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IMPACT Wrestling Hard To Kill Live Results

IMPACT Wrestling Presents: 'Hard To Kill' live from The Bomb Factory in Dallas, Texas.

Ken Shamrock vs Madman Fulton:

Opening match we have Ken Shamrock & Madman Fulton right away the match quickly turns into a brawl and a showmanship about their amateur wrestling background. Madman Fulton is able to showcase his takedown skills and give UFC hall of famer Ken Shamrock a taste of what he's got. Shamrock rolls Fulton into a cross arm breaker attempt. Fulton slams Shamrock to break the hold. Shamrock and Fulton trade strikes. Shamrock rolls Fulton into a knee lock. Fulton gets to the ropes to break the hold. Shamrock tries a dive but Fulton catches him in the air. Shamrock escapes off of Fulton’s shoulders. Shamrock knees Fulton in the head over and over again. Fulton takes control after a distraction from Dave and Jake Crist. Fulton chokeslams Shamrock. Shamrock locks Fulton in a kimura. Fulton gets to the ropes. Fulton lands a sloppy powerbomb. Fulton pins Shamrock but Shamrock reverses it into the Rings of Saturn. Fulton gives up.

Winner- Ken Shamrock

Ace Austin vs Trey Miguel for the X-Division Championship:

Trey attacks Austin as soon as the bell rings. Austin tries to run away. Splash by Trey. Austin rolls out of the ring. Trey runs into a kick by Austin. Austin clotheslines Trey over the top rope. Dive by Austin. Austin suplexes Trey out on the floor. Trey and Austin trade strikes. Trey misses an overhead kick. Austin responds with a basement superkick. Austin works over Trey’s injured leg. Bang-o-rama by Austin. Trey kicks out. Trey fires up and hits a reverse suplex into a dragon sleeper. Trey releases the hold for some reason. Slingshot facebuster by Trey. Austin kicks out. Austin hits his finish to retain.

Winner and STILL X-Division Champion, Ace Austin!

Taya Valkyrie vs Jordynne Grace vs OBD for the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship:

ODB splashes both Grace and Valkyrie in the corner. ODB hits a fallaway slam on Valkyrie. ODB and Grace fight out to the apron. ODB tries to piledrive Grace. Valkyrie dropkicks ODB off the apron. Grace dumps Valkyrie out of the ring. Dive by Grace. ODB cuts Grace off before she can get back into the ring. ODB slams Grace out on the ramp. Valkyrie beats Grace down in the corner. ODB and Grace drop Valkyrie with a doomsday bulldog. Grace lands the Grace Driver but Bravo distracts the referee. Valkyrie pins ODB.

Winner and STILL Knockouts Champion, Taya Valkyrie!

Brian Cage vs Rob Van Dam:

RVD attacks Cage before he can get into the ring. Cage surprises RVD with a superkick. Cage intercepts a chair from Forbes. RVD hits a Van Daminator. Forbes holds a chair in Cage’s face for the Van Terminator. RVD lands the move while Forbes twerks. Cage is bleeding from the mouth. Daga runs down to the ring with a bunch of referees. Cage is pulled out of the ring. RVD attacks Daga from behind. The bell rings and for some reason, Daga is in this match now. RVD gets the win after the Five Star Frog Splash.

Winner- RVD

Eddie Edwards vs Michael Elgin for the Call Your Shot Trophy:

Edwards is all over Elgin. Dive by Edwards. Elgin tries to slam Edwards on the exposed concrete. Edwards escapes but ends up eating a superkick. Elgin lands a neck breaker on the concrete. Elgin and Edwards trade strikes. Edwards gets a near fall after a tiger driver. Elgin hits a German suplex off the top. Edwards kicks out. Elgin puts Edwards in the crossface. Edwards gets to the ropes. Edwards reverses the Elgin Bomb into a sunset flip for the win.

Winner- Eddie Edwards

Moose vs Rhino:

Moose and Rhino fight outside the ring. Moose hits Rhino with a chair. Rhino back body drops Moose on the stage. Moose sets up a table. Rhino powerbombs Moose through the table. Back in the ring, Moose lands a flying elbow for a near fall.  Rhino suplexes Moose off the top onto a few chairs. Moose kicks out. Moose lands the No Jackhammer Needed Spear for the win.

Winner- Moose

Ethan Page & Josh Alexander (The North) vs Rich Swann & Willie Mack for the Impact World Tag Team Championship:

Page and Alexander keep tagging in and out, driving home the point that Mack is all alone. Alexander and Page attack Mack from behind. Mack manages to clothesline Alexander and Page at the same time. Mack bodyslams Alexander, then drops a knee. After a distraction from Page, Alexander clubs Mack in the back to take control. The North takes turns working over Mack. Mack fires up and lands a cannonball on Page, followed by a Samoan drop to Alexander. Mack tries his patented standing moonsault but Page pulls Alexander out of the way.

Mack gets a near fall after a powerbomb. Page breaks up the pin. Page and Alexander hit a double Styles Clash. Mack kicks out. The North tries to double superplex Mack. Mack knocks Alexander onto Page’s shoulders. Mack hits a doomsday Canadian Destroyer on Alexander! Mack hits the Six Star Frog Splash on Alexander. Page pulls the referee out of the ring and begs him to DQ the North. The referee refuses. The North hit their finish on Mack for the win.

Winners and STILL IMPACT Tag Team Champions, The North!

Sami Callihan vs Tessa Blanchard for the Impact World Championship:

Callihan pump kicks Blanchard before the bell rings. Callihan hits the Cactus Special for a near fall. Callihan sits Blanchard on the top rope. Blanchard pushes Callihan off the top and hit Magnum. Callihan kicks out. Callihan and Blanchard trade strikes. Blanchard lands a series of dives. Callihan catches Blanchard on the last dive but Blanchard counters into a ranna. Somersault senton off the top by Blanchard. Callihan hits Blanchard with a beer. Callihan drives Blanchard knees-first into the barricade. Callihan works over Blanchard’s injured legs. Blanchard tries to fire up but Callihan levels her with a right hand. Blanchard can’t stand. Callihan tosses Blanchard out of the ring. Blanchard escapes Callihan’s powerbomb attempt. Blanchard attempts a dive off the apron but Callihan catches her in midair. Callihan powerbombs Blanchard through a table.

Blanchard is almost counted out. Blanchard hits Magnum on the apron. Callihan and Blanchard trade strikes. Blanchard surprises Callihan with a Samoan drop. Blanchard lands the rope hang version of Magnum. Callihan kicks out. Blanchard misses another Magnum. Callihan hits the get out of here. Blanchard kicks out. Blanchard hits a cutter for a near fall. Sitout powerbomb by Callihan. Blanchard kicks out but Callihan transitions into a stretch muffler. Callihan floats over into a single leg crab. Blanchard almost makes it to the ropes. Callihan puts Blanchard in the STF. Blanchard gets to the ropes. Callihan brings the title into the ring. The referee takes the title but Callihan pulls out brass knuckles. While the referee is distracted, Blanchard kicks Callihan in the nuts and hits Magnum. Callihan kicks out. Callihan piledrives Blanchard. Blanchard kicks out again. Callihan spits on Blanchard and gives her the finger. Blanchard lands two Canadian Destroyers followed by the Buzzsaw DDT for the win.

Winner and NEW IMPACT Champion, Tessa Blanchard!


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