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IMPACT Wrestling & All Elite Wrestling Could Announce A Partnership Soon

Photo Credit Indy Pro Wrestling

Huge news if true per

All Elite Wrestling is backed by a family who has more money than The McMahons. Therefore, the sky could be the limit for AEW. We previously reported how All Elite Wrestling rejected an offer to purchase Impact Wrestling. It is said that Anthem Sports isn’t interested in selling at all now.

Impact did say that they are interested in working with AEW and according to Joe Peisich on Barnburner’s Fired Up podcast, All Elite Wrestling is interested in collaborating with Impact Wrestling too.

“All Elite Wrestling is open to do business with Impact Wrestling. Look for Impact and All Elite Wrestling to form a partnership very, very soon.”

It is very interesting that Chris Jericho is such great friends with Impact Wrestling executives and now he’s a part of AEW. Jericho recently met with some of those Impact Wrestling friends of his and had a great time. We will have to wait and see if those two companies might get closer due to Jericho’s involvement.

Big Thanks To Impact! Wrestling Worldwide™ for providing this news piece.

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