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IMPACT Wrestling's Hardcore Justice Results (03/10/2021)

IMPACT Wrestling‘s latest IMPACT Plus special took place at 3 p.m. ET earlier today. IMPACT Hardcore justice was filled with hardcore matches and a career vs. title match between IMPACT Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo and Jazz.

Here are full results from the card:

Josh Alexander & Petey Williams vs Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs TJP & Fallah Bahh

Alexander’s mystery partner was Petey Williams. Nice to see him back.

Alexander and Bahh started and both attempted shoulder tackles before Bahh sent Alexander to the canvas. TJP and Williams tagged in and Williams sent TJP to the mat early with a hurricanrana. Williams got some more offense in before Austin tagged himself in. Bahh tagged in when TJP was in trouble, but Austin and Fulton took turns cutting off the ring and not allowing Bahh to make the tag.

Williams tagged himself in and hit a slingshot codebreaker on Austin followed by a deadlift German suplex from Alexander. Austin ended up tagging out to Fulton who went on a tear, hitting Alexander with a few big moves. Austin tagged back while Alexander was down, allowing him to perform the helicopter leg drop.

TJP got a hot tag from Alexander and cleared house with Bahh. Williams came in and tried an assisted destroyer on Austin but Fulton broke it up and hit a double chokeslam on Williams and Alexander. The legal men were pretty much lost at this point. Williams nailed TJP with a destroyer while Alexander applied an ankle lock to Bahh, causing him to tap.

WINNERS: Josh Alexander & Petey Williams

Shera vs Hernandez In A Chairly Legal Match

Shera tried to take the fight to the corner and soften up Hernandez to no avail. Hernandez rolled out and tossed a chair in the ring. Shera followed him to the outside and booted Hernandez who was sitting in a chair on the apron. Shera tossed a few more chairs in the ring while Hernandez recovered. Shera set up a chair in between the turnbuckles but Hernandez slid back in the ring and began beating down on Shera.

Shera turned the tide with a phenomenal spinebuster that sent Hernandez reeling to the outside. Hernandez, still in pain, began littering the ring with more chairs. Shera trapped him in the corner once he got back in the ring, perched him on the top rope, and suplexed him into the pile of chairs. Shera attempted a pin, but Hernandez kicked out. Rohit Raju hit the ring and smacked Hernandez in the head with a chair, allowing Shera to get the pin and the win.

Winner: Shera

We got a Swinger's Palace segment. Matt Cardona made fun of Swinger for never having an action figure despite being in the business for "a hundred years." Tommy Dreamer popped in and said the two will compete in a "Crate American Bash" match tonight.

Doc Gallows vs Black Taurus

Taurus immediately charged Gallows, but missed the mark a few times. Gallows got in his signature offense with the punches in the corner and taunted Taurus while he was down. Gallows applied a chin lock and started to wear down Taurus. Taurus tried to gain some momentum a few times but couldn’t shake off the “Big LG."

The match was dragging at this point. Gallows is keeping Taurus grounded to the mat. Gallows threw Taurus into the turnbuckle, who finally turned the tide by springing off the middle rope and hitting a cutter on Gallows. Anderson jumped up on the apron and while Taurus was distracted, Gallows took advantage and planted Taurus with a powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Doc Gallows

Matt Cardona vs Johnny Swinger In A Crate American Bash Match

For this match, there are crates positioned on all four turnbuckles -- a unique concept, I suppose. It’s unclear how this match is won.

Swinger went for one of the crates early, but Cardona stopped him. Swinger went for the crate again, pulled out a picture of Scott Hall, and tucked it in his singlet. Swinger sent Cardona to the outside and taunted him while going for the second crate. In the second crate was a mouse trap that snapped on Swinger’s fingers. Cardona took advantage of the situation and hit a few clotheslines.

In the closing sequence, Swinger went to a third crate and found brass knuckles. Swinger tried to hit Cardona but he ducked, bounced off the ropes, and hit Swinger with the Alwayz Ready for the pinfall.

Winner: Matt Cardona

Sami Callihan vs Sam Beale

Callihan said the most common misconception about him is that he’s a bad guy. Callihan claimed he brought out the one thing that Trey Miguel is lacking. Callihan issued an open challenge to anybody who wants to get their ass beat by the Death Machine. Beale answered.

Beale tried to take down Callihan, but he shut it down rather quickly. Callihan wrenched Beale's fingers before biting them as well. Callihan threw Beale to the outside and tossed him over his head with a back body drop. Right before Beale was going to be counted out, he rolled in the ring. Beale tried to catch Callihan in a schoolboy but he shut it down quickly, spiking Beale with a package piledriver for the win.

