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IMPACT Victory Road Results (09/23/2022)

Pre-Show Match: Bullet Club (Ace Austin, Chris Bey & Juice Robinson) vs. Jason Hotch, Shogun & Jack Price

Austin starts the match with Shogun before tagging in Robinson. Bey comes in with a double stomp to Shogun’s back. Hotch comes in with a neckbreaker and clears Bullet Club off the apron. Price is in briefly before Shogun tags in. Bullet Club triple teams all three men one at a time. Ace kicks Price before Bey double stomps him off of Robinson’s shoulders. Ace pins Price for the win as there looks to have been some confusion about who the legal man was for Bullet Club.

Winners: Bullet Club

Pre-Show Match: Tasha Steelz vs. Killer Kelly

Tasha starts the match outside the ring. Kelly sits on her knees waiting. Tasha comes in and tries to kick her, but Kelly attempts a submission. They trade chops until Tasha delivers a knee to the gut. Kelly boots her in the corner and then delivers a pump kick. On the apron, Kelly punts Tasha in the head. Tasha catches the next boot and trips Kelly. Tasha kicks Kelly but Kelly keeps rising up. Tasha stomps on Kelly in the corner. Tasha covers for a two. Kelly punches Tasha in the stomach, but Tasha headbutts her back down. Tasha does another kick to the face, two count. Tasha does a forearm into the corner. She dropkicks Killer and stacks her up. Tasha applies a stretch on the mat. Kelly tries to roll through but Tasha keeps it in. Kelly stands up with Tasha and backs into the corner. Tasha is placed on the rope rope as Kelly does a delayed Fisherman’s Buster. Kelly trips Tasha into the turnbuckle and does a hesitation dropkick. Savannah distracts long enough for Tasha to hit a bulldog. Evans holds Kelly in the ropes with a chain. Kelly uses the chain on Steelz and the ref catches it. Kelly puts the chain around the ref and chokes him out. Officials run in to break it up.

Winner: Tasha Steelz by DQ

The main card opens with a video package as we kick off with a title match.

X-Division Championship: Mike Bailey (c) vs. Delirious

Delirious goes right for the legs to start. Bailey keeps him at bay and applies an arm hold. Bailey does his series of standing kicks followed by a kick to the head. Delirious dropkicks and hits a clothesline in the corner followed by a neckbreaker. Delirious applies a choke hold until Bailey stomps and kicks his way free. Bailey corkscrews into a cover. Bailey kicks around as Delirious circles the ring until Delirious cuts him off. Delirious does a back drop onto the apron and then the ringside floor. Back in the ring, Bailey fights through and flips his way into a corner kick. He goes up top but Delirious trips him off. Delirious hits Shadows Over Hell for a nearfall. They chop each other until Bailey superkicks him down. He does a backflip with the knees to the ribs. Delirious applies a Cobra Stretch and then backflips him. Bailey lands the Flamingo Driver for the win.

Winner: Mike Bailey (c)

Backstage, Honor No More take turns cutting promos and hyping their pursuits of championship gold at Bound For Glory. Edwards berates PCO for losing to Heath last night. Vincent intervenes.

Vincent & PCO vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Sabin and PCO start with a lockup. MCMG double kick PCO and he rolls out. PCO tags Vincent as Shelley comes in. They trade blows in the middle of the ring until Sabin interrupts with a dropkick. Double team offense, Sabin covers. Sabin stretches the midsection before tagging Shelley. Shelley comes in with a cover. Vincent hits a Side Russian Legsweep, cover. PCO tags in and boots Shelley. Vincent with a back suplex followed by Flatliner, cover. PCO hits a rolling elbow to the back of Shelley. Vincent accidentally pump kicks PCO when Shelley ducks. Vincent runs into PCO again before Sabin comes in and dropkicks PCO. Sabin backslides Vincent, atomic drop. Shining Wizard connects, followed by another kick to the face. Sabin rolls Vincent into an elbow from Shelley. Sabin hits a clothesline, cover. Vincent slams Sabin. PCO hits a draping DDT from the second rope on Sabin. PCO goes up top for a legdrop, cover. Vincent with a swanton from the top, Shelley breaks the cover. PCO is sent out of the ring by Shelley. MCMG double team Vincent with a cradle slam for the win.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

