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IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary Results (07/15/2023)

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Welcome to Indy Pro Wrestling’s live coverage of IMPACT Slammiversary 2023!

Countdown: Jody Threat & The Death Dollz vs. Gisele Shaw, Savannah Evans & Jai Vidal

Jessicka and Evans start with a lock-up. Jai comes in and slaps Jessicka, so she delivers a receipt with several jabs. Shaw comes in and kicks Jessicka in the midsection. Jessicka counters by smashing Shaw’s face into the turnbuckle. Courtney Rush gets the tag, but Shaw beats her down quickly. Jai tags in and keeps Rush grounded. Shaw hits a double knees in the corner and goes for a cover as the heels maintain control for awhile.

Jai and Threat get tags at the same time as Threat takes him down with clotheslines. Shaw runs in but eats a kick to the head. Threat runs her down with double knees before Evans gets clobbered by Jessicka. Threat hits an exploder on Shaw and tags Rush. Threat hits a German and Rush hits him with a spear for the win.

Winners: Jody Threat & The Death Dollz

Countdown: Digital Media Championship: Joe Hendry (c) vs. Kenny King

Hendry chops King to start and then hoists him up for a stalling suplex. King rolls out to regroup with Sheldon Jean. King grabs a Chippendale tie and chokes Hendry for a moment. Hendry gets to his feet and tries for offense but gets hit with a T-Bone suplex, King covers. Hendry powers King up for a suplex and then follows it with a few clotheslines. King gets hit with a fallaway slam. King jumps off the top and gets met with a big chokeslam. Hendry covers, but Jean puts King’s foot on the rope.

Hendry hypes up the crowd before King sidesteps him. King goes to flip out but Hendry moves and King takes down Jean at ringside. Jean pulls Hendry’s foot, but the champ kicks him off. King stacks on top of Hendry as Jean holds his feet on the ropes and the ref counts to three.

Winner AND NEW: Kenny King

The main card opens with a video package highlighting the 21-year history of Impact Wrestling before we send it to the ring for Ultimate X. Jake Something returns to compete.

Ultimate X: KUSHIDA vs. Mike Bailey vs. Jonathan Gresham vs. Alan Angels vs. Kevin Knight vs. Jake Something

Everyone climbs up the poles as Jake strikes Kushida and then wipes out Bailey. Something pops Knight up and Knight holds onto the ropes to hang for a beat. Something lifts Knight back up and throws him out onto the field. Jake tries jumping to reach the X before slamming Angels. Jake shoulder tackles Mike and Gresham at the same time. Everyone but Angels dropkicks Something and then Angels clotheslines him out of the ring.

Bailey, Grehsam, Kushida, and Knight all mix it up in a tag team showdown. Knight springboards off the ropes but lands on no one. Gresham hits Kushida with a cutter before Bailey applies an armbar. Bailey takes out Something before climbing up with Gresham. Angels gets hit with a Spanish Fly and his back is hurt. Knight dropkicks Angels off of Kushida’s shoulders and Angels falls onto men on the floor.

Bailey and Kushida scale the platform. Bailey starts climbing to the top as Angels gets kicked off. Bailey hits a super moonsault off the top onto the field. Bailey and Something get up first and Bailey kicks Jake off. Bailey reaches the rope but Angels strikes him with a chair. Angels hits Gresham, Something with the chair too. Angels gets up on the rope and hits Knight with a huge reverse rana.

Gresham cuts Angels off, but then eats a low blow kick. Something climbs the rope but Angels low blows him as well. Kushida is close to the X asAngels and Bailey follow. Bailey gets low blowed by Angels but then Angels gets knocked off. Kushida grabs the X to win the match.


Backstage, Gia Miller interviews new champ Kenny King. He makes a jingle about beating Hendry and then says he stripped him of the Digital Media title. King says his title is the only one that matters.

Knockouts World Tag Team Championship: The Coven (c) vs. Masha Slamovich & Killer Kelly

Kelly and Wilde start with shoving each other. Masha and Kelly quickly double team both Wilde and King. Kelly pump kicks Wilde in the corner and then hits a suplex, cover. Kelly runs and kicks Wilde across the chest. Masha tags in and dropkicks Wilde, cover. The Coven starts double teaming Masha as King drops Wilde onto her, King covers. King whips Masha across and then delivers back elbows.

