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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (10/13/2022)

IMPACT Wrestling kicked off with a recap of last Friday’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view, which concluded with a staredown between IMPACT Wrestling World Champion Josh Alexander and the Call Your Shot winner Bully Ray.

Josh Alexander comes out and acknowledges that he and Eddie Edwards went to war, but that war is over because he remains the IMPACT World Champion. Alexander says he’s the heart and soul of IMPACT, but he’s not perfect. However, he admits that he learns from his mistakes.

Alexander said after last year’s Bound For Glory event with Moose, he expected the Call Your Shot winner to come out and then proceeded to call out Bully Ray. The IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Famer answers the call, and Alexander welcomes him back to IMPACT.

The Walking Weapon says he knows the kind of person that Bully Ray is and that he would never turn down a chance to get ahead and asks why he didn’t call his shot at the pay-per-view. Bully Ray runs down all the horrible things he’s done in his career and says he didn’t stab Alexander in the back because he wants to do things right this time and be honorable about it.

Jos Alexander says Bully Ray is the last person in this business he can trust. Bully Ray says when he calls his shot against Alexander, he will do it face-to-face. Bully Ray says he wants to leave a good taste in someone’s mouth one time before he calls it a career.

Bully Ray promises he’s going to do it straight up this time, the way it should be done. They are interrupted by Steve Maclin. Maclin says he knows he and Alexander don’t see eye to eye, but there’s no way that either of them can trust Bully Ray.

Maclin questions why Bully Ray was in the match, to begin with, and asks who he politicked to get in the match. Maclin wants to know how many former world champions he needs to beat to get a title shot.

They are now interrupted by Moose, who says that Maclin should sit this one out because he’s standing in the presence of world champions. Moose said Bully’s actions at Bound For Glory were shocking and said he modeled his career after what Bully had done in IMPACT Wrestling, calling him a scumbag.

Moose said that’s okay because he likes scumbags and calls himself one too. Moose says Alexander knows how evil he can be. He tells Alexander everything he’s done in IMPACT over the past two years has been very impressive. He noted that only two people have pinned him in the last year and that he was one of them.

Everyone is interrupted by Bobby Fish, who takes the microphone from Moose and says he means no harm but that no one is out here spitting lies. Fish agrees that Moose has turned himself into a total scumbag.

Fish says Maclin is calling Bully Ray a locker-room politician, and he wants to know where the lie is. Fish gets into the ring and calls Bully Ray a scumbag, but he didn’t scumbag Alexander. Fish isn’t sure if Bully Ray is a changed man or not.

Bobby Fish challenges Josh Alexander for a shot at the IMPACT World Championship in his hometown of Albany, and Alexander accepts. It will go down in tonight’s main event.

There is a recap of The Motor City Machine Guns winning on BTI. They are then interviewed backstage and express their disappointment in not winning the tag titles at Bound For Glory. Shelley said they are going to talk to Scott D’Amore and request another shot at the tag titles.

As they approach D’Amore’s office, they run into Heath and Rhino leaving his office and say they are getting a tag team title shot against The Kingdom. Heath says Sabin and Shelley deserve another shot, but it won’t be against The Kingdom; it will be against them.

Killer Kelly defeated Tasha Steelz (with Savannah Evans) in a No Disqualification Match

Killer Kelly overcomes the numbers game and defeats Steelz by submission with a Killer Clutch with the chain.

Johnny Swinger and Dirty Dango have a brief confrontation backstage as Sami Callihan attacks some of Eric Young’s minions backstage as the show takes a commercial break.

Scott D’Amore speaks with Josh Alexander backstage and congratulates him on his Bound For Glory title win but reminds him that there’s a long line of people waiting to try and take him out. D’Amore attempts to warn Alexander about Bully Ray. D’Amore ends his talk by telling Alexander that he best have his head on a swivel tonight during the main event.

Trey Miguel defeated Laredo Kid, Black Taurus (with Crazzy Steve), Alex Zayne, Kenny King, and Yuya Uemura in a Six-Man X-Division Scramble Match

Trey Miguel scores the pinfall win over Alex Zayne. It was teased on commentary that it might earn Miguel a future X-Division title shot against Frankie Kazarian.

Speedball Mike Bailey approaches Frankie Kazarian in the parking lot and congratulates him on getting the win at Bound For Glory. They are interrupted by Miguel, who informs them that he just won a six-man scramble and is looking for a shot at the X-Division Championship. Kazarian tells him that we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Chelsea Green, Deonna Purrazo, and Gisele Shaw defeated The Death Dollz in a Six-Woman Tag Team Match

Gisele Shaw hits the knee strike on Rosemary to pick up a victory for her team.

Tommy Dreamer talks to Bully Ray backstage and says that he appreciates that Bully is doing the right thing, but he has a lot of doubters backstage that don’t trust him. Bully asks him who his best friend is in this business. Dreamer said it was him. Bully Ray asked if he has ever made Dreamer look like a fool. Dreamer said no, and Bully asked why he would do it now. Bully says that Dreamer needs to trust him. The two end the segment by agreeing to tag up as the show goes to a commercial break.

IMPACT returns with Maria Kanellis trying to give Honor No More a pep talk in the locker room. Matt Taven complains about Heath and Rhino getting a tag team title shot next week. Mike Bennett asks where Eddie Edwards is because they haven’t seen him all day. Honor No More ends the segment by saying they will retain their titles next week.

Matt Cardona defeated Bhupinder Gujjar

Gujjar has the match under control, but Brian Myers appears on the ramp in a Major Players shirt to distract him. Cardona capitalizes on the distraction and hits Radio Silence to pick up the pinfall victory.

A video package is shown highlighting Jordynne Grace’s successful title defense over Masha Slamovich at Bound For Glory. They then interview Mickie James, who says she hopes that Grace is still Knockouts Champion if she manages to climb the ladder during the last rodeo. She is confronted by VXT and Gisele Shaw. They talk down Mickie James until she challenges them to a match, and they back down.

It was announced on commentary that Ace Austin and Chris Bey will challenge Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer on IMPACT Wrestling next week.

Josh Alexander defeated Bobby Fish to retain the IMPACT Wrestling World Championship

Alexander hits the C4 Spike to secure the pinfall victory over Fish.

Frankie Kazarian comes out with the X-Division Championship and congratulates Josh Alexander on his last two successful title defenses. Kazarian informs Alexander that he has decided to utilize Option C to get a shot at the IMPACT World Championship.


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