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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (10/27/2020)

IMPACT Wrestling, October 27, 2020 Commentators: Josh Matthews & Madison Rayne

IMPACT starts off with a walking brawl between Eric Young and new IMPACT World Champion, Rich Swann as Matthews states he’s on a revenge tour. The two fight their way to the ring as EY is in his gear and Swann is in street clothes. EY keeps saying Swann brought this on himself. Swann soon feeds a ring post to EY.

Swann gets taken down and loses his shirt, but he does connect with kick in the ring. Swann climbs the turnbuckle but EY crotches him and begins stomping a mudhole. Out comes officials and Scott D’Amore to break it up.

Eric yells at D’Amore for a rematch and Swann wants to give it to him. D’Amore asks if he’s sure and Scott gives Swann a fist bump. Bell rings and we’re underway.

IMPACT World Championship

Eric Young vs. Rich Swann (c)

The fight begins and EY goes for a top rope splash that Swann avoids. Swann is fighting barefoot and hits EY with several savate kicks before turning it into a flipping neckbreaker. Two count.

Standing side kick to EY followed by a rolling thunder splash for two. Head scissors takedown. Swann goes for a frankensteiner but EY turns it into a powerbomb.

Swann continues with timely kicks but is favoring his leg. He ducks a clothesline and handsprings into a cutter. Phoenix splash and the W for the champ. Matthews does note earlier that this is EY’s only shot at the title once more.

WINNER and STILL IMPACT World Champion: Rich Swann

Havok exits a room that flashes as Nevaeh waits outside. She asks if everything’s okay as Havok looks exasperated. She says the wedding’s on and “he’s back.” Nevaeh has a bad feeling about this.

After a break, we cut to the Knockouts waiting outside of D’Amore’s office wanting to know more about the Knockout Tag Titles. Kaleb with a K says the internet announced that it’s going to be an 8-team tag tourney in three weeks. The Knockouts begin pairing off as it looks like Alisha is left by herself. Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz begin to rub that fact in until Jordynne Grace steps back in the picture. She says she has friends and they’re gonna tag against Steelz & Hogan tonight.

Hardcore Halloween Match

Brian Myers vs. Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer is once more decked out in Animal gear, paying homage to the late legend. Bell rings and Dreamer tosses Myers out of the ring. Suplex on the entryway. He chokes Myers with a baseball jersey (if it’s a Mets’ one it should be effective at choking heyyy ohhh!) Dreamer tries taking out Myer’s eye on his Road Warrior spike before breaking a walker over his back. Tommy Dreamer lifts a very heavy trash can in the ring and rings Brian’s bell with a ring bell. Dreamer gets crotched on a barricade before Myers hits Dreamer with a garbage can. Two count. He throws Tommy back into the ring and tries shoving in the other trash can in the ring but Dreamer dropkicks it in his face. Dreamer jumps off the apron but Myers catches him with a sign and we go to break.

Back from break, Dreamer takes a wedged kendo stick to the throat as Brian catapult flips him in the corner. Back suplex only gets one count.

Myers seems to have a bag of apples he’s chomping on as he spits them into Dreamer’s face. He gives Tommy a chair shot to the gut. Dreamer fights back after Brian sets up a chair. Brian slides out and trips Tommy up to get his face smashed off the chair. He begins to choke Tommy with the end of the chair before giving him a shot to the back. Headlock keeps Dreamer grounded, but he does fight to his feet and jabs away at Myers. He goes for the flip flop and fly but a kick to the gut stops it. He lariats Myers down and hits a running cutter for two.

Dreamer grabs a street sign and pops Myers on the back of it. He has a black bag and dumps out thumbtacks and candy corn. Nice touch. Dreamer climbs the ropes and Myers fires back. Forearms and he looks to superplex Tommy onto the tricks. Dreamer bites Brian before saying “bye-bye” and pushing him into the candy corn tacks. A cover, 1-2-kick out.

Dreamer pulls out a table and slides it into the ring. Tommy sets it up in the corner as Brian’s back is a bit bloody. Myer’s clotheslines him into the corn tacks. Brian says Tommy’s career is done and has a kendo stick. Suddenly, out of the trash can comes Swoggle. He’s got a pair of tongs and grabs Brian by the crotch. Dreamer hoists Brian up for a DVD, says “What A Rush” and slams him through the table. Cover. 1-2-3.

WINNER: Tommy Dreamer

Post-match, Dreamer celebrates with Swoggle and says “that’s for him upstairs,” referring to Animal.

