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Impact Wrestling Sets Their Viewership Record On Twitch With Kenny Omega

AEW World Champion Kenny Omega's appearance on this week's episode of Impact has reportedly helped the company secure its best-ever viewership on its Twitch stream.

According to Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics, the segment in which Omega and his manager Don Callis were interviewed by Josh Matthews peaked at over 52,000 viewers, which is three times higher than any segment since Impact Wrestling began streaming shows on the Twitch platform. The previous record was approximately 17,000. Thurston also shared a graph of a minute-by-minute viewership count of Impact's Twitch stream, which can be seen below.

Through the graph, it's evident that Omega's impending appearance created a buzz from the very start of the show as viewership doubled from approximately 17,000 to 34,000 within the first four minutes before it saw a gradual rise over the 90 minutes.

Omega's session began at 50,934 viewers at 9:48 PM ET and peaked at 52,492 viewers when the show ended 12 minutes later.

During the interview, Callis and Omega delved into the history of how their alliance began and revealed that their on-screen pairing had been in the works for nearly 27 years.

When asked by Matthews to explain why he reneged on his gentlemen's agreement and struck Jon Moxley with a microphone during their AEW World Championship match last week on AEW Dynamite, Omega said, "When you involve family when you lay your hands on the invisible hand - what do you expect me to do?"

The interview concluded with Omega and Callis stating that they will deliver a big announcement on tonight's episode of Dynamite.

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