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IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary Results (06/19/2022)

IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary will celebrate the promotion’s 20th anniversary by delivering a star-studded show.

The results are as follows:

Countdown to Slammiversary

IMPACT Digital Media Championship: Rich Swann (c) vs. Brian Myers

Swann takes the fight to Myers early on. The challenger slams him on the apron and takes control. He looks at the camera and says, “This one’s for you, Matt,” in honor of the former champion, Matt Cardona. Myers grounds Swann, but the champion rallies with some punches. A series of strikes rocks Myers. The challenger slams Swann and blasts him with a Spear for a two-count. Swann fights back with some kicks and drops Myers with a neck breaker. Myers plants Swann with an elevated DDT and goes for another Spear, but Swann counters and hits a back handspring cutter. He pins Myers with the 450 Splash.

Winner and still IMPACT Wrestling Digital Media Champion: Rich Swann

Reverse Battle Royal

The final participant is Slash, accompanied by Father James Mitchell. The competitors fight to get into the ring. Chris Bey enters the ring, as does Johnny Swinger. Steve Maclin follows suit. Zicky Dice battles Shark Boy at ringside. 72-year-old Mike Jackson is tearing it up, and he does an Old School all the way around the ringside barricade. Shera jumps into the ring. The eight competitors qualify, so everyone else heads to the back. Shera eliminates Chase Stevens. Maclin and Veer battle on the apron and trade stiff chops. Bey hits Maclin with a diving cutter on the apron, and both men land on the floor, so they’re both eliminated. The match comes down to Shark Boy, Swinger, and David Young. Swinger tosses Young and Swinger out to seemingly win the match.

The referee reminds him that he has to pin the last man, so Swinger gets Shark Boy back in the ring. Swinger takes too long, and Shark Boy drops him with a Stunner for the win.

Winner: Shark Boy

Main Show

Ultimate X Match for the X-Division Championship: Ace Austin (c) vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey vs. Trey Miguel vs. Kenny King vs. Alex Zayne vs. Andrew Everett

Austin hits Miguel with his cane. Everett and King climb up, but they get knocked down. Bailey dives onto Everett, and Zayne takes down others with a springboard moonsault. Bailey and Zayne climb on the ropes, but they get knocked down. Miguel dives onto King outside the ring. He kicks Austin, but the champion takes control and dives onto Bailey outside the ring. He blasts Zayne and Bailey with kicks. Miguel plants Austin with a neck breaker on the apron. Everett suplexes Miguel onto the apron. Zayne sends Everett flying with a hurricanrana. Miguel climbs, but Zayne pulls him down and King plants him with a blockbuster.

Bailey uses the ropes to launch himself knee-first onto Zayne. “Speedball” nails Everett with a kick. Everyone battles on the turnbuckles, and they go crashing down. Miguel stands tall and plants Zayne with a destroyer off the top rope. Miguel blasts Austin with a kick and climbs up. King meets him, and both Bailey and Austin climb too. All four men battle and the latter duo knock their opponents down. Austin and Bailey hit each other, and Everett joins the fray. Bailey wraps his legs around Everett and sends him tumbling to the floor. Bailey knocks Austin down with some kicks, and he unhooks the title.

Winner and new IMPACT X-Division Champion: “Speedball” Mike Bailey

Backstage, the IMPACT Originals do an interview ahead of their clash with Honor No More. The Motor City Machine Guns discuss winning a fan poll about their impact on the promotion and say this match is about defending the company from Honor No More. Kazarian says they’re all in the mood to fight. Nick Aldis says their team lineup may seem odd, but they all love this business and appreciate the opportunity that IMPACT gave them. As for their mystery partner, Aldis says there were plenty of applicants, but the man they chose was a no-brainer.

In a taped video, Sting discusses his TNA/IMPACT Wrestling career.

IMPACT Knockouts World Tag Team Championship: The Influence (Tenille Dashwood and Madison Rayne) (c) vs. Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie

Rayne and Valkyrie start the bout, and they feel each other out. Rosemary tags herself in and bites Rayne. Dashwood tags in, but she gets double-teamed by Valkyrie and Rosemary. The challengers maintain the upper hand, but Rayne drops Rosemary at ringside to gain some momentum. Dashwood grounds her and keeps her isolated from Valkyrie. The champions continue to control the match, but Rosemary rallies by suplexing Dashwood. Valkyrie makes the hot tag with a flurry of offense. She hits a Blue Thunder Bomb on Rayne for a two count. Rosemary goes for the Spear, but Dashwood nails her with a kick to the head. The challengers send their opponents into each other with an Irish whip and drop them with Spears.

