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IMPACT Wrestling Final Resolution Live Results (12/09/2023)

Pre-Show: PCO vs. Jessie V

The match starts in chaos as PCO beats up Jessie all over the ringside area. PCO climbs up top for the senton on the apron. PCO continues to beat down Jessie until he lands the PCOsault for the three-count.

Winner: PCO

Backstage, Jake Something cuts a promo on the return of TNA when Jason Hotch attacks him from behind with a chair. Security intervenes and checks on Something.

Pre-Show: Aiden Prince vs. Jack Price

Tom hypes up that these two are the future of the company. Price stays on the offense until Prince pulls out a flatliner DDT. Prince tries going up top but Price cuts him off. Prince shoves him down only for Price to roll to the other side. Price sneaks in an eye poke and then hits a lungblower for the win.

Winner: Jake Price

Gia interviews Jordynne and Trinity ahead of teaming tonight before facing each other at Hard To Kill. They end up arguing in a friendly way about Grace having more reigns, while Trinity teases that she hasn’t lost hers yet and will retain at Hard To Kill.

Pre-Show: Sheldon Jean vs. Frankie Kazarian

Kazarian targets the arm out of the gate before Jean comes back and twists Frankie’s nose. Kaz goes for the leg drop off the ropes but Jean runs up and shoves him out. Back inside, Jean tries to put Kaz away. Kaz gains momentum and lands the springboard dropkick, cover. Jean gets a big kick in but Kaz traps Jean in the chicken wing for the tap out.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship: ABC (c) vs. Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers

Bey and Myers start things off briefly before Ace tags in and tries working over the arm. Eddie gets the tag and Bey has to deal with both challengers at the same time. Eddie throws Bey onto the ropes and then knocks Ace off on the other side. Myers returns to stomp on Bey. Eddie comes in and grounds Bey with a waist lock on the mat. Alisha pulls Bey into the ropes as Myers distracts the ref.

Myers drops Bey with a belly to back suplex, cover. Ace finally gets the hot tag and he kicks both Eddie and Myers. Spin kick off the ropes to Eddie, nearfall. Eddie blasts Ace with a forearm and lands the Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. Myers and Eddie double team Ace with a Backpack Stunner followed by a flying elbow drop and Myers nearly wins it. Bey helps Ace escape another double team and then makes the tag. ABC’s combo finisher connects and Bey pins Myers to retain.

Winners: ABC (c)

The Rascalz attack ABC right after.

We hear from Alexander and ZSJ backstage ahead of their tag team main event.

We cut back to the ring where Alisha gets on a mic while Eddie and Myers are still out. She complains about the long drive and runs down the crowd before stating she’s gonna hold up the show. Santino interrupts and books Alisha in an impromptu match against Jody Threat.

Alisha Edwards vs. Jody Threat

Threat takes Alisha down with punches. Threat does a shoulder tackle and then whips Alisha into the corner for clotheslines. Threat goes up top but Eddie gets on the apron. The ref throws Eddie and Myers out. Threat decides to leap off the turnbuckle onto them before they officially leave. Alisha bumps Threat off the apron to capitalize and then runs her into it back-first. Back inside, Alisha runs into a back elbow but comes back with a clothesline. Threat kicks out.

Alisha holds Threat in the ropes to choke her. Alisha throws Jody around before applying a Boston Crab. Threat rolls out and fires up with clotheslines. Alisha gets in a back elbow but Threat follows it with a driver, nearfall. Alisha pulls Threat’s hair to escape and nails the flatliner, cover. Threat manages to get Alisha on her shoulders finally for the F5 to finish it.

Winner: Jody Threat

IMPACT Digital Media Championship: Tommy Dreamer (c) vs. Deaner

Deaner yells at Dreamer and shoves his face a couple times. Deaner ducks a right hand and rolls out. They duke it out inside and Dreamer winds up for the elbow only for Deaner to roll out again. This time, Dreamer follows and pokes him in the eye. Deaner ends up taking control despite it and slam Dreamer against the steps of the bleachers. Back inside, Deaner focuses on the left arm for an extended period of time.

