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IMPACT Wrestling Against All Odds Results (07/01/2022)

IMPACT Wrestling will hold its Against All Odds at Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia, on July 1st, 2022.

In the main event, Josh Alexander will defend the IMPACT World Championship against Joe Doering.

The results are as follows:


Black Taurus defeated Laredo Kid

IMPACT Digital Media Championship: Rich Swann (c) vs. Brian Myers

The match quickly spills to the outside. Myers hits Swann with a keyboard and a mouse. Swan n rallies, but Myers gains the upper hand and chokes the champion with a tripod. The challenger continues to control the action and ties Swann’s arm to the ropes. He hits him with an extension cord and blasts him with the tripod. Swann keeps fighting and gains the upper hand. Myers hits a DDT for a two count. Swann hits a Death Valley Driver onto a chair for a two-count. A Spear still doesn’t keep Swann down.

The champion perseveres, and the bout ventures up the entrance ramp. Swann drops Myers with a cutter on the ramp. Myers blasts Swann with a keyboard and floors him with the Roster Cut clothesline for the win.

Winner and new IMPACT Digital Media Champion: Brian Myers

Main Show:

Ace Austin & Chris Bey vs. Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin)

Alex Shelley and Ace Austin feel each other out early on. Sabin takes in and squares off with the former X-Division Champion. Shelley takes a swing at Austin, and Sabin capitalizes by catching him with a dropkick. Austin gains the upper hand and grounds Sabin. The Motor City Machine Guns showcase their tag team excellence and double-team Austin. Shelley sends Bey to the outside, but Austin blasts the veterans with penalty kicks. Bey dives onto the Guns at ringside, and the Bullet Club duo takes control by ganging up on Shelley. Bey rakes Shelley’s back, as does Austin. Bey maintains the advantage, but Shelley rallies. Bey pulls Sabin off the apron to prevent him from tagging in. Shelley ducks a kick, causing Bey to kick Austin and allowing Sabin to tag in.

He enters the match with a flurry of offense and ducks a Spear from Bey, so he hits Austin instead. Sabin kicks both men in the corner. He double-teams Bey with Shelley and gets a two-count. Bey takes control, but Sabin avoids a splash. The Guns hit a modified Doomsday Device, and Sabin hits the Cradle Shock for a two count. Sabin slams Bey to the mat with a double team maneuver for the win.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

Backstage, The Good Brothers are standing by with America’s Most Wanted and Rhino and Heath. Karl Anderson hypes up the aura in the building tonight. Doc Gallows says it’ll be “against all odds” tonight for each member of Honor No More because they have assembled a dream team tonight. Heath gets fired up, and James Storm is happy because the beer is ice cold. He says America’s Most Wanted came into the company together, and they’ll go out together. Chris Harris says Honor No More is on trial tonight, and the defendants are guilty.

Mia Yim & Mickie James vs. Deonna Purrazzo & Chelsea Green

Green and Purrazzo take the fight to their opponents, and all four women brawl before the match is officially underway. Yim and James take control and hit baseball slide dropkicks. Purrazzo and Yim are the legal women once the bell rings. Green and “The Virtuosa” double-team Yim and keep up the attack behind the referee’s back. Yim rallies and tags James, who clears house with a flurry of offense. James and Yim briefly take control, but Purrazzo gains the upper hand and grounds her. “The Virtuosa” drops Yim with a cheap shot, and Yim kicks James while the referee isn’t looking. Green continues to isolate James. Purrazzo tags in and continues to dominate the veteran. James eventually rallies and tags Yim, who floors Green with a series of strikes. She drops Green with a swinging DDT. James takes down Purrazzo with a dive off the top rope.

Yim gets a two-count with a German suplex. Green hits a double-team neck breaker on James for the win.

Winners: Deonna Purrazzo & Chelsea Green

Eddie Edwards gets Honored No More fired up with a pre-match promo. Matt Taven says they have a goal, and they’re going to keep the trend going by getting rid of all the “Melvins”. Edwards says Honor No More is a group that trusts each other, but he makes the decision to have PCO sit out tonight because he can’t trust him. Vincent advocates for him, and Edwards says that PCO is back in the match, but Vincent is out.