Mickie James vs. Gisele Shaw

Shaw brings a “Happy Retirement” balloon with her to the ring. Mickie works the arm to start. Shaw hits a twisting armdrag after flipping off the top rope. Mickie stretches Shaw until Shaw reaches the rope. Gisele does a shoulder breaker to her knee. Gisele hits a suplex, cover. Mickie gets Gisele wrapped up in the apron before hitting a dropkick. Gisele sends Mickie face first into the middle turnbuckle. Gisele does a corkscrew over the top rope with her foot hitting Mickie in the face. Back inside, Gisele has a neck hold in on the mat. Mickie works her way up but can’t escape just yet. Mickie punches out and then they trade blows. Mickie catches the knee and splits Shaw before booting her in the face, cover. Mickie lands a neckbreaker, cover. Shaw hits a backbreaker into a flatliner for a nearfall. Mickie with a flapjack. She goes up top and lands senton for a two. Gisele hits a spin kick, nearfall. Mickie lands MickDT for the hometown victory.

Winner: Mickie James

Triple Threat Revolver: Mia Yim vs. Kenny King vs. Black Taurus vs. Yuya Uemura vs. Alex Zayne vs. Trey Miguel vs. Laredo Kid vs. Frankie Kazarian

Yim, Kid, and Miguel kick things off. Kid moonsaults off the top turnbuckle onto Trey and Mia outside the ring. Back in, Kid maintains offense against the two. Kid goes up top and nails a 450 as Mia is laid on top of Trey. Trey curls Kid in the corner for a superkick to the head. Trey kicks Mia on the top turnbuckle, but Mia chops Trey out of the ring. Mia lands a huge DDT and then Eat Defeat on Laredo Kid for the first elimination.

Alex Zayne is out next. Yim dives out of the ring, but Zayne catches her and sends her into the apron. Zayne slams Mia onto Trey, covers. Mia dropkicks Trey into the turnbuckle and then flips Zayne over with a crucifix bomb into a cover to eliminate him.

Kenny King enters. He enters the ring but then dips, allowing Mia to work Trey for a beat. King grabs Mia out of the ring before Trey slides in with a dropkick. Mia and Trey take turns pulling each other off thee apron. King drops Trey into the ropes and lands a kick to Mia’s head before nailing a spinebuster. Mia hits flatliner, bit King gets his foot on the rope. Mia leaves Trey and dives onto Kenny outside. Trey wipes out Mia on the apron. He rolls her in and they trade moves until King comes in to roll Mia up for the three.

Yuya Uemura out next. Yuya dropkicks Trey, cover. King hits a suplex, cover. King cranks Yuya’s neck. Trey and Yuya take turns striking King. Trey eliminates Yuya.

Frankie Kazarian joins the fray. King steps out to the apron at first before jumping Trey. Frankie punches both men and clotheslines them each. King cuts off Kazarian with a heel kick. Trey hits meteora on Kazarian as King gets DDT’d in the process. The three trade blows as they rise up. Trey flips over King but gets caught in a rear naked choke. Trey taps.

Black Taurus is the last entrant. He wastes no time in slamming around both King and Kazarian. Kazarian is rolled up by King, spinebuster follows. King powerbombs Frankie, and Taurus breaks it up. Taurus slaps Kazarian before getting rolled up. Kazarian bridges a suplex into a cover with King. Kazarian rolls Taurus up again. Kazarian goes to do a DDT on the apron with Taurus and they both fall to the floor. Kazarian hits King with a cutter for the victory.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian

Backstage, Taya and Jessicka rally for a tag title match with Gail Kim. Rosemary wants to see it play out, so Gail sanctions a tag title match for Bound For Glory.