Knee strike from the apron connects, Deaner goes for the cover. Deaner hits Dreamer with jabs and goes for the bionic elbow, but Dreamer blocks it. Deaner instead goes for the eyes before rolling him over into a headlock. Deaner goes up top but Dreamer cuts him off with a slap. Deaner bites the arm and shoves Dreamer down. Deaner goes for an elbow but Dreamer blocks it. Dreamer finally hits the bionic elbow followed by a cutter, nearfall.

Deaner pulls put a DDT, cover. Deaner grabs the Digital Media title and teases using it but the ref yells at him. Dreamer sneaks in a roll up, kickout. Deaner clotheslines him and then wraps the title around the turnbuckle. Dreamer drags Deaner and whips him into the title propped in the corner. DDT connects, Dreamer gets the three.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer (c)

The Rascalz cut a promo on attacking ABC when Santino interrupts. He books them in a tag match against Bailey and a mystery partner.

The Rascalz vs. Mike Bailey & Trent Seven

Bailey and Wentz start but Wentz spends a minute on the outside while the crowd jeers him. Wentz eventually gets in and lands a big kick across Bailey’s chest. Meanwhile, The Rascalz double team Seven on the other side by driving him into the apron. Back inside, Trey works over Seven’s left arm. Wentz comes back in and picks up where Trey left off until Seven ducks a kick and lands a half and half suplex. Trey blasts Mike off the apron to prevent a tag. Seven hits a DDT in return.

Seven almost gets the tag but Mike is pulled off. They try again and the tag connects. Bailey unloads with kicks on Trey followed by a running shooting star, cover. Bailey lands a big kick to the sternum on Wentz and both men go down. Seven bucks Trey out of the ring and gets the tag. Seven gets hit with a knee strike from Wentz but then follows it with a single arm powerbomb out of the corner, cover.

Bailey kicks Wentz for the combo move where Seven throws him back with the suplex. Bailey pump kicks Trey on the apron. Wentz shoves Seven into Bailey in the corner, which sends Bailey crashing. Wentz hits a spinebuster, Trey superkicks. Wentz double stomps, Trey covers, but Trent kicks out. ABC try to walk down with chairs in hand. Rascalz turn around into a moonsault off the ropes. Back inside, Seven back fists Wentz and hits Burning Hammer. Bailey lands Ultimo Weapon. Seven covers Wentz to win.

Winners: Trent Seven & Mike Bailey

Scott D’Amore comes out and cuts a promo on meeting Santino and signing Josh Alexander in this very building. Three years later, Scott signed Bailey. Now, Scott is signing Seven to TNA Wrestling. Seven signs the contract on Mike’s back.

Jason Hotch vs. Jake Something

Jason Hotch comes out and claims he doesn’t have an opponent anymore following his attack on Jake earlier. Before Hotch can get much further, Jake’s music hits.

Hotch rushes at Jake as the bell rings. Something bodies Hotch in mid-air. He charges the corner but Hotch moves. Hotch rolls back in with a neckbreaker and then a double stomp. Hotch is only able to get a one count. Hotch maintains control with a superkick to the face, only to get another one count. Something finally musters the strength to clothesline Hotch and squash him in the corner.

Hotch pulls down his knee pad but Something bodies him again and then hits a powerbomb. He hypes up the crowd and then lands Into The Void for the three.

Winner: Jake Something

Moose vs. Rhino

Rhino takes Moose to the corner for punches early on. Rhino slams Moose against the apron before Moose hits Rhino below the belt and the ref calls it.

Winner: Rhino by DQ

Rhino gets a mic and calls Moose back to the ring for a street fight. Penzer announces Santino has made it official. If Moose leaves, he will lose his title shot at Hard To Kill. Moose decides to turn back.

Street Fight: Rhino vs. Moose

Moose returns and continues scrapping with Rhino until Rhino tosses him out. On the ramp, Rhino hits a suplex. Rhino pulls out tables from under the ring. Rhino manages to slam Moose through a table but Moose kicks out. There’s a ladder propped in the corner. Rhino charges Moose and Moose throws a chair at his head. Moose then charges Rhino but Rhino hip tosses Moose into the ladder, nearfall.

Rhino pulls out another table but Moose rakes his eyes. Rhino whips Mose into the corner but he hits the ref. Rhino hits a Gore and another ref runs down to count 2. The ref checks on Moose and Rhino charges but Moose pulls the ref in the way of a Gore through the table. Moose hits a spear and the original ref counts three.

