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IMPACT Wrestling Bound For Glory Live Results (10/21/2023)

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Impact Wrestling Presents Bound For Glory Live From The Cicero Satdium In Cicero, Illinois.

The pre-show opens with Gail Kim inducting Traci Brooks into the Impact Hall of Fame. Scott D’Amore then inducts the commentary duo of Mike Tenay and Don West.

We send it to the ring to open the main card with the first title match of the night.

X-Division Championship: Chris Sabin (c) vs. Kenta

Sabin backs Kenta to the ropes and releases. Kenta cheap shops and applies a headlock briefly. Sabin regains footing and dives off the apron to knock Kenta down at ringside. Sabin covers back inside before Kenta takes back control, driving Sabin back down with a neckbreaker. Kenta goes back to the headlock and takes Sabin down to the mat. Sabin works his way out and lands a single-leg dropkick. Sabin lands a tornado DDT, cover. Kenta fires back with a tornado onto the ropes and then goes for the cover. Kenta drives Sabin into the turnbuckle. Kenta goes back on the attack with an open palm strike and a DDT. Kenta lands the double stomp from the top for a nearfall. Kenta nearly gets the GTS but Sabin escapes. Kenta unloads with chops and then Sabin catches him with a superkick. Sabin kicks Kenta in the head and then missile dropkicks the back of the head. Sabin hits a clothesline followed by Cradle Shock to retain.

Winner: Chris Sabin (c)

Monster’s Ball Match: Moose vs. Steve Maclin vs. Rhino vs. PCO

Maclin ambushes Rhino during the entrances, leading to Moose attacking Maclin. Once Moose sets up for the spear in the ring, PCO’s music hits. PCO slugs it out with Moose before clotheslining Maclin out. Rhino hits the ring with chair shots for everyone. Maclin comes back with trash can shots before slamming PCO onto a ladder at ringside. Once up, PCO dives out of the ring onto Rhino. PCO then delivers a leg drop to the back of Maclin from the top rope. PCO lands the senton on Maclin on the apron. Moose hits a standing urinagi on PCO, but PCO pops right back up. Another one connects, PCO sits up only to get booted and stomped on. Moose dumps thumb tacks on cinder blocks and then slams PCO on top of it. Maclin sends Moose back into the ring for Caught in the Crosshairs. Rhino clotheslines Maclin and then corner spears. Rhino pulls out a table full of barbed wire. Maclin sends Rhino into the post and then smashes his right leg with a chair. Maclin goes up top when Bully runs out and shoves Maclin down onto the wire table. PCO and Moose return to the ring where PCO hits a DDT. Moose hits PCO with a chair until Rhino gores him out of nowhere. PCO hits the PCO sault onto Moose and then pins him for the win.

Winner: PCO

Gia Miller interviews Mickie James backstage.

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship: The Rascalz (c) vs. ABC

Bey and Trey double dropkick Wentz and Ace, respectively, to kick things off. Ace comes in and controls Trey briefly until Wentz gets the tag and goes for the cover. Wentz holds Ace in the ropes. Trey hits Ace with a neckbreaker on the apron, allowing Wentz to cover again. Wentz stomps on Ace’s ankle before Trey comes in to take over. Ace hits an over the top rope Soar to Glory out of the ring to wipe out the champs. Bey becomes legal and throws Trey out. Bey uppercuts Wentz and then plants both of them with a 2 for 1. Bey hits Wentz with a brainsbuster and tries for the cover. Ace tags in for a double team as he kicks Wentz while Bey drops him with a neckbreaker. Wentz uppercuts Ace and then hits a double stomp off the top. Wentz flies out onto Bey while Trey pins Ace for a nearfall. Wentz puts Ace on his shoulders but Bey intervenes. Bey and Trey are on the top. Trey meteora on Ace and then Wentz stomps. Wentz argues with the ref and then accidentally sprays Trey. Bey super kicks Rascalz. ABC hits 123 on Wentz and Ace pins for the win.

