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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (10/28/2021)

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling, we see the fallout from Bound For Glory including Josh Alexander losing his newly won IMPACT World Championship to Moose “calling his shot” to end the PPV.


October 28, 2021, Sam’s Town, Las Vegas, NV

Commentary: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown

Moose kicks off the show in a suit, but that doesn’t suit Eddie Edwards. Eddie comes out and brawls with Moose on the entryway before se,curity separates the two. Moose goes back in the ring and collects himself. Moose says he knows he’s done a lot of bad things to get to where he is today. At BFG, he probably did the worst yet. He took away everything Josh Alexander worked his ass for, right in front of his beautiful wife and young child. He has no sympathy. Now he’s got the title which makes him the greatest champion in all of pro wrestling. It doesn’t matter how “elite” you are, or what “tribe you’re chief” too. You could add a “new day” to the week, he’s still the greatest champion in all of pro wrestling. Moose is about to address the locker room when Josh Alexander comes out and suplexes him. Minoru Suzuki comes out. Moose is gone and Alexander turns his back on Suzuki and a fight begins. Security comes to separate them all.

After break, Moose reiterates he fears no one in the locker room despite the target on his back. Enter Matt Cardona. He says he was this close to hitting Radio Silence and winning the Call Your Shot gauntlet. Last time Moose checked, “this close” didn’t win titles. The two brawl.

X-Division Championship

Rocky Romero vs. Trey Miguel (c)

Trey Miguel is showing us why he’s X-Division Champ by his offensive arsenal and commentary mentions how he may have that champion’s confidence. He sends us to the commercial break with a snap shot perfect moonsault to Rocky on the outside.

Rocky does turn the tide during the break and hits a running Osakza Cutter for a very near fall which prompts IMPACT fans to chant “This is awesome.” Rocky gets a triangle hold on Trey but Trey hits a sit-out powerbomb. “This is IMPACT” chants.

Miguel leaps off with his meteroa finisher, but Rocky rolls through with a single leg crab. Both men eventually get to their feet. Trey is bloodied. He hits a brainbuster and ascends once more. Meteroa knee strike. 1-2-3.

WINNER and STILL X-Division Champion: Trey Miguel

Post-match Trey Miguel is attacked by Steve Maclin.

We cut to Gia Miller backstage with Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering. Grace talks being Digital Media Champion when in comes Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans. Steelz begins to mock, but Rachael fires back and notes that it was Steelz who tossed Savannah from the Gauntlet on Saturday. Rachael notes that she and Tasha have a “date” tonight.

After break, Maclin makes clear he wants that X-Division belt. Scott D’Amore will mull it over. Matt Cardona and Eddie Edwards wants a shot at Moose, but D’Amore notes that Alexander is first in line but there will be a six-man tag next week with Josh as their partners against Moose and two people he can find. D’Amore sees Alexander down the hall with Brian Hebner in his grip. D’Amore calms Josh a bit down to tell him about the match. Alexander notes that it didn’t become about the title, but his family in the ring, and Brian was the man to make the match official. D’Amore understands and believes Josh will become the face of the company. Do it for his family and take Moose out next week.

Tasha Steelz vs. Rachael Ellering

Rachael soon gets a near fall on Tasha with a senton. Tasha goes for coderbreaker, but Ellering STOs Steelz and that sends her to the apron. Steelz hangs Rachael over the ropes.

Steelz soon hits a tornado DDT for a two count. Tasha has a rear chinlock in. Rachael fires back with some forearms but Steelz negates the comeback with a side-step that sends Ellering to the outside. It’s Grace who puts her friend back in the ring. Rachael makes the most of it and uppercuts Steelz down. Fisherman’s buster for a two count. Finish goes down when Steelz goes for a cutter and Rachael backslides her for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Rachael Ellering

Morrissey isn’t in IMPACT to make friends, but he did make an alliance with Moose. Morrissey makes clear he wants a title shot. Enter Moose and he grants such. Morrissey pats the belt.

Gia Miller gets a few words with The IInspiration in their dressing room before she gets scooched off by the two Aussies. “Bye bye!”

Joe Doering (with VBD) vs. Heath (with Rhino)

Lock up and Doering shows his power until Heath dabbles in some jabs. Doering nails a running cross body. Doering hits a hard lariat to Heath. Matters start to shift and get out off hand as Deaner has the flag. Rhino brawls with Deaner in the ring and the ref calls for the bell. Eric Young gets on the apron. Rhino catches Deaner with a strike. EY attacks Rhino and then attacks Heath. Striker notes that Eric is 100% healthy. He hits a top rope elbow on Rhino. Piledriver to Heath. Crowd boos.


The Good Brothers are not only tag team of the year, but bookers of the year. It was their choice to put the titles on the line against both teams and they came out victorious. Enter Fin Juice. Juice makes clear that they stole the pin after their offensive efforts. Fin Juice wants a shot because they can never recall a time they were beaten by The GBs. Anderson says they have to earn it as Gallows calls them “nerds.”

Gia Miller is with the Demon. She’s about to get a word with him, but Johnny Swinger takes exception. He says Demons don’t have a place in IMPACT, clearly hurt because he didn’t get a KISS autograph. Enter Decay and they scare Swinger off before Demon says he came to IMPACT because demons ARE welcome here.

Mickie James comes out to celebrate with the fans and although her original intent wasn’t to become the Knockouts Champion, she wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity. She gives major praise to Deonna Purrazzo and notes that she has a title shot in store for her, but Deonna hasn’t been seen since the loss. James notes she was impressed by the Knockouts Knockdown event. Enter The Influence, but just Madison Rayne and Kaleb with a K. Madison Rayne talks up her own credibility. Next week, how about Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne? Mickie accepts but tells her to make sure to bring her photographer with her so she can get a clear shot of her standing tall as Knockout Champion. Kaleb calls her stupid and Mickie slaps her.

After break, Moose appears to have Morrissey as one of his partners for next week. He approaches Minoru Suzuki and respectfully asks if he’ll join them. The King fist bumps both men.

Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) vs. Chris Sabin

Chris Sabin has Ace Austin’s number. Total control and he even locks in his Iron Maiden surfboard, but Ace makes it to the ropes. Ace’s knee is being favored. We soon head to the final break of the evening.

Austin has taken control of the bout over the course of commercial. Ace goes for a leg drop up top, but nobody home for him. Sabin strikes Ace repeatedly. Several running forearms before Sabin hits a backdrop. Big fisherman’s buster by Sabin. A very near fall. Sabin goes for the cradle shot, but kicks level the field for Ace. Sabin hits a heel trip and Ace hits his face off the ropes. Both men collide with one another. Fulton checks on Ace and sits him up. Fulton appears to put Ace’s nose back in place. Austin hits a jumping kick to Chris’ head.

Chris makes Austin’s head pay with a jumping DDT from up top. “This is awesome” chants. Strikes from Sabin. Ace catches him up top. Sabin headbutts him down and as the ref checks on him, Fulton grabs hold of Sabin. He gets a boot from Chris and Sabin gets a kick in on Ace. Austin crawls back in, Madman trips up Sabin and Austin hits his finish for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Ace Austin


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