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IMPACT Wrestling Emergence Night One Results (8/18/20)

X-Division Title Match: Chris Bey (c. ) vs. TJP w/Fallah Bahh vs. Rohit Raju

Raju waits for Bey to walk down the ramp. It’s clear that Raju plans on helping Bey, to a point tonight. TJP dives over the top rope and takes both Bey and Raju out with a splash. TJP sends Raju back in the ring. TJP takes Raju out of the ring with a backflip head scissors. Bey hits the ring and hits a head-scissors on TJP. TJP responds with a head-scissors of his own. Raju distracts TJP long enough for Bey to hits a flying elbow off the top while TJP is hung up on the ropes. TJP puts Bey in an Indian deathlock. TJP Northern lights suplexes Raju while he has Bey in the submission hold. Bey pushes Raju’s hip to break the pin.

TJP snaps Bey’s arm back, Pentagon Jr. styles. TJP puts Raju in an inverted Crab while he has Bey in a Gory special. TJP releases the hold. Bey and Raju double team TJP. Bey accidentally hits Raju. sending him out of the ring. TJP tombstones Bey. TJP goes up top but Raju pushes TJP off the top. TJP puts Bey and Raju in a double octopus stretch. TJP turns it into a crucifix bomb for a near fall. Bey hits a C4 into a DDT on TJP. TJP kicks out. TJP double under hook lung blowers Bey. TJP puts Bey in another submission hold. Raju stops Bey from tapping out. TJP and Bey are fighting on the top rope. Raju pushes TJP off the top. Bey falls into the tree of woe. Raju crushes Bey with a double stomp off the top for the win!

Winner and NEW X-Division Champion, Rohit Raju!

TNA Championship Match: Moose (c ) vs. Trey Miguel

Moose and Trey trade strikes. Moose tosses Trey clear across the ring. Moose steps on Trey’s neck. Trey tries to fire up but ends up getting sent careening to the other side of the ring after a fallaway slam. Moose continues his assault. Trey surprises Moose with a superkick. Trey tries a springboard DDT. Moose puts on the breaks and tries to hit a suplex. Trey reverses that into aa DDT. Trey tries a dive but Moose catches Trey. Moose slams Trey into the barricade. Moose then powerbombs Trey on the apron. Trey is almost counted out. Trey counters the Lights Out Spear into a sunset flip. Moose puts on the breaks and hits the Lights Out Spear for the win.

Winner and STILL TNA Champion, Moose!

EC3 hits the win and reverse DDTs Moose. EC3 takes the TNA title and leaves.

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton vs. The Good Brothers

Anderson sends Austin into the corner. Austin and Anderson trade strikes. Gallows and Anderson take turns pounding on Austin. Fulton tags in and slams Anderson into their corner. Austin and Fulton take turns working over Anderson. Gallows tags himself in. Gallows misses a splash in the corner. Austin tags in Gallows. Gallows slaps Fulton. Fulton and Gallows slam into each other over and over again. Neither man can get the advantage. Gallows and Fulton trade strikes. Fulton slams Gallows into the corner. Austin tags in and lays in a few strikes. Austin and Fulton take control and take turns working over Anderson. Anderson manages to tag in Gallows. Gallows clears the ring. Fulton breaks up the Magic Killer. Gallows drags Fulton out of the ring. The Good Brothers hit the Magic Killer on Austin for the win.

Winners- The Good Brothers

Wrestle House

Taya Valkyrie vs. Kylie Rae

Rosemary is the special guest referee. Valkyrie pushes Rae and mocks her. Rae pushes Valkyrie into the corner and mocks her. Rae takes Valkyrie over with a spinning head-scissors. Rae tries a superkick but Valkyrie avoids it. Rae sets up a splash in the corner. Rosemary trips Rae. Valkyries over Rae, using every dirty tactic she can think of. Rosemary picks her nails in the corner. Rosemary is not interested in admonishing Valkyrie at all. Rae surprises Valkyrie the Kylie special. Valkyrie kicks out. Rosemary DDTs Rae. Rae kicks out. Valkyrie screams at Rosemary “What’s going on!” to which Rosemary replies, “I don’t know!”. Rae Superkicks Valkyrie. Rosemary begrudgingly counts the fall.

Winner- Kylie Rae

After the match, Rosemary tells Larry D that she will see him next week.

IMPACT Tag Team Championship Match: The Motor City Machine Guns (c ) vs. The North

Alexander and Sabin start the match. Alexander sends Sabin into the corner. Sabin tries a dive off the top but is caught and quickly slammed by Alexander. Page catches Shelley with a spinning sidewalk slam. Alexander and PAge try to double team Sabin but Sabin manages to escape and tag in Shelley. Shelley basement dropkicks Page off the apron. Sabin and Shelley double team Page with an enziguri into a DDT. The MCMG work over Alexander’s leg. After the break, Shelley continues his assault on Alexander’s knee. Alexander manages to tag in Page. Page knees Shelley in the back over and over again.

Page and Alexander take turns working over Shelley. Shelley manages to tag in Sabin. Sabin clears the ring. Shelley holds the ropes open as Sabin dives through, taking out Alexander. Sabin assists Shelley as he hits the Sliced Bread #2 on both Alexander and Page. Everyone trade strikes. Page and Alexander hit the double Styles Clash. Sabin kicks out. The North set up their finish. Sabin reverses into a roll up. Alexander pushes the pile, putting Page on top. Sabin kicks out. The MCMG hit their combo neckbreaker/splash for the win.

Winners and STILL IMPACT Tag Team Champions, the Moto City Machine Guns!


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