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IMPACT Wrestling 'Hard To Kill' Live Results (01/16/2021)

Welcome to Indy Pro Wrestling's live coverage of Impact Wrestling Hard to Kill PPV at Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. Join us for live coverage, beginning at 7 pm ET for the Pre-Show, main card starts at 8 pm ET! The PPV is available on Impact Plus, FITE and traditional PPV.

Video package for tonight's PPV is shown as the pre-show gets started. Moose, Chris Sabin, and Rich Swann make their way into the building.

Madison Rayne, Scott D'Amore, and Jon Burton are on tonight's pre-show panel. The panel runs down a number of tonight's matches.

Clips shown of the rivalry between Impact Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo and Taya Valkyrie.

Backstage, Kenny Omega talks with Don Gallows and The Good Brothers about Moose entering tonight's match. Omega isn't thrilled about the change. Callis says not to worry, he has the answer. Callis says he has two year left on his contract, he can either play ball, or the next two years won't be so great for him. He continues that he'll go talk with Moose and get things figured out.

Back to the panel, they cover the Barbed Wire Massacre between Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards. D'Amore asks Edwards (the locker room leader) to go out there and shut Callihan up. Video package is shown of the long feud between Callihan and Edwards. As the panel talks about the two wrestlers, Callihan interrupts and tells the fans to enjoy the violence and anarchy tonight. He says the entire wrestling world might be thinking about the main event, but fans will be talking about "The Draw" and the match after the show.

Video clips shown of the lead-up to tonight's X-Division match between Manik, Rohit Raju, and Chris Bey.

Matt Striker and D'lo Brown holding down announcing duties for tonight's show.

Josh Alexander vs. Brian Myers

Alexander works over Myers, getting him to the mat, stomps, european uppercut, avoids Myers and lands a big kick. The two end up out on the floor, Alexander drives Myers into the apron, sits him on the apron, then hits a crossbody suicide dive to Myers' back.

Back in the ring, Myers recovers and keeps Alexander grounded. Myers trips Alexander up and does some taunting, then stomps away at Alexander in the corner. Myers with a back elbow, cover, one-count. Myers with a flatliner, another cover, two-count. Alexander knocks Myers out to the floor, he gets back in the ring, big boot hits, looks for a tiger driver, no, but he's then able to get an ankle lock on Myers. Alexander with a german suplex with the bridge for a two-count.

The top go up top, Alexander with a superplex, Myers rolls through for a two-count. Myers with a sit down driver, another pin, another two-count. Backslide on Myers, two-count. Myers with a kick, blocked, discus punch by Alexander, and another one. Alexander tries for a tiger driver, Myers reverses into a roll-up for two. Alexander trips up Myers and goes right into an ankle lock. Myers tries to kick out, but Alexander holds on. Myers is able to pull down the head gear of Alexander and hits a huge lariat, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Brian Myers via Pinfall

Back to the panel, Ace Austin with Madman Fulton join the group. Ace won this year's Super X Cup just a few weeks ago. Austin says since he's started with Impact he's skyrocketed to the top. Austin is asked which match he's most interested in watching tonight, but he doesn't pick one. He doesn't think this PPV should happen without him. Austin says it's a waste of his talent and his time. He then gets cut off because they have to go to commercial.

Tenille Dashwood & Kaleb vs Rosemary & Crazzy Steve (Decay)

Steve and Kaleb get things going with some quick back and forth action. Steve sent out to the floor, Kaleb looks to fly, but hesitates and catches a shot midair. Back in the ring, the women get in on the action with Rosemary swinging away on Dashwood. Dashwood gets back on the offense with multiple punches. She then wrenches back on Rosemary's hair over the top rope.

Rosemary is in need of tagging out, and finally is able to do so. Steve with multiple clotheslines, snap mare, neck crank, plants Kaleb to the mat, cover, and he jumps up when Dashwood tried to kick him. Steve chases after Dashwood and runs right into a big dropkick by Kaleb, cover, two. Dashwood tags back in, kicks Steve's arm and works it a bit before Kaleb gets back in there. He hits a side russian leg sweep on Steve.

