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IMPACT Slammiversary XXVI Results


Trey and TJP double superkick Crist. TJP head spin takeovers Trey. Mack lands a few chops. Trey sends Mack out of the ring. Trey does a springboard arm drag on TJP. Mack blasts Trey with a nasty chop. Mack Samoan drops TJP, then follows that with a standing moonsault. Crist breaks up the pin. The crowd showers Crist with boos. TJP locks Crist in a  standing Indian deathlock. TJP grabs Mack in a front chancery. Trey neck breakers TJP, which forces him to DDT Mack at the same time. TJP puts bot Trey and Crist in an abdominal stretch. Mack blasts TJP in the back of the head.

Wrecking ball dropkick by TJP to Mack. Crist hits a diving  DDT to the outside to Mack. Trey takes everyone out with a diving corkscrew splash. Crist and Mack battle on the top rope. TJP puts Trey in a surfboard stretch. Crist tries to pin TJP while he has Trey locked in the hold. Mack dives off the top and hits a double foot stomp. Crist powerslam Trey into the corner for a near fall. Crist destroys Mack with a DVD. TJP breaks up the pin. TJP puts Crist in the heel hook/figure four. Trey leaps off the top rope and drops both knees into TJP’s head. Crist drops Trey with a super cutter. Mack surprises Crist with the Six Star Frog splash for the win!

Winner – Willie Mack


Santana and Ortiz knock PAge and Alexander out of the ring. LAX sends both Rascalz into the rope. Dez and Wentz hit suicide dives. LAX drops Wentz with an elevated DDT. Rolling cutter but Santana on Dez. Wentz superkicks Santana. Alexander steps in front of Ortiz as Wentz tries a handspring. Alexander catches Wentz and hits a suplex with Page’s help. Alexander puts Wentz in the ankle lock. Page tries to keep everyone out of the ring but Dez eventually gets in. Dez tosses Wentz into Alexander in the corner. After a series of kicks from Dez and Wentz, Alexander falls to the mat. Double foot stomp by Wentz for a near fall.

Page tosses Wentz off the top rope onto Ortiz as he is trying to pin Alexander. Alexander hits a backflip slam off the top on Dez. Page lands a Swanton. Dez kicks out. Cannonball by Santana. Double reverse suplex by LAX to Page. LAX sets up the Street Sweeper. Page breaks it up. Konnan yells for them to call someone out. Santana is down on the floor and he is hurt. Back in the ring, the North is working over Wentz. Dez surprises Alexander and Page with a springboard dropkick. Dez and Wentz hit their finisher. Page breaks it up by power bombing Dez on top of Wentz. Alexander and Page get the win.

Winners and STILL IMPACT Tag Team Champions, The North!


Kross runs down the ramp as Edwards makes his entrance. Edwards hits Kross with Kenny the Kendo Stick. Edwards lands a dive. Edwards lands a few stiff chops to Kross. Kross sends Edwards into the apron with a powerbomb. Kross brings a chair into the ring. Edwards and Kross trade suplexes. Kross falls to the outside. Edwards tries another suicide dive but Kross hits Edwards in the head with a chair. Kross gut wrench suplexes Edwards off the apron onto a few chairs. Kross misses a chair shot. Edwards tosses a chair into Kross’ face. Edwards lands what was supposed to be a blue thunder bomb. Kross takes Edwards down and lands multiple strikes. Kross whips Edwards into the corner.

Kross mocks Edwards and his kendo stick. Kross tosses the stick out of the ring. Kross tries to back suplex Edwards off the top rope to the outside. Edwards escapes and hits the Boston Knee Party. Edwards tries to hit Kross with the kendo stick but Kross puts Edwards in the Kross Jacket. Edwards and Kross fall to the outside. Edwards tiger drivers Kross out on the floor. Edwards hits the Boston Knee Party to the back of Kross’ head. Kross sits up and Edwards does it again. Edwards picks up Kenny as Kross gets to his knees. Edwards tells Kenny that he loves him and breaks the stick in half. Edwards sticks Kenny down Kross’ throat. Kross starts bleeding from the mouth. Edwards wins.