Winners AND NEW: ABC

Mike Bailey vs. Will Ospreay

Lock up to start, Ospreay backs Bailey into the ropes. They flip around each other before Ospreay goes to the apron. Bailey lands a couple of kicks and then hits a moonsault out of the corner and out of the ring. Ospreay comes back with a big boot in the ring and then a diving crossbody to the outside. Back in, Ospreay delivers corner chops. Bailey hits a hip toss before Ospreay attempts a headlock. Bailey unloads with kicks to the chest but Ospreay responds with a chop. Ospreay then chops Bailey off the rope and out of the ring.

Ospreay slides out but Bailey leaps over with a moonsault off the ropes and they both go down. Bailey catches Ospreay with more kicks in the ring and then rallies the crowd. Ospreay ducks kicks at first but then eats one. They flip around each other again until Ospreay lands a big kick. Ospreay flies back in with a forearm, cover. Ospreay runs to the corner with a boot and then delivers another superkick. Ospreay goes for a buckle bomb but Mike escapes. Bailey catches Ospreay with a backslide for a two.

Bailey unloads with more kicks and then a poisonrana. Will gets on the apron and Mike kicks his legs out from him. Bailey goes for a backflip but then Will boots him into the post. Ospreay lands a cutter on the apron and they both fall to the floor. They beat the count out as Ospreay lands a dropkick followed by Oscutter for a nearfall. Both men collide and go down as the crowd errupts.

Ospreay goes for another cutter but Bailey catches him with a lungblower. Bailey lands Ultimo Weapon while Ospreay is standing, nearfall. Bailey sets up for the tornado kick but Ospreay cuts him off with an elbow. Bailey fires back with a kick and then a double knees. Bailey takes Ospreay up top for a flipping buster, nearfall. Bailey finally lands the tornado kick and then tries the Flamingo Driver but Ospreay escapes. He connects with a Styles Clash, kickout. Storm Driver 93 on Bailey but he kicks out again. The ref checks on Bailey as he struggles to get up. Ospreay hits Hidden Blade followed by Storm Cutter for the pinfall win.

Winner: Will Ospreay

After, Ospreay bows to Bailey as a sign of respect.

Call Your Shot Gauntlet

Jake Something and Eddie Edwards start the bout with back and forth. Jake whips Eddie across the ring before Kenny King comes out as #3. King helps Eddie and they hug as an Honor No More reunion. Juventud Guerrera enters as a surprise at #4. Juve drops Eddie and King with double DDT. Juve punches Sheldon Jean off the apron before King hits Juve with a spinebuster. Johnny Swinger is #5. King drives Swinger into the turnbuckle and drops him on his face. Juve swings King around and then clotheslines him out for the first elimination.

Crazzy Steve attacks Swinger and security has to take him out. Gisele Shaw is #6 and eliminates Swinger before Steve tries to stab him with a fork. Dreamer runs down and brawls with Steve. Jody Threat is #7 and she scraps with Shaw. Evans and Vidal save Shaw from falling out of the ring. #8 is KiLynn King and she goes after Threat by slamming her into the turnbuckle. Shaw runs after Threat with a corner uppercut. Juve and Eddie work each other until Eddie bumps him off the apron.

#9 is Sonny Kiss! Kiss kicks Shaw in the head and presses her off the top by throwing her onto Evans and Vidal. #10 is Bully Ray and he comes face to face with Kiss. Kiss flaunts in front of him and then Bully dances with Kiss. Matt Cardona is #11. Bully holds Cardona so Kiss can splash onto his crotch. #12 is Jordynne Grace and she comes face to face with Bully. Eddie takes Bully to the corner instead before EY is #13. EY eliminates Eddie.

#14 is Joe Hendry and he kicks Cardona right away before dropping him with a fallaway slam. Brian Myers is #15 and he spears Hendry. Cardona is matching Myers and they come face to face before hugging. Kiss makes them butt heads before Major Players toss Kiss out. Heath is #16 and hits KiLynn with his finisher but Myers quickly throws him out. #17 is Frankie Kazarian and he plants Myers with a slingshot DDT. Cardona is almost tossed out by Kaz before Myers clotheslines Kaz. 

