• Carlos Astorga

Impact Wrestlers To Lookout For In 2020

With 2020 just around the corner this is a top 5 list that we have compiled of Impact Wrestling talents to lookout for in 2020. With the company filled with so much young talent they really are in a great position to create the stars of tomorrow.

5. Tenille Dashwood

Tenille Dashwood has wrestled all over the world and now she is in Impact Wrestling. This 15 year vet has a lot left to prove for the world of professional wrestling. Now that she's in Impact we can now finally see what the world has missed on her for not letting her true potential shine. Tenille really commands her presence to be known whenever she steps into that ring. With Impact really focusing on the female talent we can expect to see Tenille wrestle some of the great men and women on the Impact Wrestling roster. We expect Tenille to win the gold very soon and show us her dominance as a Knockouts Champion.

4. TJP

TJP has a long history with Impact Wrestling. Ever since he returned to the promotion fans around the world have been very vocal on wanting to see him on the shows more often. TJP has one thing going for him that can help Impact Wrestling out in the near future, he's also wrestling for NJPW. This could help out the relationship between the two companies if more talents are allowed to go there. We expect TJP to have a great 2020 and even capturing the world or X-Division title some time down the line. He has the skills and the drawing power to really help capture new and old fans back to Impact Wrestling.

3. Ace Austin

Ace Austin already had a great 2019 but 2020 looks more promising for the current X-Division Champion. He was involved in a feud earlier this year with Eddie Edwards and is currently feuding with Trey Miguel of the Rascalz in a very similar yet entertaining story-line. Ace is rapidly becoming a strong merchandise seller for the company and he should have his heights set on bigger feuds and title opportunities next year. Only time will tell on what happens next. Ace Austin is someone you should really keep an eye out for.

2. Trey Miguel

Trey Miguel is one member of the Rascalz that is slowly getting more and more of a push. He's currently feuding with current X-Division Champion Ace Austin which hopefully leads to a title shot opportunity. Trey has also been given more mic time on the show and has had no problem getting his message across. He has incredible move set that just makes you want to keep your eyes on the screen so that you wont miss anything. 2020 looks like the year that Trey can finally branch out and establish himself as a threat in the industry.

1. Dezmond Xavier

Dezmond Xavier or Dez as he now goes by is the more polished member of the Rascalz. He's is a former Super X-Cup winner, former PWG standout & future champion in Impact Wrestling. When you see the style of wrestling that's popular right, when you see the athleticism that's out there right now Dez is the best of the best going right now. He may need to work on a few things like more mic time but even if he doesn't talk his in ring ability is what can make him a huge star. There is always that talk about who's going to be Impact Wrestling's next AJ Styles? Well I personally think that Dez can be that somebody and more if the promotion really decides to get him to that level. 2020 should be a big year in terms of growth and exposure for Dez. Just remember you heard it first on Indy Pro Wrestling that Dez is destined to be the next big star out of Impact Wrestling.