Winner: Sami Callihan

Jake Something vs Brian Myers In A Hardcore Blindfold Match

Both guys have bags over their head. This is.. something. No pun intended.

Both guys struggled to find each other. Myers swung a trash can lid and happened to plant Something with it. Myers tried a pin with Something on his chest rather than his back. Something got back up and held Myers by the wrist as he tried a trifecta of clotheslines, with the last one accidentally hitting the ref. Myers pulled off his bag and planted a kick to Something's jaw. Matt Cardona hit the ring with his crate from earlier, sliding it to Something who hit Myers with it, followed by a black hole slam for the win.

Winner: Jake Something

Tenille Dashwood vs Rosemary vs Alisha vs Havok vs Su Yung vs Jordynne Grace In A Knockouts #1 Contender Weapons Match

Susan came out for her entrance but Su Yung’s music hit instead. Yung attacked “Susan” and made her way to the ring instead.

The ring was cleared pretty quickly with each woman having their own individual focus. Alisha stapled Dashwood in the butt while Grace and Havok dueled. Alisha introduced a trash can to the ring to her own detriment as Grace slammed her into it. Yung and Rosemary introduced a rope that they both used to clothesline Havok. Rosemary speared Yung and found a bag of thumbtacks. Alisha DDT’d her into them. Grace and Havok got in the ring and Nevaeh ran down and blew powder in Havok’s face.

Grace hit the vader bomb and went for a pin but Caleb Konley pulled Grace out and super kicked her. Dashwood ran in and stole the pin for the win.

Winner: Tenille Dashwood

Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo vs Jazz In A career vs Title Match

Jazz pushed Purrazzo into the corner and delivered a few forearms to send the Virtuosa reeling to the outside. Purrazzo found her way back in and sent Jazz to the canvas with a clothesline. Purrazzo began working the arm.

Every time Jazz tried to make her way back up, Purrazzo had a counter to keep her grounded. Jazz found herself trapped in the bottom rope and Purrazzo took advantage with a basement dropkick. Jazz found a chair underneath the ring and tried to slide it in, but Purrazzo stepped on it.

Jazz slid in and Purrazzo immediately locked on her signature armbar to no avail. Jazz regained her composure quickly and dropped Purrazzo with a Samoan drop. Jazz kept the momentum going and planted Purrazzo with a nasty looking DDT on the chair. In the closing sequence, Jazz tried to continue to hit big moves but Purrazzo got a moment of hope and hit a Queen’s Gambit for the win to end Jazz's career.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo

Violent By Design (Eric Young, Deaner, Rhino, Joe Doering) vs Team Dreamer (Impact World Champion Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Eddie Edwards, Trey Miguel)

Rules explaining the main even match at Hardcore Justice.

Tommy Dreamer was attacked backstage before the match, but Scott D'Amore assured Team Dreamer that there would be a replacement. One person from both teams started the match and every three minutes, another person enters. The match cannot be won until everyone has entered the match. It's a War Games-style match just without the cages or double rings.

Edwards and Deaner began with Edwards controlling Deaner for the majority of the first time period, hitting a neck breaker from the top rope. Rhino entered next. Rhino and Deaner double-teamed Edwards quickly. They took turns choking Edwards in the corner with various weapons.

Mack entered next, coming out with chains around his neck and hit the ring. Mack and Edwards clotheslined Rhino with it. Mack brought out a toaster and placed it between Deaner’s legs and punched it with his chain wrapped fist.

Doering entered next and changed the complexion of the whole match and took out Mack and Edwards. Violent By Design took over until Swann made his entrance with a street sign. Swann charged the ring and started swinging for the fences, turning the match in the favor of Team Dreamer.

Young entered the match with a hockey stick. Deaner began choking out Mack with his chain as Young worked on Swann on the outside. As the clock counted down for the final entrant, commentary reminded us that Dreamer was attacked backstage before the match. Miguel came out and took his place.

The momentum of the match changed again with Miguel’s presence. Rhino planted Swann through a table with a gore, but Swann kicked out. Doering set up a table on the outside and got on the apron, but Miguel dove off the top onto Doering into the table in a crazy spot. Mack and Deaner were in the ring when Deaner hit Mack with a trash can lid. Young was in the right place at the right time and spiked Mack with a piledriver for the win.

Winners: Violent By Design


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