Masha escapes the corner and rolls King up only to stomp on her. Kelly tags in but meets a boot from King. King drops Kelly into the ropes as Wilde tags in. Wilde holds Kelly in the ropes for a moment. King returns and stacks on top of Kelly for a two-count. King goes for a dropkick off the ropes but Kelly escapes. Wilde and Masha gets tags. Masha goes Wilde with kicks and clotheslines to The Coven. Masha spinning heel kicks Wilde, cover. Masha strikes away and knocks Wilde down with a kick, King breaks the cover.

Kelly and King trade headbutts before Masha gets double teamed by The Coven with double knees and a suplex. Masha evades King’s double knees. Kelly hits Wild with a butterfly suplex into the turnbuckle. Masha hits King with a missile dropkick. Masha and Kelly double kick Wilde, but King break it up. Wilde hits Witches Wrath on Masha for a nearfall. Kelly pulls King out to prevent The Coven’s finisher. Masha hits Snow Plow on Wilde for the win.

Winners AND NEW: MK Ultra

Scott D’Amore’s mystery tag team partner is the returning Eric Young.

Bully Ray & Deaner vs. Scott D’Amore & Eric Young

The match starts with Eric Young and Deaner, but Deaner tags out to Bully. They lock up briefly until Scott gets the tag. Scott hypes up the crowd, but Bully tags out. Deaner rakes Scott’s eyes. D’Amore hits a leeping leg lariat. EY and Scott hit Deaner with a neckbreaker together. Deaner regathers himself and elbows Scott. D’Amore counters with a spinebuster. Bully comes in and attacks Scott from behind.

Bully beats Scott up at ringside in front of Scott’s mother in the front row. Back in the ring, Bully low-blows Scott, but EY tells the ref not to call the DQ. Bully yells at the ref to disqualify him, but the ref takes his stripes off and leave. McCarty puts on the ref shirt before D’Amore hits Bully with a spear. EY and Deaner get tags and EY knocks him down with clotheslines. EY plants him with a piledriver, but Kon pulls McCarty out during the count.

Kon tries taking out EY, but A1 runs in and clotheslines Kon out. McCarty hits Bully with a stunner and then holds him in place for Scott to faceplant on him. EY grabs a table and the babyfaces chokeslam him through it. Scott hits Deaner with Canadian Destroyer. EY hits Deaner with an elbow drop and pins for the win.

Winners: Eric Young & Scott D’Amore

Backstage, Nick Aldis questions if Shelley can handle the pressure.

X-Division Championship: Chris Sabin (c) vs. Lio Rush

Rush ambushes Sabin during the champ’s entrance, causing officials to check on Sabin for a couple of minutes to see if he can compete.

The bell rings and Rush hits a dropkick and Sabin is down again. Rush kicks him again before hitting the Final Hour frog splash. Sabin kicks out before three. Rush hits Final Hour again and pins Sabin to become the new X-Division Champion.

Winner AND NEW: Lio Rush

Gia Miller asks Alex Shelley if the Machine Gun era is coming to an end. Shelley simply walks off.

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship: ABC (c) vs. Moose & Brian Myers vs. Sami Callihan & Rich Swann vs. Subculture

Andrews and Swann start with fast paced action. Ace comes in and takes control of Mark. Flash comes in and helps Andrews with double teaming Ace. Webster wipes out Ace, so Ace tags out to Swann. Swann takes Webster down before Callihan does. Moose and Myers run in to attempt to take down Swann and Sami, but the latter break free and kick them both. Swann levels Myers on the outside.

Ace sends Moose out to the floor. Moose catches Bey and slams him on the apron. Ace manages to kick Moose buts eats a spear from Myers. Andrews flips over onto Myers. Sami and Webster mix it up in the ring for a moment before Sami dumps Webster on the field outside. Webster breaks free at first but then eats a DDT from Sami and a splash from Swann for a nearfall. Ace tags in and grounds Swann for a second before ABC double teams him, Bey covers off a nearfall.

Moose and Myers double powerbomb ABC. Andrews back flips and kicks Moose and Myers. Slumdog Millionaire connects on Moose, but Callihan breaks it. Swann and Bey manage to hit Moose with a double cutter and bodies are everywhere. Bey hits Webster with a cutter. The Rascalz pull Ace out and then Bey wipes out Trey. Wentz plants Bey. Webster wipes out Sami and Swann. Andrews hits a Shooting Star Press on Myers for the win.

Winners AND NEW: Subculture

Eddie Edwards vs. Frankie Kazarian

They lock up to start and Kaz slaps Eddie out of the corner. Kaz applies a headlock on the mat and attempts a cover. They get back to their feet and trade chops. Alisha pulls Kazarian’s leg at the edge. Eddie capitalizes and chops Kaz in the ropes before Traci trips up Eddie. Kaz takes Eddie back down with a headlock. They mix it up on the outside before returning back inside with a series of chops.

