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IMPACT Wrestling's YouTube Channel Sees Highest Views Ever In The Month Of June 2020

Earlier today IMPACT Wrestling shared the news that for the month of June 2020, IMPACT Wrestling's official YouTube channel had its all time most views. This is an incredible achievement considering the show's been hyping Slammiversary recently.

Here's the official tweet as seen below:

IMPACT Wrestling does has a lot of hyper pertaining to Slammiversary. There's a lot of teased debuts and returns that's generating a lot of interest in the promotion. It is good to see that despite IMPACT Wrestling losing Tessa Blanchard, Michael Elgin, Joey Ryan, & Jake Crist, overall views are going up. IMPACT Wrestling is the only other wrestling company on YouTube with over a billion views outside of WWE. Currently as of this writing IMPACT's YouTube channel has over 2 billion views at just 2,195,865,448 total views.

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