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IMPACT Wrestling Bound For Glory Results 10/24/2020

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

IMPACT Wrestling Hall Of Fame Induction of Ken Shamrock

During the BFG pre-show, we get a special video from The Rock who is inducting Ken Shamrock into the IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Fame. He talks about how he got his first start as The Rock against Shamrock. He said Ken at the time had the pull to turn down working a program with Dwayne at the time (and people did do that), but Shamrock wasn’t one of them. He calls him a pillar of The Attitude Era and congratulates him on the induction.

Matt Striker introduces Shamrock who says he is stuttering for words. He said it is a long journey and there’s a lot of people who took him on this trip. He remembers taking bumps for the first time with Nelson Royal and he wants to thank the late wrestler for that. He thanks Vince McMahon during that time for the opportunity. He remembers Bret Hart told him one time to “just be him.” He thanks Bret for that. He also thanks The Rock for those memorable matches and his speech. He thanks his family. He talks about his time away from home and says how much he loves Tanya. He thanks the fans. Without the fans he couldn’t do it without them. He thanks them and “God bless!”

IMPACT Wrestling Bound For Glory, October 24, 2020

Commentators: Josh Matthews & Don Callis

Six-Person X-Division Scramble

TJP vs. Chris Bey vs. Trey Miguel vs. Jordynne Grace vs. Willie Mack vs. Rohit Raju (c)

Everyone surrounds Rohit. He bails out but gets sent back in the ring. Jordynne and Mack collide into one another. Rohit bails again and it leaves Bey and TJP together in the ring. Some major athleticism shown. Trey climbs up top and missile dropkicks TJP. Trey dropkicks Bey and hits a reverse 619. Kicks from Trey and Bey is the next to bail. Willie Mack and Trey go at it. Big time shoulder block by the big man ends Trey out of the equation. Grace and Mack go back and forth. Shoulder tackle by Grace but Mack kicks out. Mack bodyslams Grace. TJP and Trey back in the ring and he has a double deathlock on Trey and Mack. He then leaves a submission on Bey and Grace. Rohit claps for TJP and then picks his spot to break it up.

Rohit is the lone competitor standing. He yells out “X-Division Champion baby” before downing everybody including a Flatliner on Bey. He begins some offense on Grace. Rohit in control. It gets back to him and Grace until Willie Mack pulls her out and forearms Rohit. He takes out Trey and roundhouse kicks the crown of Chris Bey. Four folks are on the apron as Mack stands middle ring and all take shots at a stumbling Rohit. Standing moonsault by Willie gets two.

Grace dives on top of TJP and Rohit from the outside. Trey gets involved and Mack dives on top, Bey dives on top too.

Back in the ring, Rohit hooks TJP’s tights and gets a two count. A turning crucifix slam for a near fall, but Grace saves the day. Trey and Grace go at it in the corner. She goes for a superplex on Trey, but Bey interferes. So does TJP. Grace is in a tree of woe as Bey and TJP climb on topic. Grace slams them all down still in a tree of woe.

Rohit stomps on her. Cover, but Mack makes the save. Rohit kicks out the leg of Willie, but Mack hits a stunner and then Bey hits a cutter on Mack. Trey dropkicks the back of Bey. Octopus stretch by TJP on Trey but soon turns his attention on Grace and locks her in a leg lock. Trey jumps in and gets a leg lock too for his trouble. Grace saves him. She hits her driver on Trey for a near fall but Rohit breaks it all up. TJP hits a frog splash on Trey. Rohit shoves TJP off and gets the cover and the W.

WINNER and STILL X-Division Champion: Rohit Raju

Josh Matthews is heard asking about the audio issues on the mic.

The wedding party is ready for the ceremony as Bravo is dressed like Two-Face for some reason. Sounds like the wedding is going down in the middle of the ring. Jimmy Jacobs comes in and says “Call Your Shot Gauntlet” starts now.

We cut to Rhino and Heath. They’re about to begin their cutscene, but it gets stopped and restarted. Unbelievable. They try to get amped up and Rhino seems skeptical.

IMPACT Call Your Shot Gauntlet

Entry 1: Rhino

Entry 2: Shawn Daivari

Rhino takes it to the returning Daivari. They fight on the outside and take it back to the ring.

Entry 3: Larry D

Larry D splashes on top of Rhino and he and Daivari work together.

Entry 4: Crazzy Steve

Steve immediately goes after Larry and bites his head. He tries to eliminate him.

Entry 5: Acey Romero

Rhino and Steve focuses on Larry as Acey takes it to Steve

Entry 6: Tenille Dashwood

Tenille takes her time to the ring (Matthews states she doesn’t care about this match – WTF).

Entry 7: Havok

Havok tosses out Kaleb with a K (who never was officially in the match.

Entry 8: Brian Myers

Myers dumps Steve out.

ELIMINATED: Crazzy Steve

Entry 9: Swoggle

Brian Myers and Swoggle join to boot Daivari out and then Myers tosses Swoggle



Entry 10: Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer is face painted and hair buzzed up like the late Animal and does a mini Doomsday Device with the eliminated Swoggle.

Entry 11: Alisha Edwards

Myers dumps out Dreamer and then Alisha

ELIMINATED: Tommy Dreamer

ELIMINATED: Alisha Edwards

Entry 12: Kiera Hogan

Myers tosses out Tenille.

ELIMINATED: Tenille Dashwood

Entry 13: Taya Valkyrie

Taya shows plenty of offense.

Entry 14: Fallah Bahh

Kiera Hogan gets dumped out by Taya and so does Havok



Entry 15: James Storm

Big return for IMPACT is Storm as he eliminates Larry D.