Eddie cuts off Kazarian and goes for a quick cover. Kazarian sends Eddie back out to the floor and hits him with a hurricanrana. Kaz confronts Alisha, who then backs up into Traci. Eddie flies out of the ring to knock Kazarian down. Still on the outside, Eddie chops Kazarian down. Eddie yells at Frankie and Traci’s son in the front row. Eddie and Kaz trade headbutts.

Eddie throws Kazarian back inside where they trade boots. Eddie evades a springboard legdrop at first but then gets hit with it on the second try, nearfall. Kazarian is placed up top and Eddie kicks him in the head. Eddie hits the backpack stunner for a nearfall. Eddie then hits a superplex off the top and they struggle to get back up. Eddie tries for a chicken wing, but Kaz works out of it and tries for Boston Knee Party. Kaz plants Eddie on his face for another nearfall.

Kazarian lands the slingshot cutter for a close one. Back on their feet, Eddie ducks and Kaz hits the referee. They double clothesline each other before Alisha grabs a kendo stick. Traci follows her into the ring and takes her jacket off. Traci ducks the stick and they tussle on the mat. Traci hits a clothesline and rolls out. Kaz locks Eddie in the chicken wing, but there’s no ref to see the tap out. Eddie drills Kaz with the kendo stick before hitting Boston Knee Party for the three.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Knockouts World Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Trinity

They start with a lock up until Deonna takes Trinity down with a headlock. Trinity pops back up and they have a stare down. Trinity stacks on Deonna out of the corner before narrowly escaping an armbar. Trinity spins out of the ring to knock the champ down. Trinity flies back in with a crossbody before getting knocked off the ropes by the champ. Deonna starts to target the left arm by stomping on it.

Deonna works the arm more and then hits a suplex for a cover. After another cover attempt, Deonna delivers chops in the corner before trapping Trinity in the center of the ring by stretching the spine. Trinity gets back to her feet and hits a couple clotheslines followed by a Samoan Drop. They trade roll ups before Trinity kicks her in the head. Deonna catches Trinity mid takedown with a piledriver, nearfall.

Deonna knees Trinity and then applies the Fujiwara Armbar. After getting out, Trinity hits a faceplant followed by the split legged moonsault for a nearfall. They go to the apron where Deonna kicks Trinity in the gut and lands Queen’s Gambit. Back inside, Deonna covers for a close one. They go up top where Trinity busts Deonna into the Starstruck submission. Trinity tightens it on the full body and Deonna gives up.

Winner AND NEW: Trinity

Tom Hannifan announces Takahashi & Mike Bailey vs. Lio Rush & Trey Miguel for Multiverse United 2, plus IWGP World Champion SANADA will appear at Emergence in Toronto.

IMPACT World Championship: Alex Shelley (c) vs. Nick Aldis

Shelley throws water in Aldis’ face to start. Aldis manages to powerbomb Shelley out of the corner and quickly applies the Cloverleaf. Shelley crawls to the bottom rope to break it. Shelley dropkicked the knee before Aldis fired back with a pumphandle slam. Shelley starts to target the left leg of Aldis and picks him apart in the corner. Shelley dropkicks Aldis’ leg off the apron. When Shelley goes for a slide, Aldis traps the champ in the apron.

On the outside, Aldis drives Shelley back-first into the ring post. Shelley manages to stun Aldis in the ropes and then stomps on his left arm on the apron. Shelley sticks Aldis’ fingers inside the turnbuckle and bends it backwards. Shelley hits another dragon screw on the leg. Back inside, Aldis goes up top and Shelley chases to hit a big superplex. They start trading blows with Shelley landing corner chops and a faceplant.

Shelley transitions into a Motor City stretch. Aldis works out and tries for a cloverleaf, but Shelley grabs his fingers again. Aldis hits a tombstone and goes for a cover. Aldis goes up top and lands the elbow drop for a nearfall. Shelley grabs his world title and Aldis low blows him as the ref is turned around. Aldis plants Shelley, but the champ kicks out. Shelley DDTs Aldis onto the title and then superkicks him. Shelley hits Shell Shock for the three-count.

Winner: Alex Shelley (c)

Shelley celebrates for a bit before Josh Alexander returns and confronts Shelley. Josh basks in the “Walking Weapon” chants before grabbing a mic to say “I’m back.”


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