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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (11/10/2022)

The show opens with a video package highlighting last week while previewing tonight’s show. We head to the ring as Joe Hendry makes his way out. He cuts a promo about the crowd believing in him.

Digital Media Championship: Brian Myers (c) vs. Joe Hendry

Lock ups to start. Hendry lands a suplex, cover. Hendry uppercuts Myers on the outside before eating a kick to the head. Myers delivers another boot to the head then applies a headlock on the mat. Myers hits the Trust Fall, kickout. Hendry nails a pop up powerbomb, nearfall. They go back outside where Hendry clobbers Myers. He turns around and chases Cardona off. Cardona turns around into Heath and Rhino who punch Cardona to the back. Back inside, Myers hits the implant DDT, nearfall. Hendry hits his finishing slam for the three count. And new!

Winner and NEW Digital Media Champion: Joe Hendry

Jai Vidal shows Gisele Shaw a video package ahead of her Knockouts title match tonight.

We see a new video from VBD including promos from Alan Angels and Big Kon.

X-Division Tournament: Trey Miguel vs. Mike Bailey

They take turns dipping out of the ring before engaging in fast paced offense. Trey slows Mike down with an arm drag. Kenny King comes out to watch the action. After the break, Bailey kicks Trey down as King eats popcorn. Trey gets back to his feet and chops Speedball. They trade blows until Trey springboard kicks Bailey down. Trey sends Bailey back in the ring but eats a boot followed by a moonsault out of the ring. On the floor, Bailey moonsaults into a double knee drop to knock the wind out of Trey. King throws a piece of popcorn at Speedball before tossing Trey into the ring steps. The ref calls the bell as King screws Bailey out of the tournament.

Winner: Trey Miguel by DQ

Death Dollz talk backstage about Jessicka’s loss last week to Savannah Evans. Rosemary tells Jessicka to feel everything she’s feeling about the loss so that she can take it out on Tasha next week. Jessicka says, “Maybe I do need a drink.”

King cuts a backstage promo about how he wants gold, but can’t focus on that until takes out Speedball.

Bhupinder Gujjar vs. G Sharpe

Sharpe applies a headlock to start. Gujjar comes back with a tiltawhirl backbreaker, cover. Sharpe hits a dropkick and covers. Sharpe delivers elbows to the neck and applies a choke hold. Gujjar gets to his feet and lands a slingblade. Ripcord knee to the face precedes a Samoan Drop, nearfall. Gujjar hits the pop up powerslam and goes up top to hit the Gargoyle spear for the win.

Winner: Bhupinder Gujjar

Rhino finds Josh Alexander backstage and calls Bully Ray a “real piece of sh*t.”

Jessicka is reading ODB’s book while drinking a beer. She chats up Alisha for a moment before Alisha confronts Eddie. She doesn’t think Eddie is done with Honor No More. Eddie says it’s just about them now that PCO is buried.

Mickie James vs. Chelsea Green

They meet face to face first before locking up. Mickie grabs her by the hair and does a snapmare takedown. Chelsea works the left arm briefly. Mickie applies a waistlock and gets Chelsea down onto a knee. Switches into a headlock then back to the arm. Mickie slaps her across the face, but Deonna trips Mickie up. Chelsea hits a backstabber for a two count. Mickie kicks Chelsea in the face, Deonna moves her foot off the rope. The ref ejects Deonna.

Mickie tries for a roll up. Chelsea catches Mickie with a face plant, cover. Mickie works her way out of a headlock and delivers a few kicks. Mickie covers for two. Chelsea applies a Boston crab, but Mickie rolls her through and out of the ring. Mickie slides out and they trade slaps. Mickie takes Chelsea down with a head scissors. Chelsea grabs Mickie by the hair as they rise on the apron. They kick each other at the same time and collapse. Mickie hits a Thesz press back inside, followed by a neckbreaker and cover. Chelsea accidentally boots the ref. Mickie lands a flap jack then goes up top. Deonna runs down and tries to trip her. Taylor Wilde comes out to take Deonna to the back. Chelsea goes up and they trade blows. Mickie leaps off the top then connects with MickDT. She covers, but the ref is still out. Chelsea gets up and hits Unprettier. The ref counts for a nearfall. Chelsea unloads with punches then goes up top. She tries a missile dropkick, but Mickie catches her and floats over into a cover for the three.

Winner: Mickie James

Steve Maclin complains to Tommy Dreamer about not getting a world title shot. Dreamer tells Maclin he can get a match with him. Maclin says he’ll finally end Dreamer then walks off.

Zicky Dice vs. Bully Ray

Swinger and Dice mock Team 3D’s “get the tables.” They put a table in the ring and Dice sets it up. Bully catches Dice with the sit out and covers for the win.

Winner: Bully Ray

Moose runs out and low blows Bully. He props the table in the corner and spears Bully through the table.

Sami Callihan sends a message to EY as he captured a member of VBD.

Deonna chases after Chelsea in the parking lot. Deonna asks where Chelsea is going, and Chelsea says she is going home. She walks off into the dark with her suitcase.

Announced for next week:

X-Division Tournament: PJ Black vs. Black Taurus

Old School Rules: Steve Maclin vs. Tommy Dreamer

Double Jeopardy: Eric Young vs. Sami Callihan (win by pinfall or submission only after bloodshed)

Bully Ray has challenged Moose to a Tables Match at Over Drive, plus Mickie James will face Taylor Wilde.

A career retrospect airs for Frankie Kazarian.

Knockouts World Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Gisele Shaw

Jordynne takes it to Shaw to start with strikes in the ropes. Gisele tries for offense but gets hit with a spinebuster. Grace kicks Jai Vidal at ringside, which allows Shaw to take the champ down. Shaw drives Grace into the apron before going for a cover. Grace hits a suplex but Shaw comes right back with a forearm from behind. They trade shots in the corner.

After the break, Grace asks Shaw to lay it in. They trade forearms in the middle of the ring. Grace hits a few powerslams with speed and follows it with a Vader bomb, cover. Shaw takes the champ down for a nearfall. Shaw plants Grace with a DDT off the ropes for another cover. Shaw goes up top and Grace chases. She slams her for a nearfall. Grace dumps Shaw on her neck, cover. Shaw counters Grace Driver with Shock and Awe. Grace hits a powerbomb followed by Grace Driver to seal the deal.

Winner: Jordynne Grace (c)

Jordynne celebrates on the ramp when Masha Slamovich returns with vicious chair shots. Masha tosses more chairs at the champ before driving her into the pile with Snow Plow. Masha poses with the title to close the show.


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