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IMPACT Wrestling Bound For Glory Results (10/23/2021)

IMPACT Wrestling Bound For Glory is tonight and is headlined by Josh Alexander vs. Christian Cage for the World Championship.


October 23, 2021, Sam’s Town, Las Vegas, NV

Commentary: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown

The IInspiration kick off the show as they are sung to the ring. Cassie Lee and Jessie McKay are here to inspire IMPACT Wrestling because they are The IInspiration.

Knockouts Tag Team Championship

The IInspiration vs. Decay (c)

Rosemary hits a spinning sidewalk slam on Lee and Havok helps her gang up on Cassie. Jessie gets in and is attacked too. Rosemary bites Jessie in the face before hitting her upside down with the ropes. Jessie distracts Rosemary for an attack by Cassie. The latter gets tagged and wears down Rosemary with some attacks. Tag to Jessie. Double hair whip. Tag gets to Jessie as Havok gets a near fall on her. Havok gets dumped and Lee and Rosemary nail a double lariat on one another. Hot tag to Jessie. Flip wrist suplex. Blind tag to Cassie a knee double team gets a close fall on Rosemary, but she kicks out. Reverse DDT by Rosemary to Cassie. Havok is in. Backbreaker to spear combo by Decay. Havok elbows Jessie down but Cassie avoids a leg drop from her. Havok nails a sit out chokeslam to Jessie. Cassie is isolated as Rosemary gets the tag. Cassie dumps Rosemary and some kicks to Havok occur as IInspiration throw Havok in the corner several times. She’s out on the outside as Rosemary punches Jessie in the ring. Tag to Cassie as Rosemary rolls Jessie up for the visual three count, but Cassie hits a knee on Rosemary from the apron. She gets tagged in and The IInspiration it a sit-out powerbomb for the win.

WINNERS and NEW IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Champions: The IInspiration

Gia Miller is with Deonna Purrazzo and Matthew Rehwoldt. Gia reminds Deonna that Matthew is banned from ringside. Deonna says Mickie repeatedly attacked her, but one they put their hands on her, they get punished. Deonna says her relationship with Matthew is not one of necessity, but it is one where they enjoy each other’s company. She’s not star struck by Mickie. She’s going to break both of her arms.

X-Division Championship Match

El Phantasmo vs. Steve Maclin vs. Trey Miguel

Trey Miguel starts the match off in control, but EP and Maclin gang up on the babyface. EP goes for a nipple twist on Maclin and Steve ain’t having it. He levels EP. Trey Miguel does a very impressive one-on-two to his opponents and then follows it up with a modified Northern lights while maintaining a hold on EP. Two count. Very impressive.

EP hits a Lionsault on Maclin for a two count. EP walks the ropes and avoids a Miguel attack to leap off and hit a rana onto Maclin. He rakes the back of Steve before fighting with Miguel on the outside.

Soon after, Trey Miguel stomps both backs of his foes and hits some running forearms in opposite corners. Maclin uses his strength to hit a modified flatliner on both Miguel and EP. He covers both for a two count.

Both Miguel and EP find themselves in a tree of woe. Maclin hits EP with his corner spear. Trey avoids it at first but gets caught as Maclin spears him through the ropes. “Holy shit” chants. Plenty of high-flying occurs. Trey hits a springboard cutter to the outside.

Maclin later gets a near fall with a fireman’s carry slam on Miguel but EP makes the save. EP hits a flipping powerbomb on Maclin and then hits a Super Rana on Miguel. He hits a big splash to Maclin for a near W.

It gets down to Miguel and EP in the ring. EP goes for a low blow, but Miguel reveals he had a cup handy. Brianbuster and a meteroa from up top for the emphatic 1-2-3.

WINNER and NEW X-Division Champion: Trey Miguel

Mickie James says Deonna is no doubt her toughest challenge to date, and Deonna made it personal when she showed up at her house. It’s been eight years since she’s held that Knockouts Championship. Tonight is so much more than that, it is that she needs to prove to herself that she deserves to hold that belt once more again. That is going to be amazing.

Violent By Design (with Eric Young) vs. Heath & ???