Rosemary tags back in, flurry of strikes, sling blade, splash in the corner, exploder suplex. Rosemary then hits a spear on Dashwood, then swings away on Kaleb. Kaleb then cracks her with a thrust kick to the face. Steve mists Dashwood, she falls down to the floor. Kaleb then drops Steve, goes over to Rosemary and she mists him! Steve up on the second rope, swinging DDT on Kaleb, cover, and that will do it.

Winners: Crazzy Steve and Rosemary via Pinfall

Eric Young, Deaner, & Joe Doering vs Tommy Dreamer, Rhyno, & Cousin Jake (Old School Rules Match)

All six men just start swinging on each other. Jake with a big clothesline, sending Young out to the floor. Deaner and Jake face-off in the ring, Deaner slaps him in the face and immediately takes a big splash. Jake with punches to the face, Deaner rolls out to the floor. Back in the ring Doering and Rhino swing away on each other. Rhino with a shoulder thrust in the corner.

All six wrestlers are paired off right now, just battling in different parts of the ringside area. In the ring, Dreamer tosses a cookie sheet at Young's face, then hits a cutter on Young. Dreamer looks under the ring and pulls out some chairs. Dreamer is joined by Rhino and Jake (also with chairs) and they look to go after Doering with them. He takes a bunch of chair shots to the back. He's finally able to fight them off, bites Dreamer's head and hits a running crossbody.

Doering chokes Dreamer on the ropes and then chokes him on the second turnbuckle. Violent By Design is in control of our three heroes. Jake fights off Deaner but Deaner strikes back and sends him on top of two steel chairs. Doering and EY attempt to pull up the outside mat, but Jake dives onto them. Dreamer is down and Jake meets Deaner up top. Doering catches Jake and powerbombs him as Deaner gets suplex and Dreamer inadvertently gets taken out. Doering takes out Rhino and breaks a kendo stick in half.

Doering charges into the ring post on the outside. Dreamer pulls out thumbtacks and soon backdrops EY onto them. Rhino gores Doering in the ring as well. Deaner hits his DDT on Rhino. Jake hits a side effect slam on Deaner and EY makes the save. Piledriver to Cousin Jake and EY gets the 1-2-3.

WINNERS: Violent By Design

Sabin and Swann are backstage as in comes Moose. Swann expresses his displeasure of him partnering up with the two. Moose says he’s played football with people he doesn’t like. He doesn’t appreciate an outsider like Omega coming into IMPACT. He’s gonna do like Sabin said weeks ago. They’re gonna kick Kenny and The Good Brother’s ass all night long. Rich and Sabin are cautiously on board.

IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Championship

Havok & Nevaeh vs Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz

Havok and Neveah used their power to control the match early on but Tasha and Hogan gained control. They tagged in and out, double teaming Havok. Steelz climbed her back and locked on a sleeper but Havok drove herself backwards into the corner. Steelz caught Havok with a back elbow and came off the ropes but was caught during a bodypress and was hit with a Fallaway Slam, hurtled into Hogan, who was rushing in to help.

Havok made the hot tag and nailed several big clotheslines. She lifted and slammed them both. She drilled Kiera with a big DDT but Hogan rolled out of the way. Steelz avoided a Havok powerslam and nailed a kick to the face. Steelz nailed a springboard into a neckbreaker for a two count. Neveah dumped Steelz to the floor, leaving Hogan to be double-teamed. Hogan fought off Havok and nailed a stunner, then kicked Havok to the floor.

Steelz used a rolling armdrag to take down Neveah and Kiera nailed a rolling Perfect Plex to score the pin.

Your winners, the new Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Champions, Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz!

Madison Rayne and Gail Kim came to the ring to present them with the Knockouts Tag Team belts. Steelz was overcome for a moment but being the pro she is, went right back into her boasting character. They picked the right team here.