Entry 16: Adam Thornstowe

Entry 17: Luster The Legend

Entry 18: Heath

Heath and Acey trade shots before Heath clotheslines Acey out. He then tosses Myers out.



Entry 19: Sami Callihan

Callihan goes for Rhino and tries dumping out Storm, but Storm hangs on.

Entry 20: Hernandez

Hernandez works with Reno Scum and try going after Fallah. Hernandez goes for the wad of cash around his neck which gets tossed out and then Hernandez does the same to Bahh. Hernandez also goes after the cash



Rhino tosses Thornstowe out.

ELIMINATED: Thornstowe

Rhino soon after takes out Luster


It’s down to Sami, Storm, Heath and Rhino. Sami soon takes out Storm and then takes out Heath who then tells Heath he doesn’t care about his kids.



Rhino vs. Sami Callihan

Sami hits a piledriver on Rhino for a near fall. He goes to the outside and slides a chair into the ring. Rhino slowly gets to his feet and the ref demands him to get rid of it. Sami surprisingly obliges and Rhino gores the guts out of Sami for the win.


Backstage Gia is with The North. Ethan Page brings some fire as he says that MCMG has held the titles for 94 days which means The North hasn’t. Tonight that changes.

We cut to a preview for EC3 vs. Moose. It is capped off with EC3 kicking the crap out of some dude in a ring as his minions slap the ring in unison while he locks in a crossface. Out comes Moose into this warehouse and Moose demands that EC3 shows his face. He gets in the ring with the TNA Title and asks him where the hell he is. We see EC3 stand up and he gets in the ring too.

EC3 vs. Moose

The two duke it out back and forth. Moose enrages him down as music is played in the background. EC3 hits an exploder suplex.

The minions pound the mat. He knees Moose in the gut. Moose field goal kicks EC3 in the boys. Minions still pounding the mat but Moose yells and they stop. Music does too briefly as Moose takes control. Very mood setting with the music. More shots by Moose. EC3 is down but grinning to himself. He once more is a bloody pulp. Moose brings in a chair and has some questions. Question 1: Why have you been tormenting him? EC3 won’t say anything. Moose goes to beat the shit out of him with the chair but EC3 fights back. Moose charges and punts EC3. He’s got blood all over his white duds. They fight on the outside. EC3 slams Moose’s head against the steps. He asks Moose if he feels that? That’s enlightenment, that’s purpose. He tosses Moose on a leaning guardrail.

EC3 feeds Moose into the ring post several times as he says he’s becoming who he’s supposed to be. Moose has allowed people to oppress him. EC3 says this TNA Title is meant to be held by people who deserved to hold it. He tells Moose to become who he’s supposed to be and then he’ll be worthy of holding it. We cut to brief snips of EC3’s past and Moose spears him. Moose stands up with the title and hits EC3 with it repeatedly asking him if he wants Moose to become a monster. Brief snips of Moose’s past. He he continues to bloody EC3 between some camera cuts. Blood all over Moose as EC3 lays out bloody. He tells EC3 to answer him if this is what he wants. Finally EC3 rises up and screams yes. The minions start chanting “Moose” as EC3 tells him to “control his narrative” and offers himself. Moose thanks him and slugs him with the belt. The minions drag EC3 out of the ring as Moose watches on.


Eddie Edwards vs. Ken Shamrock (with Sami Callihan)

Shamrock has his fists up as the bell rings. He hits some punches and a knee or two before the two reset. A knee out of nowhere knocks Eddie down. Belly to belly takedown on Eddie. Shamrock rolls on top of Eddie before locking him in a front chancery. He traps the arm of Eddie with the leg and feeds Edwards some punches. Crucifix cradle gets a two count.

Ken locks in a headlock from behind and then has a guillotine on him. Eddie strengthens himself out of it hand gives Ken some punches. Very much an MMA vibe to this match. Leg lock by Ken but Eddie rolls to the ropes. Punches in the corner by Shamrock until the ref breaks it up with a four count. Eddie spills onto the outside favoring his left leg.

Ken charges in with a big kick to the back on the outside and hits him with several knees that slumps Eddie on the guardrail. Another hard knee into the head of Eddie followed by some jabs on top of him. Ken throws Eddie back onto the canvas. More knees by Shamrock. Eddie paws away at Sami at ringside as Ken is in complete control. Eddie goes for a liver shot but a boot frees him from the corner. Shamrock goes for a belly-to-belly but Eddie tangles himself in the ropes. Eddie does hit a blue thunder bomb and it gives him time to gather himself. Eddie does a ground dragon screw whip on the mat and ground dropkicks Ken out of the ring. Eddie tope dives on top of Sami and Ken.

Back in the ring. Eddie climbs up top and hits a flying front dropkick that’s good enough for two. Ken gets picked up and Eddie feeds him some knees into the chest. Eddie hits a sit out double under hook bomb but at two Ken turns it into a cross arm breaker. Eddie breaks the hold with a pin attempt. Jumping kick to shoulder of Ken Shamrock. He follows up with a running elbow. Shamrock and Eddie are both down but Eddie takes him to the corner. Ken fights back but Eddie hits his backpack stunner. Shamrock does sit up Taker style and locks in a guillotine choke.

Eddie head butts free. He gets up and sizes Ken up in the corner for the Boston Knee Party. He hits it and goes for a single leg crab. Ken is on the verge of tapping and Sami turns out the lights with his phone. Lights come back on and Sami has his baseball bat. Eddie however has his kendo and takes out Sami. Belly-to-belly followed by an ankle lock gets the submission win.