IMPACT X-Division Championship: “Speedball” Mike Bailey (c) vs Trey Miguel

Miguel sends Bailey to the outside and dives onto him right away. The challenger flies over the ropes and takes Bailey down. The champion dives onto Miguel outside of the ring. Miguel targets Bailey’s leg and grounds him in an effort to neutralize his high-flying offense. Bailey kicks Miguel’s leg and takes him down with a dragon screw. He wrenches the challenger in a leg lock. Bailey blasts Miguel with some stiff kicks. Miguel fires back with his own kicks and stomps on Miguel’s knee. Both men are down as Miguel lands hard on his own knee. Bailey kicks Miguel’s leg, but the challenger locks a knee-first moonsault by getting his knees up. Both men are down again. They keep trading kicks to the leg. Bailey hits another dragon screw, and Miguel hits one, too.

Bailey drills Miguel with a kick and hits the knee-first moonsault. Miguel rolls Bailey up for a two-count and hits a brainbuster. Miguel dives off the top, but Bailey moves, so he lands hard on his injured leg. The challenger hits a hurricanrana off the apron, and both men are down. Bailey kicks Miguel’s leg and hits the moonsault knees on Miguel on the apron. The champion hits a spinning kick. Miguel dodges a dive and rolls up Miguel for a two-count. The challenger gets another two-count with a Meteora. Miguel trips up Baley, and his head slams onto the apron. Bailey lifts Miguel onto his shoulders and slams him for the win.

Winner and still IMPACT X-Division Champion: “Speedball” Mike Bailey

Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Tenille Dashwood & Gisele Shaw (with Madison Rayne)

Valkyrie and Shaw start the bout. The champions gain the upper hand as Valkyrie drops Shaw with a snap German suplex. Shaw rakes Rosemary’s eyes and tags Dashwood. Rosemary plants her with a sidewalk slam. The champions double-team Dashwood. Shaw tags in and suplexes Valkyrie for a two-count. She grounds Valkyrie and tags Dashwood, who slams “La Wera Loca” face-first into the mat. Shaw slaps Valkyrie’s chest and hits a running forearm in the corner. She gets a two-count with an uppercut. Valkyrie rallies with a suplex and tags Rosemary, who clotheslines Dashwood and drops her with a sling blade. She gets a two-count with a suplex.

Shaw and Dashwood gain the upper hand, and a dive onto Rosemary’s legs earn the challengers a two-count. The champions take control, but Rayne trips Valkyrie up. Rosemary fights off Shaw, and Valkyrie rolls Dashwood up for the win.

Winners and still Knockouts Tag Team Champions: Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie (c)

Rayne, Dashwood, and Shaw attack the champions after the match and hit them with the titles.

Masha Slamovich confronts the trio and hands an envelope to Dashwood. She opens it and it has a picture of her with an “x” on it.

Backstage, Mike Bailey discusses his win over Ace Austin and says he’s a fighting champion, so he’ll face anyone who wants to step up, starting this Thursday on IMPACT.

10-Man Tag: Honor No More (Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, PCO, Eddie Edwards, and Kenny King) (with Maria Kanellis and Vincent) vs. The Good Brothers, James Storm, Chris Harris, & Heath

Eddie Edwards and Karl Anderson start the bout and feel each other out. “Machine Gun” dropkicks his knee, and they trade blows. Gallows tags in, and The Good Brothers double-team Edwards. Taven tags in and gets back body-dropped. Anderson tags back in and maintains the advantage. Heath enters the bout and punches Taven in the corner. Bennett tags in and gains the upper hand as The OGK double-teams Heath. Bennett strikes Heath in the corner and sends him into the turnbuckle with a hard Irish whip. King tags in and grounds Heath by locking in a Camel Clutch. Heath drops Edwards with a power slam. Storms and Harris double-team Bennett and slam Taven into Bennett. Honor No More takes control by isolating Storm. PCO overpowers him and squashes him with a splash in the corner.

Storm dodges a diving frog splash from Taven. He suplexes Edwards, but PCO stops him from tagging out. “The French Frankenstein” sends Anderson tumbling over the ropes. Edwards tags himself in, and PCO gets frustrated. Storm ducks a kick from King and floors him with a backstabber. Harris enters the match and takes control with a flurry of offense. Bennett drops Heath with a spinebuster. Spinebusters are getting dishes out left and right. Storm tags back in, and the match breaks down into chaos as bodies are flying. PCO sends Gallows to the outside. King hits a blockbuster. PCO dives onto everyone at ringside. Storm and Harris double-team King for the win.

