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IMPACT Wrestling Launches “Press Pass” Podcast

Photo Credit Impact Wrestling

The first-ever live IMPACT Wrestling “Press Pass” Podcast, which will be held every week for media from around the world, will debut on Thursday, Sept. 20, starting at 1 p.m. ET

All media is invited to participate in this new, innovative, interactive talk session with various stars of IMPACT Wrestling. Rivals Homicide of the OGz and Ortiz of LAX will be the first “Press Pass” guests, joining Josh Mathews and Ross Forman.

All IMPACT Wrestling fans can listen to the “Press Pass” Podcast live on IMPACT’s YouTube channel.

IMPACT Wrestling is coming off two days of Impact! TV Tapings, which were held last week in Mexico City, and the company is now preparing for its biggest event of the year, Bound For Glory, which will be held on Sunday night, Oct. 14 in New York City.

The “Press Pass” Podcast will bring the media up to speed on everything inside the IMPACT ring, and plenty of views on events, personalities and more away from wrestling

Media, plan your questions now for Homicide and Ortiz, but also be prepared to answer questions thrown at you – and it could be anything from “Name the best IMPACT tag-team of all time” to something more personal, such as, “One meal, red or white wine?”


  • Will there be lasting peace, ever, between LAX and the OGz;

  • Picking the perfect tag-team partner;

  • Bad possible tag-teams;

  • Good possible tag-teams;

  • Travel tales;

  • Everything New York;

  • Wrestling weapons;

  • Major League Baseball playoffs are rapidly approaching; and

  • Music not on their workout playlists.


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