Rosemary offered to bring Crazzy Steve to the ring to help Taya win tonight. Taya said that she knows she can beat Deonna Purrazzo alone. They offered to keep Purrazzo's lackeys at bay. Taya finally agreed and said when she wins, they are going to Slamtown. They left, and Acey Romero, wearing the detective's cap, entered Taya's locker room. Did Taya shoot John E. Bravo?

Ace Austin came to the ring with Madman Fulton. Since his interview was cut off earlier, he's going to take his time now. He questioned the idea that the best way to use him is to talk about a Josh Alexander match on the Countdown show. He declared he was entering the X-Division Championship match since he was the Super X Cup winner. Scott D'Amore, doing his best Paul Heyman, came out and said that he's not getting the X-Division title match, but he's got a special opponent for Ace Austin...out walked the former Zack Ryder, Matt Cardona.

Matt Cardona vs. Ace Austin

Matt Cardona looked great early on with a neckbreaker and a sliding kick on Austin, but was caught on the floor and nailed. Austin nailed a series of kicks to the chest and back in the corner. He went for a splash in the corner but Cardona nailed a leaping knee. Austin drilled him and came off the top with a crusher. Nice intensity to this so far.

Austin missed a twisting splash into the ring. Cardona nailed a flapjack and hit a running clothesline in the corner. He nailed the Reboot in the corner but Madman Fulton attacked him.

Your winner by DQ, Matt Cardona!

Cardona fought back and nailed a Rough Ryder on Fulton. They played this up as a successful first match for Cardona. The finish was lame but it was more about the moment and this can easily be the start of a program, so there's at least something that can come out of this.

X-Division Championship

Manik (C) vs. Chris Bey vs. Rohit Raju

Fast paced start that eventually leads to a stalemate. Bey and Raju trade shots in the middle of the ring, cutter on Bey, cover, two. Bey sent into Manik, he goes to the apron, Raju knocks him to the floor. Raju works over the champion, but gets tripped up and pulled out to the floor by Bey. Manik tries for a pin, cover, Manik with a modified texas cloverleaf.

Raju takes a suplex by Manik and goes out to the floor. Lots of back and forth action. Manik gets his mask removed! Has lots of face paint under it though Raju is put on the top rope, Bey follows, but gets knocked down. Manik leaps up and hits a hurricanrana on Raju, cover, two. Manik looks for a tombstone, Bey reverses, Manik reverses again and hits it on Bey. Raju with a running knee, takes a kick, throws another of his own, pin, two-count. Manik flops over on Bey for another two-count.

Manik with a kick to Raju, but the champion takes a headbutt. Manik with a slingshot DDT, he throws Bey into Raju (knocking him to the floor). He then hits a crucifix bomb on Bey for two. Manik to the top floor, frog splash on Bey, but Raju then lands a big knee to Manik, cover, two. Bey caught up in the tree of woe, Raju with a double stomp on him. Raju with a regal stretch on Manik in the middle of the ring, Bey breaks it up though. Raju with a small package on Bey, two-count. He hits a jumping knee kick, then a single-leg dropkick. Manik comes in out of nowhere to roll-up Raju for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Manik via Pinfall

Backstage, Eddie Edwards tells Alisha Edwards that she has to promise him that she won't go to the ring during his match against Sami Callihan. She promises she'll stay out of it.

IMPACT Knockouts Championship

Deonna Purrazzo (C) vs Taya Valkyrie

Taya goes right after Deonna, big stomps in the corner, shots to the face, and Deonna gets out to the floor. Taya follows, Lee is able to hit a few shots and then ends up getting blasted by the challenge. Deonn and Taya continue to brawl with Rosemary and Lee fight. Susan is recording Steve, referee is trying to get control and Steve knocks him down to the ring. The referee ends up sending everyone to the back!