Winners: The Good Brothers, James Storm, Chris Harris, & Heath

Backstage, Rich Swann says his loss tonight was disappointing. He says he was just getting into the social media thing, but he’s going to make his way back to the title. Swann gets interrupted by Raj Singh and Shera, and the big man gets in his face. The former champion says it’s big game season.

In a taped promo, Raven discusses the Clockwork Orange House of Fun match and says it was designed to be barbaric.

Raven’s Clockwork Orange House Of Fun: Moose vs. Sami Callihan (featuring an appearance by Raven)

Raven comes to the ring and joins the commentary team. Moose attacks Callihan from behind to kick-start the match. The action quickly travels outside of the ring. Moose goes to slam Callihan through a table, but Callihan throws a chair into his face. Moose blasts him with a garbage can lid. Callihan sends Moose crashing through a table with a back body drop. He slams Moose into a door and goes to slam him through it. Moose counters, but Callihan hits him below the belt and hits a Death Valley Driver onto a chain link panel. Moose smashes a bottle in Callihan’s face. He grinds broken glass in an open wound on Callihan’s face. Moose goes for a slam through a door, but Callihan bites his face. Moose still slams him through the door with a choke bomb for a two count. The powerhouse smashes a door over Callihan’s head.

Callihan floors him with a clothesline. Moose uses a staple gun on his foot and his face. Callihan powerbombs him onto a chair. He staples Moose below the belt. Callihan hits a Cactus Driver 97 onto legos and then onto broken glass, but Moose kicks out. A cameraman sneaks into the ring and hits Callihan below the belt. He unmasks and reveals himself to be Steve Maclin.

He hits Callihan with a barbed wire bat. Maclin walks away, and Moose drops Callihan with a Spear for the win.

Winner: Moose

Backstage, Heath says Honor No More has been tormenting the roster, and they tried to take him out. He says people are about to see some retribution because he’s pissed off. Heath vows to take out Honor No More one by one until he cuts the head off the snake.

Knockouts World Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Tasha Steelz (with Savannah Evans)

Steelz attacks Grace’s leg before the bell rings. She targets the knee with a series of kicks. Grace fires up and overpowers Steelz. While the challenger distracts the referee, Evans hits Grace and slams her knee on the ring post. Steelz continues to hone in on the knee as she grounds the champion. She kicks Grace’s leg, but the champion blasts her with a knee to the face. Both women are down, but Grace gets back to her feet and slams Steelz. The challenger avoids another slam, but Grace hits her with some stiff strikes. She hits a torture rack slam for a two count. Steelz gets a two-count with a bulldog and goes back to the knee. She hits the Sliced Bread for a two count. The challenger locks in a Boston crab, but Grace turns it into a sleeper hold. Grace hits the Muscle Buster, but Evans distracts the referee and prevents the pinfall.

Grace counters a cutter and hits the Grace Driver, after she sends Steelz crashing into Evans, for the win.

Winner and still Knockouts World Champion: Jordynne Grace

IMPACT World Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Joe Doering (with Deaner)

Alexander and Doering feel each other out. The challenger gains the upper hand and dumps Alexander out of the ring. Alexander ducks a crossbody and sends Doering crashing onto the floor. Doering bulldozes over Alexander at ringside. He slams the champion back-first into the ring apron. Doering and Alexander trade blows, but the challenger wins the exchange. He slams Alexander and hits an elbow drop for a two-count. Doering maintains the advantage as he overpowers the champion. Deaner distracts Alexander, and Doering takes advantage with a splash in the corner. He gets a two-count with an elbow drop.

Alexander rallies and drops the big man with a German suplex. He hits a Northern Lights suplex for a two-count. He traps Doering in an ankle lock, but the challenger powers his way out of it. Doering clotheslines Alexander and climbs up top. The champion stops him and superplexes Doering. Deaner distracts him, and Alexander takes him down. Doering slams Alexander and hits an elbow drop for a two-count. Alexander hits multiple German suplexes. Doering gets a two-count with a crossbody and rocks, Alexander, with a lariat. Doering escapes the ankle lock and gets a two-count with another lariat. He goes for a powerbomb, but Alexander escapes and dropkicks his ankle. Alexander attacks the ankle again and hits the C4 Spike for the win.

Winner and still IMPACT World Championship: Josh Alexander


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