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IMPACT Wrestling Emergence Night Two Results (8/25/20)

IMPACT World Championship Match: Eddie Edwards (c ) vs. Rob Van Dam w/Katie Forbes

Edwards and RVD trade headlocks. Edwards hits an inverted atomic drop followed by a belly-to-belly suplex. RVD rolls out of the ring. Edwards misses a baseball slide. RVD sends Edwards into the apron. RVD rolls Edwards back in the ring. RVD stops to give Katie a kiss. Edwards surprises RVD with a suicide dive. Katie gets in Edwards’ face. RVD pushes Edwards into the ring post. RVD drapes Edwards on the guardrail.

RVD lands a leg drop off the apron. RVD leads Edwards back into the ring. RVD continues his assault. RVD runs right into a blue thunder bomb. RVD and Edwards trade strikes. Edwards lands the Tiger Driver ‘98. RVD kicks out. RVD crotches Edwards on the top rope. RVD blasts Edwards with a diving kick off the top rope. Rolling Thunder by RVD. RVD hops up to the top rope. RVD misses the Five Star Frog Splash. Edwards immediately hits the Boston Knee Party for the win.

Winner and STILL IMPACT World Champion, Eddie Edwards!

After the match, Eric Young runs down to the ring and attacks Edwards from behind. Young yells that Edwards is going to have to deal with him next week.

Wrestle House

The Deaners note that Taya Valkyrie organized a house bounding exercise that they can actually get into; a toga party. Meanwhile, Johnny Swinger berates Crazzy Steve for wearing a plain toga. Swinger is rocking a leopard printed masterpiece of a toga. After the break, everyone is partying. In the confessional room, Valkyrie is drunk. Valkyrie throws up while talking to Kylie Rae. Acey Romero asks the Deaners for a truce. They agree as long as Romero promises not to drink their beer. Swinger plays “a Fuji” and throws powder in Crazzy Steve’s eyes (he meant to his Larry D). Dreamer makes a match. Steve wants it to be a blindfold match. The loser has to dress like the winner next week.

Blindfold Match: Crazzy Steve vs. Johnny Swinger

Steve blows his clown horn to confuse Swinger. Steve rolls up Swinger for the win.

Winner- Crazzy Steve

Eddie Edwards storms the ring and says Young’s message has been received. Young now has Edwards’ attention. If Young wants a title shot he can have it. Edwards demands Young fight him for the title right here and right now. Young says he is playing chess while Edwards is playing checkers. Young says they will do this next week as he planned. Edwards says that’s fine but Young’s ass-whipping starts right now. Edwards chargers Young and the two brawl. Referees and security try to break it up. Scott D’amore gets shoved down in the chaos.

Brian Myers vs. Willie Mack

Mack floors Myers with a shoulder tackle. Arm drag by Mack. Myers snapmares MAck and lands a spinal tap. Mack surprises Myers with a ranna. Myers gets to his feet and immediately eats a dropkick. Myers gets in Mack’s face. Myers tackles Mack. Mack and Myers end up tied in the ropes. Myers snaps the rope on Mack’s neck. Myers works over Mack. Mack fires up and eventually lands a running leg drop. Samoan drop by Mack. Mack follows that with a standing moonsault for a near fall. Myers pushes Mack off the top rope. Myers drops an elbow for a near fall. Myers rolls up Mack with a hand full of tights for the win.

Winner- Brian Myers

Wrestle House

Cousin Jake tells Cody that Larry D in a sports coat isn’t Larry D anymore. He’s Lawerence D now… Rosemary appears for her date with Lawrence D. Alisha tells Rosemary that what she is doing to Lawrence is wrong. Dreamer tells John E. Bravo that Lawrence is going to steal his girl. As Rosemary is trying to let Lawrence down gently, Bravo runs in and tells Lawrence to get his hands off of Rosemary. Bravo slaps Lawrence. Dreamer yells for a match.

Larry D vs. John E. Bravo

Larry knocks Bravo out with a stiff right hand.

Winner- Larry D

After the match, Bravo tells Rosemary that he should have just been honest with Valkyrie. Valkyrie storms in and Bravo breaks the news to her. Valkyrie tells Rosemary that this is all her fault. Valkyrie challenges Rosemary to a winner takes all match.

30 Minute Ironman Knockouts Championship Match: Deonna Purrazzo (c ) vs. Jordynne Grace

Purrazzo and Grace lock up. Grace and Purrazzo rolls around thee ring because neither will let go of the lock-up. Grace eventually counters with an armbar. Purrazzo tries to roll out of the hold but Grace drops all her weight on Purrazzo’s arm. Grace maintains wrist control. Arm drag by Grace. Grace and Purrazzo trade submission holds. Grace runs over Purrazzo with a shoulder tackle. Purrazzo lands a pump kick. Purrazzo tries another but Grace slams her down to the mat by her foot. Grace puts Purrazzo in a single leg crab. Purrazzo gets to the ropes. After the break, Grace chases Purrazzo around the ring. Pump kick by Purrazzo. Purrazzo works over Grace outside the ring.

Purrazzo kicks Grace in the arm. Purrazzo stomps on Grace’s arm. Purrazzo snaps Grace down to the mat by her arm. Purrazzo continues her assault on Grace’s arm. Purrazzo stomps on Grace’s hand while hits resting on the ring steps. Grace drives Purrazzo into the corner. Grace unloads on Purrazzo with forearm after forearm. Grace sits Purrazzo on the top rope. Grace eventually lands a superplex. Grace and Purrazzo trade strikes. Grace blasts Purrazzo with shoulder block after shoulder block. Grace crushes Purrazzo with two running sentons. Purrazzo kicks out. Purrazzo attempts a full nelson. Grace reverses it into a rear-naked choke. Purrazzo can’t answer the three count. Purrazzo is out cold.

Jordynne Grace wins the fall

Grace lands a running knee. Facebuster into the Koji Clutch. Grace manages to get to the ropes. Purrazzo doesn’t release the hold until the four count. Purrazzo stomps Grace. Grace hits multiple strikes. Grace attempts the Grace Drive. Purrazzo fights out of it. Purrazzo pulls the referee in front of her while Grace is charging in for a splash. Grace hits the Grace Driver but the referee is down. Purrazzo hits Grace with the title belt. Purrazzo pins Grace

Deonna Purrazzo wins the fall

Purrazzo puts Grace in the armbar. Grace turns it into a pin. Purrazzo kicks out. Purrazzo puts Grace in another armbar. Grace taps out with 3 seconds left on the clock.

Winner and STILL Knockouts Champion, Deonna Purrazzo!


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