Winner- Eddie Edwards


Moose attacks RVD before the bell ring. RVD hit spinning heel kick and a splash. RVD call for rolling thunder but Moose rolls out of the ring. RVD hits a senton over the top. RVD plays to the crowd. Moose boots RVD in the face. Moose tries apron powerbomb but RVD reverses it into a ranna. RVD blasts Moose with a running senton off the apron. Moose chases RVD down and boots him in the face. Delay basement dropkick in the corner by Moose. Suplex by Moose. Moose charges at RVD. RVD back body drops Moose over the top rope onto the ramp. RVD lands a few clotheslines. RVD tries to showboat but Moose pokes RVD in the eye. RVD kicks Moose in the head. RVD gets a near fall after the split-legged moonsault.

RVD hops up to the top rope. Moose surprises RVD with a dropkick. Moose crushes RVD with the Go To Hell. RVD kicks out. RVD and Moose trade punches. Moose DDTs RVD. Moose nips up to his feet. Moose goes up top. Moose tries a frog splash but RVD moves out of the way. RVD DDTs Moose. Moose kicks out. Moose uses the referee as a shield. Moose low blows RVD. Moose grabs a chair. RVD hits the Van Daminator. Moose gets his foot on the bottom rope to stop the pinfall. RVD drop toe holds Moose onto a chair. RVD tries the Five Star Frog Splash but Moose moves out of the way. RVD lands on a chair. Moose hits the No Jackhammer Needed Spear for the win.

Winner- Moose


Rosemary puts Yung in the upside-down as Valkyrie stomps Havok in the corner. Everyone grabs a weapon from under the ring. Rosemary and Yung duel with chairs. Valkyrie tries to staple Havok. Rosemary dumps Havok out to the apron. Rosemary hits Havok in the face with a trash can. Valkyrie tosses Rosemary out of the ring. Valkyrie staples Yung’s back over and over again. Valkyrie staples a photo of herself to Yung’s forehead. Valkyrie jams the photo into Yung’s mouth. Valkyrie blasts Yung with a knee to the head. Havok attacks Valkyrie. Havok puts Valkyrie in a tree of woe. Havok hangman neck breakers Valkyrie on the chair. Havok drives a boot into Valkyrie’s head. Rosemary lands a dropkick off the top to Havok.

Rosemary hits Havok with a cooking sheet. Yung chokes Rosemary with a dog collar. Yung puts the collar on Rosemary. Yung attaches the other end to Rosemary. Yung sends Rosemary head-first into a chair. Yung puts on her bloody glove. Valkyrie hits Rosemary and Yung with a ladder. Valkyrie drops Havok facefirst on the ladder. Valkyrie lays Havok on top of a ladder. Valkyrie sets up a moonsault but Rosemary cuts her off. After a tower of doom, Yung and Rosemary lands on the ladder. Havok runs headfirst into a chair. Rosemary spears Valkyrie. Rosemary pulls a bag of tack from under the ring. Rosemary spreads them in the ring. Valkyrie German suplexes Rosemary. Valkyrie curb stomps Rosemary into the tacks. Havok tombstones Yung off the second rope into the tacks. Valkyrie pushes Havok out of the ring and pins Yung.

Winner and STILL Knockouts Champion, Taya Valkyrie


Impact retreats to the outside early. Swann and Impact trade arm drags and pin attempts. Ranna by Swann. Swann dropkicks Impact. Bravo throws some tacks in the ring to distract the referee. Impact cheapshots Swann. Springboard head kick by Impact. Impact drops Swann face-first onto the guardrail. Impact grabs the title. While the referee is busy with Impact, Bravo stomps Swann. Swann surprises Impact with a rolling DDT. Swann goes up top. Impact leaps up top and tries a Spanish fly. Swann escapes and hits a superkick. Swann gets a near fall after a cartwheel phoenix splash. Swann drops an elbow off the top. Impact kicks out. Impact sweeps Swann’s legs. Impact hits Johnny’s edge. Swann kicks out. Impact tries a slingshot spear.

