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IMPACT Wrestling Moving To The USA Network?

Photo Credit Indy Pro Wrestling

According to PWInsider, Impact Wrestling's management is looking for a new television deal that can broadcast the company's weekly episodes. After leaving Spike TV in 2014, where the show would consistently get around 1.5 million views or more, Impact Wrestling's program went over to Destination America where it initially was on track to once again get it's ratings up and then it was again unfortunately canceled. The Destination America deal only lasted one year. Impact was forced to look for another TV home, this time it was POP TV who picked up the show and it has remained on their since 2016.

The current deal with POP TV is set to expire on December 31, 2018 and after POP TV's decision to move the program to a later time slot the ratings have been extremely low, so low in fact that it's the lowest they have been in it's entire company's history. Now Impact Wrestling is under way to find a new TV home for 2019. Several new TV home have been thrown around including, TruTV, SyFy, & WGN America which you can read here for more information.

What is now being thrown out there as a potential new home for Impact Wrestling is a rather strange one and that is the USA Network. For anyone living under a rock, the USA Network is the current broadcasting home of WWE Raw & WWE Smackdown. (before Smackdown moves over to FOX in 2019)

Now this is going to be an older quote that was first made publicly online earlier this year (May) and this is a Dave Metlzer quote to don't take it as 100% true or fact but it is as follows.

" Something that nobody expected could happen in the coming days and is apparently USA Network, would be interested in adding a new Wrestling program to their channel to cover the low WWE Smackdown and this could be Impact Wrestling according to Dave Meltzer.

Dave Meltzer speculated that although USA Network kept the WWE RAW program on its network with a new contract. the loss of WWE Smackdown could push the USA Network to look for a substitute wrestling program to cover that low.

Meltzer spoke about the fact that USA Network is possibly approaching Impact Wrestling and that Impact would love being associated with the network. their current contract with PopTV is not worth as much as the $1 million contract USA Network could offer them.

This will be great news for Impact producers as it would allow them to maintain the program and get new benefits for the program both in advertising and in making themselves known to the general public by being in one of the largest networks in the United States."

Now if this were to happen this would not be the first time that two rival wrestling companies have aired on the same network. Back in 2015 out of nowhere Ring of Honor was being broadcasted on Destination America on the same night as Impact Wrestling something that really surprised many people.

As far as anything else new that's being reported on this I couldn't find anything on it but I wouldn't put it past me if this does end up coming true. I guess we will have to wait and see. Stay tuned.


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