The two wrestlers finally get back into the ring as Taya takes control of the match. Deonna then lands a kick to the arm, and focuses her attention on Taya, she then stomps down on her arm. Taya hits a clothesline, cover, two. Deonna gets hold of Taya's arm, and cranks back on her knee, as well. Taya able to fight out of it, but she's really selling her injured arm. Deonna with a knee bar, but Taya grabs the bottom rope.

Taya finally lands some chops, hits a rough looking spear, cover, two. Taya looks for road to Valhalla, but can't quite get the champ up. Deonna with a bad looking yoshi tonic. Taya selling both her arm and knee being banged up now. Taya with a curb stomp to Deonna, then a modified STF is applied to Deonna. She gets to the ropes, both women throw shots in the middle of the ring. Deonna is able to get the fujiwara armbar locked in, Taya flips over for a two-count. Deonna now yanks back on both of Taya's arms and she taps out!

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo via Submission

Backstage, Acey Romero found John E. Bravo. He said that he doesn't care, he knows Larry D shot him. Romero said that perhaps Larry did it, but he was set up. Romero said he's been looking in the shadows and found Ring Rust cologne in the Knockouts locker room. Bravo asked who's bag he found that in. ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER.

Ethan Page vs Karate Man

This was all stuff filmed in front of a green screen. Hell of a way to exit the company, I suppose. The idea was every time Page beat Karate Man, he'd be reborn and kick the crap out of Page all over again. This is the sort of stuff that will give Jim Cornette a 45 minute rant. Karate Man pulled Page's heart out of his chest like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and then began wandering through a temple. Fade to black. I guess Page is dead or something now.

Winner Karate Man

Backstage, Don Callis found Moose. He said he wanted to find Moose and have a chat. He was buttering up Moose before insinuating that if Moose didn't help them, his contract and his happiness would be in general. Moose told him he's always played to win and that's what he's going to do tonight. He said after he wins tonight, he's going to go win the Impact title and then maybe he'll show up in AEW and take Omega's title too. He walked off on Callis. Callis realized it was a lost cause and said, "Sh**."

Eddie Edwards vs Sami Callihan (Barbed Wire Massacre Match)

There was a steel cage up on one side of the ring, barbed wire boards, barbed wire bats and ropes wrapped in barbed wire.

They tied up and teased putting the other into the wire until finally Callihan was whipped into the ropes and screamed in the wire. Edwards grabbed a coil of barbed wire and placed it around Callihan's head, pulling backwards and tearing his forehead up. He set a barbed wire board on the mat and tried to force Callihan down onto it but Callihan shoved the board out of the ring. The board wiped out the announcers' wiring legitimately. Callihan was beaten down with a series of right hands on the mat.

They battled to the apron, where Callihan drilled Edwards with a clothesline. The board was placed against the barricade. Callihan wanted to suplex him out of the ring through the board but was knocked to the floor. Edwards went for a dive but as he came through the ropes, Callihan smashed him with the board. Edwards crashed and burned through the barbed wire board. Callihan nailed the Cactus elbow off the apron to the floor. He extricated Edwards from the barbed wire and brought him back into the ring, beating him with right hands and sending him into the barbed wire.

Callihan grabbed a video game controller wrapped in barbed wire and beat Edwards with it and then ripped it into Edwards' forehead, bloodying him. Edwards fought back and nailed a Blue Thunder Bomb on a steel chair wrapped in barbed wire. Edwards charged Callihan, who was near the cage wall, but Sami moved and Eddie hit the barbed wire cage. Sami dug his face into the wire. Eddie fought back but was kicked low. They each grabbed pieces of barbed wire from the cage and charged at each other, using it as a weapon as they ripped at each other, then struck the other in unison.

Callihan grabbed a barbed wire Singapore Cane while Edwards grabbed a a barbed wire bat. They exchanged weapons and fought with Edwards nailing Callihan in the gut with it. Callihan went to the ropes but was nailed again. Edwards went to the top but was shoved off and caught his neck on the chair that was strung across one side of the ring to hold the weapons. It looked painful as hell.