Dashwood catches Valkyrie with a neck breaker through the ropes. The Influence drop Rosemary with The Collab. Rosemary fires up and slams Rayne for the win.

Winner and new IMPACT Knockouts World Tag Team Champions: Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary

Kurt Angle appears in a taped video and discusses his career with TNA/IMPACT and congratulates the company on its anniversary.

Monster’s Ball: Moose vs. Sami Callihan

Moose and Callihan have been locked in dark rooms for 24 hours, and they’re freed ahead of the match. Callihan attacks Moose from behind during his entrance. They brawl at ringside, and Callihan slams Moose into the barricade. He throws a trash can at the former champion and hits him with cookie sheets. Moose blasts him with a trash can lid. Callihan is already busted open, and Moose slams him on the apron. He then sends Callihan through a table with another slam. Callihan counters a Spear by placing Moose in a trash can. He blasts the can while Moose is inside with a chair. He gets a door that’s covered with barbed wire and brings it into the ring. Moose climbs to the top rope, and Callihan sends him crashing through the timekeeper’s table at ringside.

Callihan dumps thumbtacks in the ring, and Moose slams him onto them with a spine buster. Moose drags Callihan on the tacks, but a Death Valley Driver through the barbed wire door earns “Death Machine” a two count. The two foes hit each other with trash can lids until they both fall down.

They trade blows, and Callihan clotheslines Moose onto the tacks. He hits a piledriver for a two count. Moose hits Callihan below the belt, but “Death Machine” powerbombs him onto a trash can. Moose kicks out of the Cactus Driver ’97. Callihan hits Moose with a barbed wire bat and drops him with another Cactus Driver ’97 for the win.

Winner: Sami Callihan

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship (c): The Briscoes (Mark and Jay Briscoe) vs. The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson)

The two teams start fighting as soon as the match starts. The Briscoes truck over Anderson with a double shoulder tackle and dive onto their opponents outside the ring. Jay slams Anderson on the stage, and the brawl continues around ringside. Mark dives onto the Good Brothers outside the ring. Anderson slams Jay head-first into a chair, and the Good Brothers take control. They isolate Jay, who eventually rallies with a neck breaker. Mark tags in with a flurry of offense. He dumps Anderson over his head with a suplex. Anderson gets a two-count with a spine buster on Mark. The Good Brothers gain the upper hand, but Jay blocks the Magic Killer.

Mark and Anderson trade blows, and “Machine Gun” drops his opponent with an uppercut. Jay tags in, and The Briscoes gain the upper hand. Jay floors Anderson with a clothesline. Anderson blocks the Doomsday Device and hits a Gun Stun on Mark in mid-air. Jay tries to fight off the Good Brothers, but they hit the Magic Killer for the win.

Winner and new IMPACT World Tag Team Champions: The Good Brothers

After the match, America’s Most Wanted (James Storm and Chris Harris) come to the ring. Storm says these four men are like them, as they like to fight and drink. Now that the fight is over, it’s time to drink, and they pass out bottles. Storm toasts IMPACT and leads the crowd in saying, “Sorry ’bout your damn luck.”

Honor No More (Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, PCO, Vincent, and Eddie Edwards) (with Maria Kanellis) vs. IMPACT Originals (Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Frankie Kazarian, Nick Aldis, and TBA)

Scott D’Amore comes to the ring wearing a Team Canada jersey and carrying a Canadian flag. Dixie Carter, the former president of TNA, comes to the stage and says it’s surreal to be there. She thanks everyone ever involved with the company and the fans who have supported them. The mystery man on the IMPACT Originals turns out to be Davey Richards.

The match immediately breaks down into a brawl. Bennett and Sabin are the legal men once the referee restores order. Aldis tags in and slams Bennett. Kazarian enters the match, as does Vincent. He drops the latter with a Russian leg sweep. Edwards tags in and stares across the ring from his former partner, Davey Richards. Edwards tags out, and Taven enters the match. The IMPACT Originals gang up on Taven and Vincent. Aldis hits a diving elbow drop on Vincent. The Machine Guns double-team Bennett. Team IMPACT continues to control the action, but Honor No More turns the tables. Vincent suplexes Shelley and plants him with a flat liner. The OGK double-teams Shelley, and Taven gets a two-count with a springboard moonsault.

PCO goes for his signature senton on the apron, but Shelley avoids it. Shelley rallies with a double Sliced Bread and tags Kazarian. He clears house and catches Vincent with a cutter. Aldis squares off with PCO, but Taven blasts him with a springboard kick. Bennett drops Shelley with a Spear. Bodies are flying all over the place. Shelley and Sabin double-team Edwards. Taven dives onto his opponents at ringside. Richards and Edwards are left in the ring, and they trade blows. Richards drops Edwards with a dragon screw in the ropes. Team IMPACT locks their opponents in simultaneous submissions, but PCO breaks them up. Vincent hits the Redrum on Aldis for a two-count. Richards tags in and hits a diving stomp on PCO. Maria gets on the apron, but Traci Brooks stops her. Kazarian protects his wife when PCO tries to attack her.