Nobody comes out for Heath and is attacked by his competitors, Joe Doering and Deaner. Bell finally rings and Heath takes it to Deaner in three corners. It’s not long for Doering to even the odds. Doering stomps away at Heath in corner as Deaner gangs up on him too. Big bodyslam elbow by Doering. Two count. Neck wrench. Big diving cross body spear by Joe for another two count. Tag to Deaner. He goes for a diving headbutt but misses it. Heath takes some shots to Deaner and he weathers the storm of Doering and Deaner until he collides with the former Cody. Finally out comes Rhino. “Gore” chants. Heath tags Rhino in and he takes it to VBD. Gore to Deaner. 1-2-3.

WINNERS: Heath & Rhino

Post-match, the two men embrace. Friends again.

We see Awesome Kong get inducted into the IMPACT Wrestling Hall Of Fame. The whole Knockouts roster come to celebrate with her.

Gia is with Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering. Jordynne is celebrating her Digital Media Title win as Rachael is ready for the “Call Your Shot” gauntlet. Enter Moose and W. Morrissey who stake their claim.

Call Your Shot Gauntlet

Chris Sabin enters first per being the last eliminated in the 20-man battle royal. Next is Rocky Romero. The two men go to a stalemate. They shake hands. They lock up but Rocky kicks him in the gut and attacks. He pokes Sabin in the eyes. Corner lariats by Rocky until the clock ticks down. Madman Fulton is next. Rocky and Sabin try to double team him. Rohit Raju enters. Fulton and he form an alliance. Tasha Steelz is next. ROCKY IS ELIMINATED. Rachael Ellering enters. TKO to Tasha. FULTON IS ELIMINATED. Savannah Evans is next. SAVANNAH EVANS IS ELIMINATED. Johnny Swinger comes out. RACHAEL ELLERING IS ELIMINATED. Steelz tackles and punches him repeatedly. Melina enters. Swinger has spot with her and he boot chokes Rohit in the corner. The KISS Demon comes out. Johnny Swinger wants an autograph. Demon signs and ELIMINATES JOHNNY SWINGER. Brian Myers is next. He brawls with Demon. Matt Cardona comes out in Ghostbusters gear. He trades punches with Myers. Laredo Kid enters the fold.

TASHA STEELZ & MELINA ARE ELIMINATED. Sam Beale is next. He and Myers gang up on Cardona. Matt holds on. Rich Swann comes out. Beale grabs hold of BRIAN MYERS AND ELIMINATES HIM. Ace Austin is next to enter. He ELIMINATES THE DEMON. Moose enters. SAM BEALE IS ELIMINATED. Eddie Edwards is next. LAREDO KID IS ELIMINATED. Moose powerbombs Eddie on the apron. Alisha Edwards is next. She comes out with two kendo sticks and they take it to Moose back in the ring as a power couple. W. Morrissey comes out. ALISHA EDWARDS IS ELIMINATED. EDDIE EDWARDS IS ELIMINATED. ROHIT RAJU IS ELIMINATED. ACE AUSTIN IS ELIMINATED. Madman comes back out and slams Sabin. CHRIS SABIN IS ELIMINATED. The final four is Swann, Moose, Cardona and Morrissey. RICH SWANN AND MORRISSEY ARE ELIMINATED. It’s down to Moose and Cardona. Moose soon spears Cardona and gets the W.


Gia is with Heath and Rhino. Heath knew Rhino would show up. Rhino said Heath can tell his kids that “Uncle Rhino is back, baby!”

IMPACT Tag Team Championships

The Bullet Club (Chris Bey & Hikuleo) vs. Fin Juice vs. The Good Brothers (c)

David Finlay and Bey start the match off. They trade headlocks and then a whole lot of athleticism. Juice gets the tag and they double team Bey for a double axe handle. Fin Juice continues that offense against Bey. Good Brothers are not impressed. Bey soon tags in Hikuleo. Gallows also gets the tag. He goes for a 2 Sweet, but Hikuleo doesn’t have any of it. The big men trade blows.

Anderson gets the tag and stomps away on Finlay as his target. Hikuleo gets the tag and plows over Finlay. He splashes David in the corner. Big stalling suplex. Two count. Tag to Bey. They corner David. Sidewalk slam by Leo. Two count. Headlock by the big man to Finlay.

