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IMPACT On AXS Tv Results (01/19/2021) Fallout From Hard To Kill

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling, we’ll see the fallout that takes place after AEW Champion Kenny Omega pinned IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann in the main event at Saturday’s Hard To Kill PPV.

IMPACT Wrestling, January 19, 2020

Commentators: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown

The Good Brothers, Kenny Omega & Don Callis are relishing in their victory soon after their match last Saturday. Don Callis leads them out the door before addressing the audience. He says he and Kenny Omega will be taking a bit of “hiatus” because they have business to attend to on AEW Dynamite, but they’ll be back. “Don’t think, just feel.”

Eric Young (with Joe Doering & Deaner) vs. Rhino (with Cousin Jake)

Rhino walks out with his “Call Your Shot” trophy. EY charges when the bell rings and Rhino takes it to him with some shots. EY holds onto the ropes and bails, but Jake sends him back into the fire. Hard chop followed by a slam into the opposite turnbuckle. He catches EY up top who gives him a thumb to the eye and then a low blow. Elbows to the back of Rhino. Deaner gets a cheap shot in. Two count.

Neck wrench to Rhino. He fights off EY and even avoids a senton splash on EY’s part. Clothesline followed by a back elbow, then a shoulder thrust in the corner and a small belly to belly. Deaner distracts Hebner and Joe Doering assaults Rhino, working on his leg, Grapevine leg hold and Rhino is forced to submit.

WINNER: Eric Young

Eric won’t let go of the hold. He finally does as they hold Cousin Jake down. EY wedges a chair on Rhino’s leg and attacks it. Doering stomps on it as Jake watches on. Officials run out as Striker and D’Lo note that grown men aren’t running out there to help because there is a fear of Violent By Design.

Footage post-match last Saturday, Moose is asked to give his reaction, standing by Rich. He throws Rich into a door. He tells Rich he kept his promise at Hard To Kill. The title he’s carrying around will be his soon.

We cut to Rich now. He’s gonna give Moose the opportunity to show how bad he wants this title tonight.

Acey approaches Tommy and presents the Ring Rust cologne that he found in the Knockouts locker room. He states that someone sprayed Larry D with it to prompt him to shoot John E. Bravo. He did some fingerprint analysis and says there’s only one person’s digits on that and the smoking gun. Dreamer thinks on it as we cut to The Good Brothers in the IMPACT Zone.

Good Brothers come out and said they made history again on January 16. They did what they always do when the three of them get together: make world wide headlines. The party has been going on since Saturday and it hasn’t stopped. It doesn’t matter because they’re going to hold onto those tag titles as long as they want. They do a “Too Sweet” before Chris Sabin comes out.

Sabin says he knows The Good Brothers treat IMPACT as their own personal party bus. He wasn’t pinned in the main event and nor was Alex Shelley so they deserve a tag team title rematch. Doc notes that he doesn’t have a partner. Sabin notes that he does have a partner and he knows a thing or two about tag wrestling. Out comes James Storm.

Storm notes his and Sabin’s accolades before noting that they have something they want. The Good Brothers don’t put fear into their opponents when they walk down the ramp, and Storm continues to take digs before out comes Matt Hardy and Private Party. He talks about there’s six-man tag match tomorrow tonight for them, but Hardy wants PP to have a warm-up match. He runs down his fees for Kassidy and Quen, but Storm has enough of their BS because this is a conversation that doesn’t involve them. Hardy challenges The Good Brothers and notes that he and Jeff Hardy never lost those belts and he thinks that’s unfair. Doc suggests that Private Party and Sabin & James Storm duke it out with one another to earn that right. Hardy is gonna get in contact with his lawyers and makes sure that happens.

Gina is with Matt Cardona. He’s not exactly pleased he won his IMPACT debut via DQ and is here to prove himself.

Kaleb With A K is with Tenille as Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan come in to propose a discount to the duo for the Fire Flava Festival. Swinger comes in for a “two for one deal, daddy!” Fallah enters and mentions the wad of cash that got stolen. The elevator opens and out comes Brian Myers who stirs it up with Bahh. They look to be having a match.

Kimber Lee & Susan (with Deonna Purrazzo) vs. Jordynne Grace & Jazz

Susan isolates Jazz. Jazz and Lee get collided into one another. Jazz gets a pin attempt on Susan before smashing her with some forearms. It’s Jordynne and Susan in the ring. She gets Irish whipped, but slides out of the ring. They brawl outside as we go to break.

Back from it, Kimber is on the offense against Grace before tagging in Susan. She taunts Jazz. Corner punches. Grace fights back and tries giving her a muscle buster, but Susan sends her crashing into the turnbuckle and tags in Lee. They double team Grace who hits a spinning leg kick on Grace. Pin attempt.

Jordynne blocks some chops from Lee but Lee knocks her down. Forearms to the chest from Lee, but Lee soon counters for a lariat. Both women are down. Jazz gets the tag and so does Susan. Susan tries to take her jacket off and Jazz jabs away at her. Grace cannonballs' Susan in the corner for a Vader splash. Big DDT by Jazz. Cover, gets a two count.

It’s not long before Deonna comes out with a distraction, Susan gets the roll-up on Jazz and the win.

