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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (12/09/2021)

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling, Eric Young tries to settle the score with former Violent By Design member Rhino.

IMPACT Wrestling

December 8, 2021, Las Vegas, NV

Commentary: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown

Chris Sabin & Mickie James vs. Deonna Purrazzo & Matthew Rehwoldt

Rehwoldt wants to go against Mickie, but Mickie catches him in a headlock, Matt shoulder tackles her down, but Mickie gets offense in before her and Chris do a double boot double team. He and Matt battle back and forth. Matt trips Sabin up and gets a near fall. Deonna gets in the ring and puts some offense on Sabin as she hits Mickie off the apron. Big vertical suplex by Matt with a cover for two on Sabin.

Sabin charges up from a headlock, but Matt downs him again. The fans try to motivate Sabin but Matt hoists him up for a sit-out powerbomb. Matt leaps off the top and Sabin catches him with a dropkick. Hot tag to Micke as her and Deonna duke it out. Takedown by Mickie. Chaos ensues between the four competitors and Mickie leaps off the top to theoutside on Sabin and Purrazzo. Mickie gets up top but Matt holds her leg. Mickie does nail her with a top rope Thesz press but Deonna rolls Mickie up close to the ropes and Matt grabs Mickie’s leg for leverage and the win.

WINNERS: Deonna Purrazzo & Matthew Cardona

Gia Miller is backstage with Matt Cardona. Matt knows how rare World Title shots are and he’s going to be ready at Hard To Kill. Enter Morrissey. He says he deserves a one-on-one shot at Hard To Kill. Morrissey says who knows what could happen before then. Matt Cardona just challenges Morrissey in the ring tonight for the shot at Hard To Kill.

Violent By Design says Rhino was supposed to be the base of the group but not anymore. There’s weird video package of the group stating their hate for him, Swann, Willie Mack and Heath.

Rohit Raju (Raj Singh) vs. Lawerence D.

LD was going to spray Rohit with his cologne but Rohit stops him. Rohit gets some offense first, but Lawrence D. exudes his strength and power. He splashes on Rohit for a two count. Suddenly, out comes Josh Alexander. He takes out Raj Singh, then takes out both Rohit and Lawrence D. He demands Jonah to come out and confront him.


Scott D’Amore comes out and notes that Jonah is not here because Scott knew this was going to.. Alexander is pissed and tells D’Amore that he’s testing his patience. D’Amore books a match between Alexander and JONAH at Hard To Kill. Josh C4 spikes a ringside Raj Singh out of anger and tells D’Amore that’s how he handles his emotions.

Backstage D’Amore is confronted by Steve Maclin. He wants a shot at his X-Division Title. Scott tells Maclin because of his actions, he’s going to tell Maclin “no.” Decay want to know the brackets of the Knockouts Ultimate X match and D’Amore says he’s delegated that to someone else.

The Learning Tree vs. Fin Juice

VSK and Zicky Dice do some heelish offense starting out, but this is Fin Juice’s performance. They hit their backbreaker elbow drop from the top for the 1-2-3.

WINNERS: Fin Juice

Post Match, Zicky Dice and VSK are arguing.

Moose wants to work with W. Morrissey one last time to take out Cardona. W. doesn’t trust Moose and says he’ll take Cardona out himself.

Street Fight

Eric Young vs. Rhino

Rhino tries to throw a trash can in the ring and EY keeps tossing it out. Eric attacks Rhino, but Rhino soon catches him with a back elbow before tossing his former leader. Rhino slams Eric on the barricade. Rhino belly to back suplexes Eric on the apron. He pulls out a bunch of weapons. Eric gouges Rhino’s eyes and goes to suplex Rhino on the entryway, but Rhino reverses the move onto the ramp.

Rhino hits Eric with a cookie pan and then the trash can. Rhino wedges the can in the turnbucke. Rhino charges but Eric moves and it’s Rhino who collides with a trash can. EY utilizes a chair. He stacks a bunch of weapons on Rhino and climbs up top. Rhino ascends and smacks Eric with a cookie tray. Rhino hits a big superplex. Not too long, VBD comes out and then so does Swann, Heath and Willie Mack. They playing field looks level until Good Brothers help out VBD. Rhino gets low blowed by Eric and then a piledriver for a 1-2-3.

WINNER: Eric Young

Madison Rayne says that Tenille Dashwood, Kaleb and her have spent so much time with IInspiration and they try to settle on a supergroup name, but they don’t.

The IInspiration & The Influence vs. Decay

Decay feign an outside dive onto their adversaries before heading to break. Back from it, Tenille guillotines Rosemary over the ropes. Cassie Lee chokes Rosemary with her boot in the corner. They doubleback kick and and kick Rosemary down to pose, but she Undertakers back up. They back in fear into the corner of Decay and all members bite them. There seems to be decension with Influence and Inspiration as Madison tries to sleeper Steve but he turns it into a smmoch. Black Taurus presses Tenille over the top onto her partners. Rosemary spears. Tenille for the 1-2-3.


Lady Frost is the newest IMPACT signee. Scott D’Amore comes in and congratulates her. She wants in the Knockouts Ultimate X match. Enter Gail Kim. She says Lady Frost is in. So is Tasha Steelz, Rachael Ellering, Jordynne Grace, Rosemary & Chelsea Green.

Throwback Throwdown II is coming December 18.

W. Morrsisey vs. Matt Cardona

The fight starts on the outside so the bell doesn’t officially ring. Morrissey dominates Matt on the outside with hard strikes. He puts Matt in the ring and the bell sounds. Matt downs W for a close fall. Morrissey hits a running back elbow. W. boots Matt off the apron and we head to break.

Morrissey is dominant through the break. He takes Cardona out to the outside. “Let’s Go Broski!” chants go down before Morrissey charges Cardona in the ring post. Cardona is donning the crimson mask. Cardona avoids a collision with Morrissey and Matt fights back. Hard elbows. He hits a facebuster on W. Matt soon hits a leaping dropkick on W. before nailing a Reboot. Two count. Soon a Radio Silence is hit: 1-2-no!

Morrissey nails a big boot to down Matt. W. gets heated and attacks Matt relentlessly in the corner, but Brian Hebner gets backed up. Morrissey continues his assault and shoves Brian off again and gets DQ’ed.

WINNER: Matt Cardona

Post match Morrissey continues his assault, powerbombing Cardona. Moose wants in on the action, but Morrissey boots him down. He wants to attack Matt further, Chelsea Green comes out to protect her man and W. shoves her off. That fires Matt up. He attacks W. and and stands tall with the IMPACT Title.


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