Winner: Moose

Frankie Kazarian reflects on his 2023 and is excited for TNA’s return in 2024.

Trinity & Jordynne Grace vs. Deonna Purrazzo & Gisele Shaw

Trinity and Deonna start off, but it doesn’t take long for Grace and Shaw to tag in. Grace hits a stalling suplex and tags out. Trinity holds the ropes open for Grace to launch outside onto Shaw. Purrazzo and Shaw briefly double-team Grace and Deonna targets the arm. Deonna tries pulling Grace out of the corner but Grace resists. Grace eventually hits a spinebuster and Deonna tags out. Shaw keeps Grace from tagging out.

Trinity gets the tag and hits a jumping split on Shaw. She winds up for a big right before hitting a bulldog, cover. Grace throws Deonna out and then helps Trinity face plant Shaw into the mat. Deonna breaks it. Grace and Deonna scrap on the outside as Shaw stomps on Trinity, cover. Trinity manages to kick herself away to make the tag. Grace meets Deonna in the middle with punches.

Deonna’s pump kick lands but Trinity clocks her with a kick. Shaw kicks Trinity, back fist from Grace. Purrazzo spins Grace into the armbar. Grace rolls her back and out. Deonna spins Grace inside out but Trinity breaks. Shaw runs in and throws Trinity out only for Trinity to drag Shaw out. Inside, Purrazzo and Grace trade roll ups. Jordynne hits a powerbomb, Trinity hits the full nelson bomb and Jordynne covers Deonna for the win.

Winners: Jordynne Grace & Trinity

Trinity chest bumps Jordynne and then they hug. They leave but Shaw shoves Deonna and Deonna shoves her back. Deonna shakes her head and offers her hand instead. Shaw shakes her hand but then pulls her into the backbreaker/face plant combo. Shaw stands tall and then exits.

Backstage, Moose promises to become TNA World Champion at Hard to Kill.

Commentary announces Okada will team with Motor City Machine Guns to face Edwards, Moose & Myers on January 14.

Motor City Machine Guns vs. Zack Sabre Jr. & Josh Alexander

ZSJ and Shelley start off for the feeling-out process. ZSJ takes Shelley to the ropes briefly. They move back to the center where Shelley tries to work the arm before he sneaks a tag to Sabin who cuts ZSJ off with a clothesline. Josh gets the tag and he has a stand off with Sabin. Josh hits a shoulder block before Sabin regains his footing and works the left arm. Shelley returns and continues working the arm with chest chops.

Josh turns things around and stomps on Shelley’s ankle. ZSJ tags in and continues twisting the ankle. Shelley backs ZSJ up into the corner enough to tag Sabin. Machine Guns land double kicks on Alexander so that Sabin can focus on ZSJ. Neckbreaker, cover. Shelley comes back in and tries twisting up ZSJ. Josh finally gets the tag and he slams Shelley around with Germans. Shelley drops Josh face first into the turnbuckle.

Sabin tags in with a missile dropkick on Josh and then locks ZSJ up in an STF. Sabin plants ZSJ with a tornado DDT, cover. ZSJ pulls out a snap suplex and tags out. Josh hits another snap suplex, cover. ZSJ and Josh keeps trading tags and hitting suplexes. Josh and Sabin go up top but Sabin fends off both before hitting a flying crossbody. Tornado DDT on Josh. Shelley holds the ropes open and Sabin launches out. Sabin missile dropkick/Shelley flatliner combo, kickout.

MCMG hit Josh with dragon screws on his legs in their corner. ZSJ tries to break it up but they double team him too. Machine Guns lock them in Figure Fours but Josh reaches the rope. ZSJ and Sabin get tags as Sabin flies in with the crossbody. ZSJ kicks the arm as hard as he could but Sabin catches him with a superkick. ZSJ cranks at the right arm and then the left arm in the pretzel. Shelley holds onto ZSJ but then Josh locks Shelley in the ankle lock. Shelley rolls Josh into ZSJ to break all holds.

Machine Guns double team Josh again with kicks. They double kick ZSJ in the corner. Josh returns and pulls out C4 Spike on Sabin and Josh scores the win.

Winners: Josh Alexander & Zack Sabre Jr.

Josh and Zack shake hands after as the crowd chants TNA. It’s then announced that Will Ospreay will face Alexander in a rematch on January 14.

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