Juice gets the hot tag. He jabs away at Anderson before inverted lungblower to Bey. Two count. Sharp DDT to Bey. Double clothesline between Gallows and Leo. Fin Juice hit a suplex splash on Bey. Karl Anderson steals the pinfall.

WINNERS and STILL IMPACT Tag Team Champions: The Good Brothers

We receive an impassioned promo from Christian Cage. He calls out Alexander’s wife and kid’s disappointment. “#AndStill” Christian Cage.

IMPACT Knockouts Championship

Mickie James vs. Deonna Purrazzo (c)

The belt is raised and Mickie dropkicks Deonna. Fight spills to the outside. They fight on the entryway and off to the side of the ramp. Deonna drags Mickie by the hair back to ringside. The fight gets in the ring finally and the bell rings. Match is underway. Deonna attacks. Mickie tackles her but Deonna fights back. She gets a two count on her. Throat chop to Mickie. She stomps a harsh mudhole in Hardcore Country.Mickie spills to the outside.

The two women slug it out. Deonna catches Mickie with a modified powerbomb. Mickie has hard right hands for Deonna and the two women hit a double cross body.

Back to their feet punches are traded until Mickie gets the upperhand for a near fall. She hits a flapjack on Deonna. She climbs up top and does a Thesz press from up top: 1-2-no.

Mickie goes for her DDT but Deonna hits a jumping pump kick for a two. Mickie nails her DDT eventually but Deonna kicks out. Deona soon gets her armbar locked in but Mickie has her feet under the ropes. Fight goes to the apron and Deonna grabs her for the Queen’s Gambit. 1-2-no!

Frustrated, Deonna has a chair. The ref grabs hold of it and takes it away. Deonna props Mickie up top. Deonna gets pushed off and Mickie leaps off to accidentally take the ref out. Deonna grabs hold of the chair but Mickie kicks the steel into her and covers, but it’s only good for two. Mickie goes up top again as Deonna gets to her feet. Palm strike by Deonna. She armbars Mickie but has to break it due to being in the ropes. Deonna goes for Mickie’s DDT, but Mickie frees herself for a tornado DDT and covers: 1-2-3!

WINNER and NEW IMPACT Knockouts Champion: Mickie James

IMPACT World Championship

Josh Alexander vs. Christian Cage (c)

Matters get very technical and methodical between the two. It eventually gets rough on the outside. Alexander gets back in the ring for a two count. Big backbreaker by Alexander for a two count. Flipping suplex by Alexander. Fight again goes to the outside. Christian stomps on Alexander and hits a Rude Awakening for a two count.

Josh fights to his feet while being locked down by Cage on the mat. Cage chops Alexander in the corner. Josh fires back. Many chops and strikes between the two. Alexander stomps away in the corner but Cage turns it to shoulder thrusts. A release German by Josh to Christian in the corner. The men fight to their feet and fight it out with more strikes. Back drop by Alexander and the crowd claps.

Josh goes for a powerbomb attempt, but Cage leans in and corners him for a repeated ten punch, but Alexander powerbombs Cage onto his knee. Two count. Cage returns for a two count of his own. Cage looks for the Killswitch, but Alexander trips him, near fall occus on the mat and Christian steps on the back of Alexander over the ropes. Alexander catches Cage for a rollover fireman’s. A knee to the back of the head and gets a two count. Cage soon hits his tornado DDT for a two count.

Alexander avoids a spear by Cage for his Chaos Theory suplex for two count. Alexander goes for crossface but turns it into an ankle lo Joxck and then a sharpshooter. Cage makes it to the ropes.

Alexander sets Cage up top and back drops the champ. He misses a moosault. Christian hits a spear for a near fall. Josh soon goes for a superplex, but Cage shoves him off for a frog splash and a near fall. “This is awesome” chants.

Cage goes for two diffeent Killswitch attempts and on the second one Josh flips him for an ankle lock. Christian fights, but Josh Alexander steps on his hand and Cage is forced to tap.

WINNER and NEW IMPACT World Champion: Josh Alexander

Post-match, Alexander and Christian embrace. Josh’s wife and son come in the ring to celebrate. Moose comes out and calls his shot. He spears Josh. 1-2-3.

WINNER ad NEW IMPACT World Champion: Moose

We end Bound For Glory with a surprise cash in and win by Moose becoming the new IMPACT World Champion.


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