#18 is Rich Swann and he goes after Myers. #19 Jonathan Gresham and he goes after several people including Kazarian. Gresham pushes Jody Threat off the apron. #20 is Dirty Dango but he gets eliminated right away by Something. Oleg attacks Something and security intervenes. Major Players toss out Kazarian. Gresham tries to throw Swann out but Cardona bumps him out instead. Cardona bumps EY off the apron. Myers throws Gresham out.

Major Players hit Something with a suplex. Jake hits running clotheslines in the corners on Major Players. Myers low blows Something and Major Players toss him out. Cardona throws out Myers. Final four is Cardona, KiLynn, Bully, Grace. Bully clotheslines King as Grace tosses Cardona. Jordynne and Bully start the singles match. Bully goes for a top rope senton but Grace rolls away. Bully goes for an elbow drop but misses. Grace goes for more back fists and then lands the Jordynne lands the Grace Driver for the win.

Winner: Jordynne Grace 

Jordynne gets on the mic and calls her shot for Hard to Kill in January.

Knockouts World Championship: Trinity (c) vs. Mickie James

Mickie and Trinity shake hands during the intros. They work each other’s arms once the bell rings. They mount each other back and forth. Mickie fakes a handshake and pulls Trinity in. They trade blows and dodge kicks. They slam each other face first and roll out of the ring to recover. They roll back in at the same time and meet face to face. Trinity hits Rear View and covers. Trinity gyrates on Mickie’s face and kicks her away. Mickie kips up and catches Trinity with a roundhouse, cover.

Mickie drives Trinity into the mat with her knees like Trinity usually does. Mickie goes for MickDT but Trinity counters and plants her with a headscissors. Trinity turns it into Starstruck and Mickie tries for the roll up. Trinity locks Starstruck back in and Mickie taps.

Winner: Trinity (c)

Gia Miller interviews Moose backstage and he still has his Feast or Fired world title shot.

Impact World Championship: Alex Shelley (c) vs. Josh Alexander

Josh takes Alex down with a wristlock after some grappling. They lock up again in the ring and Shelley applies a headlock. Shelley goes back to a wrist hold and tries a brief cover. Shelley goes for a boot and Alexander chops him. Shelley hits a rolling elbow before Josh takes him back down. Josh stretches Shelley on the mat before they move to the outside. Shelley escapes a C4 Spike. Alexander ends up running into the ring post when Shelley ducks. Josh regroups and pulls the champ into the post face-first.

Josh takes Alex around the ringside area with chops. Josh pulls Alex crotch-first into the post. Inside, Josh hits a German suplex. Alex pivots to the hand briefly before hitting a twisting neckbreaker. Shelley brings drags Josh to his knees and stretches his arms across. The pace quickens as Josh lands a belly to belly toss across the ring. Josh goes face first into the turnbuckle. Shelley throws Josh with a snap German suplex followed by Sliced Bread. But Josh catches Shelley with his own bridging German into the cover.

Shelley gets trapped in a stretch but gets to the ropes where Josh hits a dragon screw. Josh goes for the crossbody but Shelley catches him and throws him into the barricade with Shell Shock. Shelley hits Sliced Bread on the floor. Alex rolls Josh back in before the count. Shelley lands a frog splash and pivots to Border City Stretch. Alexander gets out and applies an ankle lock. Josh takes him down into a knee bar but Alex slaps his way free. Josh hits a rolling elbow followed by a straight right.

After brief back and forth, Shelley hits Alexander with Shell Shock and then a superkick to the head. Another Shell Shock connects. Shelley pins him clean to retain.

Winner: Alex Shelley (c)

Josh offers a handshake while on one knee. Alex accepts the handshake and pulls him in for a hug. Josh straps Alex with the world title. 

A vignette airs for Hard to Kill as it’s revealed that TNA is returning.


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