Gina is backstage with Taya Valkyrie. She’s asked what’s next for her. John E. Bravo interrupts her and tells her that she was the one who made the attempt on John E. Bravo’s life. Taya admits it and gets arrested. Tommy says he could go to Jacksonville State Pen or spend a long time up in Stamford Correctional Facility and that could change a person. He kisses John E.’s forehead. As Taya gets led out the door she apologizes to Rosemary and the two embrace. Crazzy Steve goes to comfort her and the two share an Eskimo head butt.

Tony Schiavone is standing in “a real production” studio in Atlanta, Georgia at the AEW Control Center. He sends it to Tony Khan who is standing with Jerry Lynn! He talks about Matt Hardy’s match tonight before sending it back to Tony S. to run down tomorrow’s Dynamite card. Khan notes that Matt Hardy is here because of him and that he’s not a carny, but Matt Hardy is. The biggest carny he knows. He and Jerry are going to scout tonight’s match and he and Mr. JL are shown actually backstage at the IMPACT Zone.

Out comes Rich Swann. Saturday at Hard to Kill, he felt the pressure of being IMPACT World Champion. He felt the pressure of leading IMPACT into war with AEW. He thrives for that pressure, he lives for that pressure. He, Sabin and Moose all came out for that, but he did have eyes in the back of his head when it came to trusting Moose. He doesn’t know if his feud with he and Kenny Omega is over, but what he does know that Omega isn’t in the building. So for once, his schedule is wide open. So he calls Moose out.

Moose comes out and lays his TNA Title down in the middle of the ring. He knows that Swann is angry and it’s probably not best to take action when he’s angry. Moose knows about anger (just ask Willie Mack). He wants his World Title shot. Rich wants to do it, right here, right now. Moose says that Rich doesn’t say when, Moose does. Rich is on his time. Rich is fine with that but begins punching Moose. Moos goes to attack him but gets some boots and Swann rips off Moose’s dress shirt and tie. He knocks Moose down and hits a splash.

Scott D’Amore is backstage and in comes Rohit Raju into his office. Then so does TJP. Raju is incredulous at him being the title holder. Of course he is. He always was Manik. D’Amore agrees to Rohit having a match against TJP in two weeks and Rohit seems angrily settled with the idea, but what he doesn’t know is it’s a non-title match.

Fire and Flava run into ref Brandon and run down their festival. They pitch their several celebration packages to him. Nevaeh and Havok show up to say they’ll take their platinum package. They say all packages are sold out and offers them a copper package (“sitting at home, with their cats”).

Brian Myers vs. Fallah Bahh

Myers goes for a takedown, but it’s Bahh so it doesn’t work. Bahh shoulder blocks him down before giving him a big body slam. Atomic leg drop. Two count. Eraser cross body for another two count. He catches Myers with a belly-to-belly. Another near fall.

Myers gets in control and tries a pin attempt of his own. Face lock on Bahh. Belly to back to Myers. Several lariats downs him. Bahh charges and splashes before butt bumping him in the corner. Samoan drop for a two count.

Brian tries fighting him, but Bahh is unfazed. He inadvertently pokes Myers in the eye. This distracts the ref allowing Myers to hit a low blow and get the pinfall win on Bahh.

WINNER: Brian Myers

Gina is backstage with Ace Austin who believes that IMPACT Hard To Kill was a travesty without him on the card. Pre-show commentary? Please. He was met with Matt Cardona who apparently works here now. Where he worked previously, they paid Cardona to not see him. In comes Josh Alexander and he tells him enough. He’s gonna give Ace a free lesson. Nothing is given in this business. He’s got no problem stepping foot in the ring with him. Madman grabs him from behind after a shoving match and they gang up on him. In comes Cardona for the save.

Eddie Edwards is with the doc who recommends Eddie cuts out the hardcore matches. In comes Myers who complains about his poked eye. He calls Eddie a backyard wrestler and Eddie challenges him to a match.


Chris Sabin & James Storm vs. Private Party (w/ Matt Hardy)

Sabin and Kassidy tie it up. Striker notes their training background in NYC. They come to a very athletic stalemate and the two exchange hand shakes. Double teaming by PP. Two count. Double axe handle to the ribs, but Sabin gets the tag to Storm who goes on a flurry. Big tornado DDT from Isiah. Enziguri to Storm up top and he goes tumbling to the outside. We see Jerry Lynn and Tony Khan sit at ringside. Khan is taking notes. We go to break.

Back from it, Storm is isolated. Matt Striker notes that Isiah Kassidy’s mother tells him to stay away from Matt Hardy. Near fall on Storm. Storm bear hubs and suplexes himself free. Sabin comes in hot and takes out both men, giving Isiah a tornado DDT before missile dropkicking Quen down. Storm gets to his feet and Storm pushes off Sabin to add some “oomph” onto his tornado DDT. Cover but the save is made. Storm takes out Kassidy as Sabin strikes Quen and Storm catches him with a lung blower.

Later on, Storm gives a running neck breaker. Enziguri from Kassidy to Storm. All men are soon down as Hardy yells at Isiah. Sabin and Quen trade shots. Great double teams by PP. Moonsault onto Isiah’s knees gets a two count on Sabin. Isiah dives big onto Storm. Sabin goes to attack PP up top, but Jerry Lynn runs in and grabs Sabin’s leg, allowing Private Party to hit a Gin N’ Juice for the win.


Good Brothers come out and stare down Private Party, but Storm and Sabin come in and it’s chaos to end the show.


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