Callihan nailed a piledriver off the ropes through a barbed wire board that was bridged across two chairs. Edwards kicked up at the last second and began screaming, psyching himself up to fight back. Callihan cut him off with a steel chair to the back. Callihan grabbed a barbed wire Singapore Cane while Edwards grabbed a a barbed wire bat. They exchanged weapons and fought with Edwards nailing Callihan in the gut with it. Callihan went to the ropes but was nailed again. Edwards went to the top but was shoved off and caught his neck on the chair that was strung across one side of the ring to hold the weapons. It looked painful as hell.

Callihan nailed a piledriver off the ropes through a barbed wire board that was bridged across two chairs. Edwards kicked up at the last second and began screaming, psyching himself up to fight back. Callihan cut him off with a steel chair to the back. Edwards nailed the Boston Knee Party with the chair but Callihan kicked up. Edwards nailed Emerald Frosion on the barbed wire board and scored the pin.The announcers put over that the finisher was a tribute to the late Mitsuharu Misawa.

Your winner, Eddie Edwards!

Post-match, Alisha Edwards comes out to check on Edwards. The two leave the ring together as Callihan is slow to get up from that final move.

Kenny Omega & Good Brothers vs Rich Swann, Chris Sabin, & Moose

Don Callis introduced Omega and said Hogan, Flair, Thesz, Gotch were all insects compared to Omega. Had he said Terry Funk, I might be driving to Nashville right now.

Omega and friends were all wearing Bullet Club shirts.

Sabin and Anderson went back and forth. Moose and Gallows tagged in and they faced off nose to nose with neither getting the advantage. Omega and Swann tagged in. They teased the confrontation but Anderson tagged in. He and Swann went back and forth. Swann got the better of it and tagged out to Moose. He nailed Anderson and held him for a double dropkick. Moose nailed a standing moonsault for a two count. Sabin and Anderson battled back and forth.

Swann and Omega tagged in and they battled. He monkey flipped Omega onto Anderson. Swann got on Sabin's shoulders to nail assisted DDTs. Swann and Sabin went for stereo pescados but the Bullet Club moved. They caught themselves and superkicked Gallows at the same time. Swann nailed a flip dive off the apron to the floor. Swann went for the top rope frog splash but Omega blocked it.

Team Omega gained control on Swann. Anderson slammed him with authority. Swann was beaten down for a long time as Omega and friends tagged in and out. Swann finally nailed a Pele Kick on Omega and made the hot tag to Moose. Moose wiped out Omega and nailed a big uranage on Anderson. Moose drilled Gallows with a headbutt and controlled everyone. He mocked Omega and Team Swann nailed a triple kick in the corner. Moose nailed a discus lariat for a close two count.

Everyone battled. Omega drilled Sabin and scored a two count. Omega nailed a sit-out powerbomb but Sabin kicked out at the last second. Omega went for the V-Trigger but Moose nailed a big boot. Sabin nailed a missile dropkick but Anderson nailed him. Swann drilled Anderson but Omega nailed him with the V-Trigger. Omega went to the top but Moose grabbed him and hit a Spanish Fly. Sabin drilled Omega with his finisher but Anderson broke up the pinfall. Some great sequences here.

Gallows and Anderson double teamed Sabin. They almost scored the three count but Sabin escaped at the last second. They went for the Magic Killer but Sabin fought his way out and nailed a spinning DDT. Swann and Omega tagged in and battled back and forth punches. Omega nailed a snap dragon suplex and a piledriver but Moose and Sabin made the save. Moose and Swann nailed a Doomsday Device on Omega but he kicked up at the last second.

Swann nailed a reverse rana. Omega popped up and kicked him. Swann superkicked him back and nailed a 450 splash but Omega escaped at the last second. The battle continued until Omega nailed the V-Trigger and the One-Winged Angel for the pin.

Your winners, Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers!


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