton falls to the outside and Sabin punts him away, they go for a doomsday-esque double team on Austin, but Fulton finds himself back in the fold, but the Machine Guns chop him down to size. They double team Fulton to chokeslam him. They cover but Ace breaks it up with an elbow attempt that lands on Fulton. They double team Ace, then try to double team Fulton once more with a suplex, but Madman is too strong.

Out comes The North who get on the apron distracting the ref. Out come The Good Brothers. Gallows hits an uppercut on Fulton. Crossbody double team on Madman gets MCMG the victory.

WINNERS: Motor City Machine Guns


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