Bobby Fish made a surprise appearance to a big pop in Nashville. Fish got on the mic and addressed the heat that’s surrounding him right now. He considers himself a guy who does his job well. He jokes about not being able to get fired from IMPACT, but he’s kept his eyes on the locker room. Now he’s here to pick a fight. Shera and Raj Singh interrupted and said Fish can’t just walk in here and talk garbage. Singh got in Fish’s face and shoved him, which led to Fish clearing both Singh and Shera out of the ring. Fish grabbed the mic and commented, “I still don’t know who you are,” to conclude the segment.

Honor No More (Eddie Edwards & OGK) vs. Josh Alexander, Rich Swann & Heath

Eddie wipes Josh and Heath off the apron and as he takes control of Swann. Bennett and Taven take turns coming in and out to beat Swann down further. Heath is able to get tagged in and clears the ring. He tries to hit Eddie with Wake Up Call, but Taven holds Eddie. Josh boots Eddie out of the ring and backs up to his corner as Taven wraps Heath’s knee around the ring post. Heath sends Bennett and Taven out. Josh tags in with Eddie having nowhere to go. Eddie chops Josh and then they trade blows. Josh with an overhead belly to belly. Bennett and Taven cut Josh off, but Josh suplexes Bennett. OGK then gets double suplexed. Swann flips off the apron and wipes out OGK. Maria holds Josh’s foot, allowing Eddie to pin for a nearfall. Josh catches Taven in the Ankle Lock, but Eddie hits Boston Knee Party. Eddie hits the Die Hard Driver and pins the World Champ.

Winners: Honor No More

Mickie James finds Mia Yim in the locker room. James praises Mia’s work in the X-Division match tonight. Mia talks about how Mickie is making history now. They agree to face each other at Bound For Glory.

Pick Your Poison: Jordynne Grace vs. Max The Impaler

Jordynne and Max show off their strength to start. Grace dives to the outside, but Max catches her and viciously slams Grace into the apron to knock the wind out of her. Max does a lot of rolling in and out of the ring to reset the ten count as Jordynne is picked apart on the outside. Grace musters enough strength to deliver an Alabama Slam on the ramp. Jordynne weakens Max in the ring before Max comes back with an explosive spear, nearfall. Jordynne manages to hit a sunset flip powerbomb on Max out of the corner. Jordynne quickly flips Max into the Grace Driver for the win.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

Jordynne Grace gets on the mic and announces Masha Slamovich will have to face Allie Katch in a Monster’s Ball match in the next bout for Pick Your Poison.

Raven is the next inductee into the IMPACT Hall of Fame.

Barbed Wire Massacre: Moose vs. Steve Maclin vs. Sami Callihan

Maclin dawns war paint while Callihan is dressed like Mick Foley, and Moose is in a jumps suit. Maclin is shoved into the barbed wire by Moose, who rolls a wire-wrapped rolling pin against his forehead. A bloodied Maclin does an Olympic Slam on Moose for a nearfall. Callihan suplexes Maclin and then Moose into the wire. Maclin eats a suplex onto a wire chair from Sami. Callihan pulls out a Nintendo 64 remote wrapped in wire, which is used against Maclin’s forehead. Maclin almost passes out with barbed wire in his mouth, be he gets to his feet. Maclin dives out to Moose beforee hitting Sami with a dropkick. Maclin gets yanked out by Moose during the cover. Moose powerbombs Maclin into the ropes. Moose goes for a spear but Maclin hits him in the head with a chair. Maclin covers, but Sami breaks it up.

Moose is laid out on a table outside the ring. Maclin chokes out Sami and then goes up top with a chair in hand. Maclin does an elbow drop with the chair onto Moose, but no table break. Back in the ring, Maclin uses a trash can lid to shield himself from Sami’s bat. Sami gets the best of him and does an elbow drop with the bat. Sami lays out Maclin with Cactus Driver 97, but it’s still not enough. Maclin low blows Sami and DDT’s him onto a wire-covered door for the three.

Winner: Steve Maclin


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