Backstage, Heath and Rhino are standing by with Rhino’s Call Your Shot trophy. Rhino states that he and Heath are going for the IMPACT Tag Titles once Heath is healthy to compete. Rhino does have a year to call his shot, and Heath is about to sign “his” deal next week. He’s asked how he’s feeling and Heath says he feels great, no selling his injury. He acts coy, but when Rhino pats him on the back, he winces.

Backstage, Reno Scum strip Fallah Bahh shirtless to find Hernandez’s wad of cash. Nothing on Fallah. He says he stole it for John E. Bravo. Hernandez and Reno Scum walk off and Fallah reveals that he has that wad of cash in his tights.

XXXL vs. The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz)

The Rascalz start off hot and get right to action, but Wentz gets Samoan Dropped by Acey. They quickly corner Wentz and Larry D gets a tag. Shots in the corner followed by shoulder thrusts. Wentz tries to get to the ropes but Larry stomps on his hand. He wrenches the neck and mocks the Rascalz “Little Rascals” hand gesture. Acey gets the tag and Wentz fights back. Standing enziguri wobbles Acey but as he’s on the mat Acey stomps on his leg. Tag back to Larry. Snapmare followed by a kick. Cover and Dez breaks it up. More lariats by Larry followed by a front slam. Two count. Larry ain’t happy with the ref. He tags in Acey. A hard shot by Acey. Acey charges at Wentz and gets caught with a knee. Tag to Dez and he corners Larry with a bevy of kicks. He covers and gets a two count.

Dez punches away at Larry as Matthews and Madison puts over The Rock’s appearance at BFG. Dez fights away at both members of XXXL. Lariat by Larry gets a two count. Larry ponders what to do next and then he climbs to the top rope. Wentz stops him and aims to superplex him with the help of Dez. Wentz jumps after Acey but he catches him with an uppercut. Dez flips over Acey but a uranage downs him. Larry D splashes down on Dez for the three count.


D’Amore is with “Barrister” Artie Evans who says he’s the man who can make his life a nightmare, but he’s here on behalf of his client Deonna Purrazzo. All Scott has to do is strip Su Yung of the Knockouts Title and give it to Deonna. D’Amore says “he’ll take care of this right now” and leaves. We go to break.

Gia is with The Motor City Machine Guns. Alex says his neck hurts really bad and it’s going to hurt for a couple of months. Sabin notes that he was never pinned and once Alex gets healthy, they’re going after their belts again. Enter XXXL. They say they should be the #1 contenders and Larry D comes with some intensity. MCMG tells them to back off and as they try to continue the interview Alex gets a shot to the neck.

D’Amore is in the ring to address the controversy with the Knockouts Title.

D’Amore says that they reviewed all the facts and circumstances and the fact that Deonna issued an open challenge. Despite the Barrister’s demands, D’Amore says the fact remains that Su Yung is the rightful champion. Out comes Deonna with Kimber Lee and Barrister Evans.

Evans tells D’Amore this mistake takes the cake for Scott. The only reason Su Yung came to the ring for the Knockouts Title is because something happened to Kylie Rae. Something he says happened at the hands of Yung. If that’s the kind of behavior he wants to promote, then that’s his choice. He’s going to take him to court unless he does the right thing as strips Su Yung of the belt and recognizes the rightful champion. D’Amore says he makes a compelling case, but IMPACT loves a good lawsuit. Scott says Deonna deserves her right in court, no matter how long it takes during these uncertain times. She can do that or she do want she’s destined to do and compete. She can go through all that or step up and claim what she’s supposed to be. If she wants to go that route instead of litigation he’ll give her her rightful rematch next week. Evans consults and he reluctantly states that Deonna agrees to the terms. Suddenly Su Yung comes out in full effect.

Su chokes Evans and Kimber Lee. She mists Scott D’Amore before getting Deonna in the mandible claw. Deonna is out and Su Yung stands tall with her title.

Swann is with the Rascalz and Willie Mack backstage. Swann says this should be a night of celebration, but being champ you never have a night off. The Rascalz cheese with Swann with the title. Enters Moose via point-of-view camera (odd choice). Moose says he has the TNA Title which makes him a legit champ. He understands that Rich comes from a poor home so he’s just happy to get his hands on any gold. Up steps Willie Mack as The Rascalz hold back Swann. He’s ready to go as Moose calls him a sidekick. Moose tells Willie he chooses the shots.

Back to Rich as The Rascalz settle him down. Rich thanks them before walking into Sami and Ken Shamrock. Sami mockingly claps Swann before saying he’ll be hearing a lot from the two.