Swann catches Impact with a European uppercut in midair. Swann tries to superplex Impact out of the ring. Swann and Impact trade punches. Both men fall off the top rope to the outside. Both men are almost counted out. Impact hits an avalanche Spanish fly. Impact pops up to his feet and hits a standing Spanish fly. Swann kicks out. Impact sents Swann out into the ropes but Swann dives over the top and leg drops Bravo. Impact counters Swann’s handspring with a disaster kick. Impact hits Starship Pain. Swann kicks out! Swann fires up and unloads on Impact. Swann hits two handspring cutters. Swann hits the phoenix splash off the top for the win.

Winner and STILL X-Division Champion, Rich Swann!


Elgin and Cage trade punches. Elgin boots Cage in the face multiple times. Elgin hits the ropes but Cage runs over Elgin with a shoulder block. Cage drives Elgin into the corner. Cage clotheslines Elgin in the corner, over and over again. Cage combo in the corner. Elgin rolls out of the ring. Cage does a front flip over the top rope onto Elgin. Cage lands on his feet. Elgin counters a right hand by Cage into a dragon suplex. Elgin crushes Cage in the corner with a clothesline. Elgin lands a superplex. Cage kicks out. Elgin works over Cage’s back. Elgin drives Cage’s back into the barricade. Elgin suplexes Cage on the ring apron. Elgin misses a twisting senton off the top. Elgin catches a boot by Cage. Elgin back breakers Cage. Cage superkicks Elgin. Springboard tornado DDT by Cage.

619 followed by a flip suplex by Cage. Elgin kicks out. Head trap superkick by Cage. Cage gets another near fall after an electric chair drop. Elgin deadlift powerbombs Cage. Elgin lariats Cage. Elgin hits an ax bomber. Elgin destroys Cage with a crucifix powerbomb. Cage kicks out! Elgin buckle bombs Cage. Cage bounces off the turnbuckle and hits a discus clothesline! Cage and Elgin run into each other with clotheslines. Cage and Elgin trade strikes. Elgin drops Cage with a superkick. Elgin runs into a buckle bomb by Cage. Cage tries the F5 but Elgin reverses it into a Canadian destroyer. Cage kicks out. Cage finally hits the F5. Elgin kicks out. Cage tries the Drill Claw but his back gives out. Elgin clubs Cage in the back of the head. Elgin buckle bombs Cage. Elgin tries the Elgin Bomb but Cage reverses it into a roll-up for the win!

Winner and STILL IMPACT Champion, Brian Cage!

After the match, Elgin beats down Cage. Elgin grabs the title and bad mouths Don Callis. Elgin drags Don into the ring. Before Elgin can attack someone (obviously Rhino) Spears (Gores) Elgin.


Blanchard brings a bat to the ring. Callihan mocks Blanchard. Blanchard tackles Callihan and lands a few strikes. Spinning head scissors by Blanchard. Blanchard hits a triangle dropkick. Suicide dive by Blanchard. Blanchard tries another but Callihan catches her. Callihan swings her, headfirst, into the barricade twice. Callihan DVDs Blanchard on the floor. Blanchard is slow to get up. Callihan powerbombs Blanchard on the apron. Blanchard eventually makes it back into the ring. Callihan kicks Blanchard in the head. Blanchard manages to land a neck breaker. Callihan responds with a running boot to the face. Callihan sends Blanchard out to the ramp. Callihan sets up a powerbomb into the crowd. Blanchard escapes and hits a cutter. Callihan yells at Blanchard to hit him. Blanchard decks him. Callihan punches Blanchard in the gut.

Blanchard lands a Samoan drop. Spinning DDT by Blanchard. Callihan kicks out. Callihan hits the get outta here. Callihan puts Blanchard in an STF. Blanchard manages to get to the ropes. Callihan tries to piledriver Blanchard off the top rope. Blanchard escapes and blasts Callihan with a code breaker. Blanchard pushes the referee. Callihan hits Blanchard in the head with a bat. A second referee hits the ring and makes the count. Blanchard kicks out. Callihan pushes the new referee. Blanchard spits in Callihan’s face. Callihan tries to hit her with the bat. Blanchard low blows Callihan. Blanchard hits Magnum. Callihan kicks out. Callihan hits a package tombstone! Blanchard kicks out! Callihan drops Blanchard with the Cactus Special for the win.

Winner- Sami Callihan

After the match, Callihan pushes the referee out of the ring. Callihan hands Blanchard her bat. Callihan walks away.


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