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Impact Wrestling Goes Old School Tonight On AXS TV

Impact Wrestling presents a special episode tonight on AXS TV. In fact, Impact Wrestling isn’t even the promotion hosting tonight’s show. Instead, it will be the Impact Provincial Wrestling Federation presenting a throwback episode filled with references to pro-wrestling from the 1980s.

Impact Wrestling has even changed its Twitter handle to reflect the IPWF promotion which will be hosting tonight’s show:

IPWF on AXS TV Lineup:

IPWF TV Championship Loser Leaves Town Match Julian Cumberbun (c) w/Sonny Sanders vs Downtown Daddy Brown (Willie Mack)

Jazzy Fitbody vs Agnus Beerheart

Rip Rayzer vs Rapid Delivery Pete

Body Slam Challenge with Kongo Kong

Bill Ding, Jim Nasium, Tim Burr, & Ray Strack vs The Rough Riders

Xcessive Force vs the Hard Workers

The Cock Pit w/ Captain Joystick & Miss Milehigh (guest DJ 2 Large)

Johnny Swinger vs Buck Gunderson

Gama Singh vs Cowboy Colt McCoy

The show was held in the Don Kolov Arena in Mississauga, ON, Canada.

Joey Ryan and Kiera Hogan will be hosting the Cock Pit tonight:


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