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IMPACT! on AXS TV Preview: April 14, 2020

Tonight IMPACT Wrestling on AXS TV will air the April 14, 2020 edition of IMPACT!

Below is the match line-up for the show.

Shamrock & Callihan Seal the Deal

This Tuesday on IMPACT!, Ken Shamrock and Sami Callihan will sign the contract for their highly-anticipated match at Rebellion. After being on the receiving end of mind games and a heinous fireball attack from the ICU hacker, Shamrock will be one step closer to his revenge after he signs on the dotted line. IMPACT Wrestling management has demanded there be no physical interaction between the two rivals during this contract signing. Can their hatred for one another be contained? 4-Way Tag Team Mayhem

IMPACT Wrestling’s tag team division has seen some new additions in recent months. Whether it’s the unique pairing of TJP and Fallah Bahh or the larger than life XXXL, the competition is heating up. This Tuesday on IMPACT!, those two teams with the addition of the Rascalz and Reno Scum will go to war in what is sure to be a chaotic collision. With The North successfully defending their Tag Team Championships against Tessa Blanchard and Eddie Edwards, everyone is looking to gain momentum in hopes of obtaining a coveted Title opportunity. Tenille Dashwood is Back

This Tuesday on IMPACT!, Tenille Dashwood returns to IMPACT Wrestling but her first match back is against an enraged Taya Valkyrie. The former Knockouts Champion was seen abusing John E Bravo with a steel chair as she begins fade deeper into madness. In a recent interview, Tenille stated that Taya thinks she’s bigger than the entire Knockouts division. On the next episode of IMPACT!, Tenille will be looking to bring her back down to earth. Swinger’s Back on the Sauce

After an interaction with Rosemary, Johnny Swinger revealed that he’s back on the sauce. Giving him all the confidence he needed, Swinger pursued Rosemary – but got brutally turned down. Before continuing his search for some rizzats, Swinger revealed that he has a match against a young buck, M. Jackson this Tuesday on IMPACT! Is this the M. Jackson we’re all thinking of, finally making his return to IMPACT Wrestling? Only time will tell. Super Mex Comes to IMPACT!

The wrestling world was thrilled to see Hernandez make his long-awaited return during the TNA on AXS TV special. Super Mex reminded us how high he can fly when he soared through the air to close out the monumental event. Now, Hernandez is set to compete this Tuesday on IMPACT! against the determined Rohit Raju of the Desi Hit Squad. Who will be victorious? ​


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