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IMPACT Wrestling Edits Out Austin Aries From HOMECOMING The Asylum Video

Photo Credit Ghetto187

On what may cause more conflicting reports it seems to be that IMPACT Wrestling has edited Austin Aries out from their HOMECOMING The Asylum promotional pay-per-view video and has been replaced by Johnny Impact! This may have simply been done because as it has been reported previously that his contracted dates with IMPACT Wrestling have finished. Or it could also confirm what others have reported on that Austin Aries no sold the finisher from Johnny Impact at this past Sunday's Bound For Glory pay-per-view as a way to say that he has "quit" IMPACT Wrestling all together. While there seems to be a non solid answer or response from both sides, earlier today IMPACT Wrestling posted the following video on YouTube:

Now compare that to the original version which was uploaded the on the same night as Bound For Glory.


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