Highlights from Ken Shamrock’s HOF induction which features clips from Bret Hart, Mick Foley and Ariel Helwani. Pretty cool.

Backstage we see Ethan Page brag to security before in step The Good Brothers. He tells IMPACT really blew their bank by investing in Anderson and Gallows. They fire back by mocking Page’s Karate Man gimmick. Page slaps Gallows and a brawl breaks out but it all gets broken up.

Jimmy Jacobs walks into Rohit Raju who seems to be celebrating his title retainment by his lonesome. He says everybody cares about the fact that he’s beaten five of the best pro wrestlers in the six-person scramble. Jacobs notes that TJP pretty much had the match won before Rohit swooped in. Rohit kicked him out of the “party.”

John E. Bravo shoves Fallah Bahh who is dressed up like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Bravo heard what he told Hernandez. “Best man? Your dead to me.” In laughs Johnny Swinger to relish in Fallah’s sadness.

Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz vs. Alisha Edwards & Jordynne Grace.

Tasha flexes off against Grace but Jordynne grabs her hand and wrenches her down to the mat. Steelz screams in pain before she kicks free. Two shoulder tackles by Grace and Steelz bails. Alisha tosses Tasha back in. Two count. Grace isn’t exactly fond of Alisha’s assistance. Tag to Kiera and Alisha. Alisha catches Kiera’s leg and slams her down before a senton. Two count. Forearms in the corner by Alisha before going for a splash. She misses and Kiera kicks her, Irish whip but a flying clothesline lays Hogan out. Alisha drags her to her corner and tags in Jordynne. Double team slam and the tag was made to Jordynne. She tries to cover, but the ref didn’t see it. Alisha gets kicked by Tasha and we go to break.

Tasha and Kiera have Alisha cornered and Steelz hit some running shots before tagging in Kiera who gets in a shot of her own before a cover. Two count. Kiera chokes her with her boot. Chop, snapmare and kick to the back with a sleeper hold. Flatliner by Alisha. Cover and one count. Shots to Alisha and she corners her before tagging in Tasha. She charges at Alisha but Alisha fights her off, goes for a tag, but Tasha catches her and gives her a hard spine buster. Kick out. Headlock by Tasha.

Tasha and Kiera soon bump heads and it allows Alisha to make the hot tag to Grace. She slams Tasha on top of Kiera and gets a two count. Running meteora followed by a cannonball and Vade bomb for a pin attempt, broken up by Hogan. Tasha kicks herself free from Alisha and Grace’s offense. A well-timed dodge causes Alisha to collide in the corner with Grace. Steelz rolls Alisha up for the 1-2-3.

WINNERS: Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz

Post-match, Grace and Alisha shove one another before Jordynne walks away. A fan asks Willie Mack if he’ll do a selfie-video wishing his nephew a happy birthday. Willie begins to before Moose whacks Willie with his TNA Title. He takes the camera from the fan.

Taya and Rosemary are together. She’s excited for Rosemary but she tells Rosemary that Bravo has been acting like a lunatic. She tries to talk her friend out of it, but Rosemary seems to have plans for John E. as she hands her a tarot card (?) Taya says she has a bad feeling about it all.

It’s wedding time.

Wedding Ceremony

John E. Bravo (Groom) & Rosemary (Bride)

A good deal of the roster is out at ringside for the wedding as creepy organ music plays. Out enters the party as John E. dressed like a dope with earmuffs on. Outcomes Father James Mitchell. He laughs maniacally as the IMPACT Zone is tinted red. Finally out comes the blushing bride Rosemary with Crazzy Steve as her escort. Rosemary with a Beetlejuice-esque attire.

Mitchell begins the ceremony and before moving forward he asks if anyone wants to speak up. Everyone holds their peace. The two have decided that they would like to recite their own vows. Bravo goes first. He pretty much recites The Addams Family theme. He calls her his little gargoyle and they are destined to be together. He says nobody is going to ruin this day for him. Mitchell is surprised there’s no interruption. Rosemary’s turn. She talks about John E.’s virginal blood and she says “no mortal from this realm or the next can stop us from getting what they want.” So far so good according to James Mitchell. He asks “the ring imp” (Swoggle) to present the rings. They exchange rings as Mitchell begins the “I do’s.” Bravo does. Mitchell then asks Rosemary the same: “We do.” By the power vested in him, they may now kiss the demon. They go to smooch and the lights go out. We hear a gunshot and the lights come back on. John E. Bravo is shot in the chest. Dreamer tends to him, before asking “Who shot Bravo?” before screaming to the skies in anguish. End of show.


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