Kenny King attacks Sabin, and D’Lo Brown enters the ring and slams him. Earl Hebner checks on his son, referee Brian Hebner, as Brown hits a Frog Splash on King. The Machine Guns kick PCO. Sabin pins PCO with the Cradle Shock, as Earl Hebner takes off his shirt and reveals a referee uniform.

Winners: IMPACT Originals (Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Frankie Kazarian, Nick Aldis, and Davey Richards)

Brown and Hebner celebrate with the winning team, as does Scott D’Amore.

In a taped message, AJ Styles discusses his TNA/IMPACT career.

Queen of the Mountain Match for the IMPACT Knockouts World Championship: Tasha Steelz (c) (with Savannah Evans) vs. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Chelsea Green vs. Mia Yim vs. Jordynne Grace

Special guest enforcer Mickie James comes to the ring. Steelz leaves the ring right after the bell. She sets up two tables at ringside as her opponents fight in the ring. Purrazzo and Green gain the upper hand and double-team Yim. Steelz dives onto Yim and Grace. Green takes flight and dives onto her competitors, and Purrazzo follows suit. Green pins Steelz to become eligible, so Steelz has to enter the penalty box. James locks Evans and Steelz in the penalty box. Yim hits Green with a series of strikes. Steelz drops Purrazzo with a big boot and plants, Kim, with a modified bulldog. James enters the ring and tells Evans to leave; she officially ejects her, and Steelz gets in the legend’s face.

Yim pins Green to become eligible, and she sends the latter to the penalty box. Green licks the door into James’ face as she’s being put in the box. Yim tries to hang the title, but Purrazzo stops her. Steelz hits a diving cutter on Yim. Purrazzo makes Steelz tap out to become eligible, and she sends Steelz to the penalty box. Yim gets a two-count on a roll-up. Green plays to the crowd, and Yim sends her into the ladder with a missile dropkick. Yim dives off a ladder and lands on Grace and Purrazzo. She plants Grace with a piledriver on the floor and pins her, so she becomes eligible. James stops Green from climbing a ladder and attacks her. She slides the title to Yim, who climbs a ladder until Purrazzo stops her with a powerbomb onto a ladder. Green and Purrazzo climb up a ladder, but Yim sends them crashing through two tables at ringside. Steelz helps Grace pin Yim, so they become eligible. Grace drops Steelz with a Musclebuster and pins her to send her to the penalty box. Grace hooks the title to win the match.

Winner and new IMPACT Knockouts World Champion: Jordynne Grace

In an interview, Mia Yim talks to Goldy Locks about IMPACT Wrestling’s legacy and the way the company has given women opportunities over the years.

The broadcast team confirms October 8 as the date for Bound For Glory.

IMPACT World Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Eric Young (with Deaner and Joe Doering)

Alexander and Young feel each other out early on. They’re evenly matched early on as they match each other step for step. Both men dodge moonsault attempts for their opponents. They trade blows, and the competitors chop each other. Alexander drills Young with a series of strikes. Young slams the champion for a two-count. The challenger gains the upper hand as his stablemates set up a table at ringside. Alexander fires up, but Young knocks him off the second rope and hits a diving elbow drop. Young exposes the bare ring canvas, but Alexander suplexes him. He powerbombs Young for a two-count and fights off interference from the VBD members. He hits a diving cross body for another two count. Young plants Alexander with The Stroke, but Alexander kicks out.

Young escapes the ankle lock and hits a Black Hole Slam for a two count. Alexander rallies and hits the Best Moonsault Ever, but Young kicks out. The champion plants Young with a Styles Clash for a two count. He traps Young in an ankle lock, but Deaner throws powder in the referee’s eyes. Alexander suplexes Deaner and drops Doering with a big boot. The champion sends Doering through a table with an Angle Slam. Alexander pulls out a Canadian flag as Deaner waves the VBD flag at him. He hits Deaner with the flag, and Young blasts Alexander with a guitar for a two-count. Young keeps tearing apart the ring to expose the bare wooden boards. He drills Alexander with a piledriver on the wood for a near fall. Alexander reverses another piledriver and briefly puts Young in the ankle lock. The champion slams Young on the wood and hits the C4 Spike on it for the win.

Winner and still IMPACT World Champion: Josh Alexander


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